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Puzzle Play with Connetix

Connetix are an amazing method to get your child engaged by involving them in puzzle-solving, and help them to develop their cognitive and imaginative skills. Because children learn best when they play Connetix can be a great source. Here are a few ways to use Connetix to make games that provide a learning enjoyable time.

Fun Games


Mazes have been proven time and again as a way for your child to develop the art of problem-solving. In either a group or the classroom it is a great group activity to work with others!

Utilizing the Connetix base plate or a baking tray if you’ve not had a base plate included in your collection, you can create an exciting maze with your child. It is possible to walk through the maze as finger-people, make use of small dolls, or even a toy vehicle to navigate through. It is also possible to tilt your tray in order to create the ball move through. Be sure to include Dead ends in your maze! The walls can be moved around and over again to make it more difficult to complete the maze for hours of fun.


Children love to knock things over. Building a dominoes ‘ trail can take time, which develops patience and helps develop the art of planning. Children of smaller ages will be amazed by the chain reaction when they are knocking just the first tile down!

Encourage your child to play with the colors of the rainbow in ROYGBIV order or to create an equilateral triangle or a square to smash down. Make domino trails!

Sticker Puzzles

Make your own puzzles by placing removable stickers and arranging them on top of the joining point between 2 (or two or) Connetix. Then, take care when cutting across the joint to make puzzle pieces!

Mathematical Puzzles

Numerical Puzzles

It’s difficult to come up with an abstract mathematical concept that you can’t teach with Connetix. Connetix is perfect to create simple mathematical problems to solve! Factoring? Yes, just draw a number on a large tile, and then write others on tiles, demonstrating to the child how to put the appropriate tiles from the factor tree.

Subtraction, addition, multiplication and division can all be accomplished by using tiles as objects to put in and remove. However, by writing numerals on tiles using dry-erase markers, you could even tackle algebraic concepts in a an approach that can help visually impaired learners!


Sudoku is a well-known number-based game that will test your brain, and help develop the ability to concentrate and master math. Kids love the chance to share an fascination with adults. In the same time, they can enhance their decision-making skills as well as their logical reasoning and spatial awareness.

Make use of a chalk or dry-erase marker to draw the numbers directly on the tiles. It is also possible to use numbers on stickers, however the marker is much more straightforward to get rid of than ripping off stickers. Making use of Connetix is more enjoyable than a pencil and paper! (Just be sure to check the spot markers first, and then remove the markers after playing).


Easy to make eye-catching patterns are simple to create with colors and shapes like Connetix offers! Challenge your child or class to design a flower, an elongated square, or numbers and letters. Connetix also offers printable materials so that kids can independently tackle the tasks too.

What better way to master geometry than by using the Connetix pastel mega pack! Children can make snowflakes, people, and animals of all shapes, and learn the names of the shapes as they move. With the help of refrigerators or whiteboards, you can make DIY puzzles by drawing the outline of shapes or asking children to sort by their connetix with colors and shapes.

What do you think of 3D shapes? These tiles are versatile and can create anything from prisms and pyramids to standing robots or even walls.

Symmetry Puzzles

Symmetry puzzles are an excellent method to help children recognize patterns and colours, and is essential to develop geometry abilities. On flat surfaces, draw half of an image for your children to complete by mirroring the image. For instance,

Through the creation of symmetry puzzles youngsters will be able to develop their organizational skills and discover how shapes work together when they rotate. They can also create a tessellation of their Connetix to make an image that mirrors the original pattern that was made.

Word Games and Literacy Word Games

Connetix tiles are utilized in many ways to increase literacy. Children love this way of learning better than dull worksheets.

Synonym Recognition and Antonym Recognition

Create synonyms and antonyms using Connetix tiles. Then, have your children join them in accordance with your directions. Similarity, or opposites?

Story Time

Children can write stories using the magnetic board and tiles that contain words. Try Mad Libs: write a story on the board and leave empty spaces for kids to write a noun and/or verb that is from their word pile!

Languages Learning Languages

Write down words in Spanish (or any other language your children are currently working on) as well as the English equivalents onto tiles. Let the kids play with them! (Did you know that Connetix provide free printable resources in a variety of languages?)

Compound Words

This is a fantastic way to introduce hands-on literacy. Similar to the Sudoku method, you can use dry erase or chalk markers to draw the distinct components of compound words on the Connetix. Play with words such as moon, ground light, sea, bee, shell, and hive.

It’s also an opportunity to laugh when kids attempt to put the moon with bee, as well as other combinations that are fun! Discuss the issue Why aren’t there things as a moonbee an hiveshell, or a lightbean beehive? What do they appear and behave like?

Connetix magnets are an excellent source to promote learning through playing! As a magnet, Connetix are the ideal choice to play with puzzles as well as develop fine and cognitive skills. Have you played with one of these Connetix games yet?

According to Steve Jobs said, “creativity is simply linking things.” Provide your kid with the resources they need to unleash their creative juices! The reviews are in and Connetix is able to live up to the hype time and time again. Don’t just take our word for it. Try them for yourselfand start playing with them to learn.