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Making Housing Disrepair Claims

Nobody deserves to exist with disrepair. If your landlord is ignoring claims about the living circumstances of yours, our experienced housing disrepair lawyers is in a position to assist you. Along with obtaining the disrepair sorted, they are going to claim compensation for the distress your landlord is responsible for you and compensation for any injury to your private health or property.
If your landlord is not paying attention to you, we are able to assist you.

The landlord of yours, in accordance with your tenancy agreement and S11 Landlord & tenant Act 1985, has a legitimate duty to make sure your house is maintained in condition that is good. This obligation pertains to exterior problems in addition to inside issues.

You may have a disrepair claim if there’s disrepair to the home of yours and also you’ve claimed it to the landlord of yours and also they’ve failed to cope with the disrepair within a reasonable period. The main focus of ours is usually to get the maintenance done along with your living standards to a suitable level, however we’ll also claim compensation in case the disrepair

Made you or perhaps someone in your home ill (e.g. from mould/dampness)
Damaged the belongings of yours
Caused you distress and inconvenience

What evidence can I collect?

Have your tenancy agreement ready
Keep a diary of the date/s you reported disrepair along with a copy of all the correspondence and what was stated Photographs of the home and what actions you’d to draw as an outcome of non repair (e.g. buying brand new items)
A diary of any doctor appointments, the symptoms of yours and also health bills or any prescriptions, if applicable

What To Do If The Landlord of yours Will not Fix The Home of yours

Do you’ve a question about a real estate disrepair claim? See our information below to most often asked questions we are asked. One thing you cannot find? Do not wait getting in touch – our friendly staff will likely be thrilled to help.

What’s real estate disrepair?
Just like the title suggests, real estate disrepair happens when your house has fallen into an unacceptable state and the landlord of yours, having been informed of the disrepair, fails to fix it. Housing Disrepair is able to apply to private, council & real estate association rental situations.
What rights do I’ve as a tenant?

Under your tenancy agreement and statutory law you’ve the best to peaceful enjoyment of the home of yours plus reasonable living standards and also to live perfectly in the home of yours. Your house must be free of damage or dangers. It shouldn’t cause the undue stress of yours, harm or even inconvenience. You and the belongings of yours should be healthy. You shouldn’t need to live with disrepair.
What exactly are the obligations of my landlord?

Your landlord is liable for fixing most points in the property of yours, excluding some smaller problems including e.g. lightbulbs. This is applicable to both private, real estate association landlords and council.

The landlord should look after:

The exterior and framework of the construction, which includes the drains, gutters and outside pipes, roof, outside windows and doors
Keep in repair and proper working order the installations within the dwelling house with the availability of drinking water, electrical energy and gasoline and also for sanitation such as sanitary, baths, sinks, and basins conveniences
Hot water and heating
Ventilation & chimneys
Gasoline appliances
Electric wiring
Communal areas of the construction, for example entry halls, communal stairways and also shared kitchens

If harm to internal decorations are induced by fix problems or even develop during the repair procedure, your landlord should also correct this.

Other essential duties of your landlord include:

Health dangers, like damp & mould or vermin and pests. The home of yours needs to be free of any hazards which can affect the and safety of people in the household of yours
Gas safety. Gas appliances should be safe and inspected every year by a gasoline Safe Engineer
Electrical devices should be secure, in addition to the power wiring in the home of yours Fire safety – there should be smoke sensors on every floor of your property and carbon monoxide detectors in areas with a coal grill or maybe wood burning stove. All pieces of furniture should in addition meet fire safety regulations

If you’ve any such problems in the rental home of yours, it’s critical you contact the landlord of yours quickly.
What are the responsibilities of mine as a tenant?

It’s your duty to:

Use the home of yours inside a caring way
Try keeping it clean
Not harm the property and make sure guest’s do not either
Carry out small maintenance like changing bulbs and also fuses and replacing smoke alarm batteries
Keep chimneys and ventilation totally free of blockages

The particulars of what you’re accountable for is set out in your tenancy agreement.
Can I say compensation if my landlord doesn’t fulfil their obligations?

You are able to have a case for compensation when your landlord has failed to restore the disrepair that you’ve claimed to them within a reasonable period and in any way – which disrepair makes someone in your home sick or even injured; damaged the belongings of yours or even caused you inconvenience.
What evidence will I require?

Useful evidence is able to include: Your tenancy agreement; Copies of any correspondence between you and also your landlord about the disrepair; photographs; copies of medical reports; as well as so forth. Talk to us for more info.
Just how much compensation can I say?

This can entirely depend on the specific circumstances of yours. It might vary from just a few 100 to many pounds. The court is going to compensate you of the distress, loss of peaceful enjoyment, loss and suffering of amenity’ brought on by the circumstances of yours.
Just how long will my claim take?

Once again, this can depend on the case of yours. Get in contact with us for even more details.
Can there be a time limit on creating a claim?

In many instances, you’ve 6 years from the stage the landlord was made aware of the issue.
Just how can I start my real estate disrepair claim?

You have to get in contact with a solicitor who’s experienced in this specific area of law.