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Advantages of LED screens for events

A lot of those that think about acquiring an LED screen do this with the thought of ​​using it as an advertising screen, putting it in a fixed location and routinely broadcasting content about offers, promotions, and more. Nevertheless, these units are able to provide a lot more play. For example: have you believed to what extent it may be helpful to get an LED screen for events?

Then, we explain exactly why, based on the type of yours business type, it’s really worthwhile – and it’s completely profitable – to bet on this feature.

Take benefit of the boom in MICE tourism

While we’ve to associate tourism solely with pleasure trips, a growing number of are driven by business reasons. We talk about MICE tourism (the acronym for meetings, incentives, exhibitions and conventions / events), which encompasses those trips that have the goal of attending meetings, fairs, seminars, congresses, conventions or exhibitions. The very same might be said for incentive trips and for any additional professional purpose.

Even with the point that the scenario produced from COVID 19 will certainly have altered the data, until right before the pandemic, twenty % of world tourism corresponded to individuals on business trips. Additionally, based on figures from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), MICE travellers spend approximately fifty three % much more than leisure travellers. This particular data shows the muscle and potential of this sector, as well as explains the reason it’s really worth investing firmly in any business strategy.

With this context, LED screens are actually ideal for stands or events, whether it’s indoor LED screens or perhaps outdoor LED screens. Many of them are the perfect option once the participants in a particular fair and show are searching for the following:

Effect on other players and visitors in the sector. Because of this, giant LED screens is usually an excellent ally. With this way, it’s possible to bring interest to the brand, the business offer of its, the news of its or maybe its promotions and discounts. Including ad hoc designed content for the appointment will additionally aid to attain a good claim. With this sense, it should be taken into consideration which in these environments there’s competition against an infinity of inputs and stimuli, therefore it’s necessary to use a display which emits high impact movies and images.
Help prospective customers get to find out the company and the products of its better. There are many smaller LED screens (LED banners, digital signs, billboards, etc.) which may be positioned alongside the stand, which will bring attendees closer to the brand and the advantages of its. Because of the various supports that we’ve in Visual Led, they are able to be supported on the floor, hung on the wall, etc.
Carry out open air boradcasts, even in conditions of strong sunlight. Let us imagine that the organiser of an event at a closed place wants to broadcast a business presentation or maybe conversation in time that is real, extending it to individuals who have stayed outside the venue. Because of this, huge screens are going to be a great resource.

Launch different cultural and leisure events

Actually finding yourself in the middle of the digital age, life long face-to-face events continue to make excellent outcomes within any advertising strategy. What is more often, exactly the prevalent use of the connectivity and social networking sites provided by mobile phones and tablets motivate users to echo these events in time that is real, therefore increasing the notoriety of the company of yours as well as, obviously, improving the business name of yours.

Why don’t you take advantage of it? The choices are limitless, though the best choice will rely on the business type. You are able to opt, for instance, with an opening party – in case you’re likely to open a brand new establishment -, a talk colloquium by a related speaker in the sector of yours of activity, a sporting event or maybe a tournament – in this particular situation, the screens LED giants also can serve as video scoreboards -, summer backyard movie sessions, a small concert, an open air play… Furthermore, these final activities are actually the best at the current time, since they’re the people that the majority of and they much better ensure the safety of individuals, so long as most security measures are actually considered.

Even in case you currently operate in the area of sound and image, you are able to start up an LED screen rental service, for those businesses that call for these units just sometimes.