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Benefits of Degaussing a Hard Drive

What’s Degaussing?

Degaussing is the procedure of lessening or perhaps removing a remnant magnetic field. It’s named after the gauss, a product of magnetism, which was named after Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Degaussing is beneficial for wiping hard drives and also erasing data from almost all kinds of magnetic media.

If you’ve a sizable amount of hard disk drives, tapes, along with various other styles of magnetic press, the most effective way to ensure data erasure is usually to work the press by way of a a degausser.
Overall Benefits

Degaussers are handy machines for organizations which have a requirement for data destruction. Consequently, in case the business of yours is changing over to brand new computers, a degausser could be an excellent approach to make sure that every hard disk from the existing pcs gets sanitized properly.

If the business of yours has more than 100 pcs, a hard drive degausser can make guaranteed safety easy. Instead of spending hours using applications to rewrite files, you are able to just eliminate the hard disk and then set it by way of a degausser for twenty seconds.

The quantity of time that the degausser may just save your IT staff members will bring down time and also cash cost of data protection for the business of yours.

If the business of yours or perhaps business is necessary to keep up HIPAA Compliance, FACTA Compliance, as well as SOC compliance, a degausser will be the perfect kind of gear to purchase.

One reason to select a degausser over any other forms of data destruction will be the point that degaussers will invariably wipe a hard drive properly. Other styles of data sanitization like computer programs that overwrite the information do not guarantee total data sanitization.

If perhaps your IT staffer thinks that smashing a hard disk with a hammer is going to do the secret, next they are wrong.

Thus, it’s nonetheless easy for crooks to forensically retrieve information from a smashed hard disk.

When you do not have the way to actually crush hard drives and get rid of the trash, a degausser is often a clean and safe choice for media destruction.
The way a Degausser Saves Money

Degaussers enable the person to remove inoperable hard drives before the release of theirs.
Degaussing allows users to reuse their old as well as unwanted hard disk drives.
Recycling outdated hard drives is effective and earth friendly.

The way a Degausser Saves Time

It is going to reduce the quantity of your time and labor information necessary to overwrite the info or even ruin the magnetic media. It’ll additionally eliminate merging client info by degaussing backup tapes for usage.
Assured Protection

Offer protection against dumpster divers
Stay away from media damage during transport
Prevent employee theft
Take actions against poor media destruction
Use a NSA listed piece of information destruction equipment