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Bed Buying Guide

We live in a world in which almost anything is available online for purchase – you can even hire goats to join your company Zoom meetings. Although your next sleeping location is just a click away, it’s difficult to choose the right mattress online without having the correct information in your possession. The possibilities are endless, and there’s only so much one can accomplish with a measurement tape.

What is the size of a king-size bed? Does it fit in your bedroom?
Do you want to buy a divan or an ottoman storage bed?
Wood or Upholstered? What is Rattan?

Exactly. We’re sure you’ve got plenty of questions. The truth is that shopping online for a bed is much simpler than you’d imagine – in actual it’s much easier than buying in-store! This article focuses on the advantages of purchasing a new bed online as well as how to actually do it (with numerous tips and tricks along the route).

Benefits of buying a mattress on the internet

More choices

Don’t be swayed by the limited selection of choices in your local furniture shop and the online storeroom of bed choices is endless. Whilst a physical shop may only carry beds made of wood, online you’re able to browse beds of all sizes and shapes including single beds, super queen size beds television beds and ottomans. Are you skeptical? Check out our full range!

Be patient and take your time.

Say goodbye to the dreaded opening and closing hours. If you purchase an online bed it is possible to search to your heart’s content whenever you want. No matter if you’re an impulse-buyer or prefer to spend time and think about your options, buying online doesn’t add any pressure to your purchase – you’re in control of your buying plan. Additionally, there’s no one hovering over your shoulder reminding of their fees! If you need assistance while you’re on the hunt, don’t hesitate to ask us questions – contact us in your convenience.

Save money

When you shop online, it’s much easier to make sure you’re getting the highest quality for the most affordable price. We deliver straight to your door, interest free credit options and an unrivalled price match promise. We believe that getting a good quality night’s rest shouldn’t cost price of a meal, so we will do not allow ourselves to be beat on price. In the unlikely possibility that you’ll see the same product advertised at a lower price on the internet then we’ll beat it. Promise.

Read the reviews

It’d be rather odd in the event that you had to interview every other person who’d bought the same mattress as you in person, wouldn’t you think? It’s almost impossible! But when you’re buying a bed online you’ll have access to hundreds or even thousands of reviews from previous customers to help you make an informed decision regarding your purchase. Pretty nifty, huh?

What is the best way to purchase online a bed: the questions you should ask yourself

Find out the dimensions

Before you start your search, ensure that you’ve established the size you’d like your bed to be. Make a plan of your bedroom with enough space for furniture as well as walking around and keep this in mind as you’re looking online. Sizes can differ greatly and can determine the mattress and bedding you need, so it’s important to have this right!

Find the right frame

After you’ve got your ideal size bed It’s time to start talking about with your bed frame type. Are you looking for a bed that has storage options like divan or ottoman bed? Would you like a bed frame with a bit of character such as a rattan bed or sleigh bed? Perhaps you’d like to jump tech-first into 2023 with a top of the line TV bed?

The range of options for bed frames at Wolverhampton beds is truly your oyster All you have to do is be ready to conduct some research to find out which type of bed frame is the best fit for your needs. It’s also worth noting that if your choice is an upholstered bed rather than wood You can request for free fabric swatches from us on any of our upholstered bed frames or headboards.

Get quizzical

It’s almost there. There’s style, size and design and a few stunning frames for your bed on your list But how do you decide on the right one? Now is the time to search for online reviews and get some feedback!