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Truck diagnostics explained

Truck diagnostics explained

Are you constantly seeing error light displays pop up on your truck’s dashboard? The green or orange light is indicating there is something wrong in your vehicle’s engine and ABS, electrical system, or airbags? A diagnostic tool for trucks will reveal exactly what’s wrong and provide you with the ability to repair it on your own and get rid of an error warning light as well as the code.

With an auto diagnostic scanner, you’ll be able to have assurance and peace of mind. And the most important thing to remember is that should you be doing work on your vehicle it’s an excellent idea to run the diagnostic software on your vehicle to check the kinds of errors that are surfacing and if they are there. So, when you bring it in to the garage to have an MOT or other test, you’ll ensure that there aren’t any genuine mistakes.

The best part with this service is you will not be scammed by your local garage . And when it’s not a serious issue or something that you could repair yourself, you could save money as well and resolve the issue without the need to pay any other person. In most cases, with a simple check, you’ll pay more than PS20 to PS30 for an auto diagnostic test. If you opt for one of the less expensive diagnostic tools, you’ll save cash as soon as your vehicle is inspected multiple times by an auto repair shop.

These tools do not offer solutions to your truck’s problems they simply provide you with information about what’s going on, and sometimes there is an issue that’s not an issue, and this is the area where these tools shine. It is possible to determine what it is, and then fix the issue and eliminate the light on the dashboard.

Does the case cnh diagnostic tool work for my Truck

It works on all Standard OBD2/EOBD-compatible vehicles such as SUVs, mini-vans(12V) .European as well as Asian since 2000, US from 1996 year, Japanese from 2008 year.

If your truck has the OBD-II interface , or OBD-II connector, then you are well. We have provided the steps below to locate this on your vehicle. You can also look this up to determine the location of the connector on the truck.

Double-check that your vehicle has an OBD interface, so you are able to verify that the diagnostic tools that work on your vehicle. A further point to remember is that OBDII is not intended for use on older Ford diesels. They are OBD1 and not OBD2.

Where is the OBD II/OBD2 port?

The most typical location to locate where you can find the OBD2 port is beneath the dashboard, on the driver’s side, beneath the wheel’s column. Most trucks have this connector on the dashboard, which is located to the left of the driver however, some are in the center console as well on the side of passengers of the vehicle.

What other things can you Utilize a Diagnostic Tool for?

Additionally, if you want to check your current vehicle and if you want to make use of this scanner for the new truck you’d prefer to purchase to test all the details and ensure there aren’t any issues.

What are the Meanings of all These Truck Fault Acronyms Mean?

The OBD II is an in-truck computer which monitors emissions as well as speed, mileage, and other details regarding your vehicle. It is coupled with the Check Engine light, which is illuminated when the computer detects the presence of a problem. This OBD-II onboard computer is equipped with an 16-pin connector beneath the dash of the driver’s side.

A Thing We Thinked We’d Need Batteries

Do you require batteries to power your devices? None of the automotive diagnostic tools run off of the power source in your truck so you’ll need your vehicle powered in order to clearly detect the problem on your dashboard and also to allow the device to look for errors and eliminate the errors.

If you’re looking to understand all code errors your truck, van , or truck may have We’d suggest nothing less than the Topdon It can detect ABS or SRS Airbag codes, as well as any engine problems and provide your emission graphs, too It can do everything.

It is a little more expensive than the other options but it’s a fantastic gadget. It is just behind it an accessory called the BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 Connector that can be used with the BlueDriver Android and BlueDriver iOS Application that you download on your phone. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, it can’t accomplish everything that it does that the Topdon does, but it isn’t much behind it. This is made possible by its low cost and the fact that you can use the phone you already have to find the error messages or get live engine info.

If you’re working on your vehicle often and need an OBD2 diagnostic tool that is specifically designed for you and do not wish to make use of your smartphone and are trying to figure out what the engine light is on, we recommend both the Foxwell N200 and the OM123 Mate. It’s sometimes referred to as the Intey Phinx depending on where you purchase it. They come with a very easy interface with no buttons, and can have your faults being displayed in a matter of seconds after connecting.

A review Topdon Elite Truck Diagnostic Tool ABS and SRS Fault Reader

An overview of Topdon Elite, a Topdon Elite cat diagnostic tool that has ABS Airbag SRS codes fault detection capabilities.

Are you looking for the SRS Airbag or ABS code reader, as in addition to an engine fault readout This little gadget can do all that and more. Straight from the box it is the most effective diagnostic tool that we have examined.

If you encounter an error, you are able to look up your code and an explanation of what this error means. It won’t just give you a number that you need to search for elsewhere it’s a complete diagnostic tool that will reveal what’s happening.

Let’s get right to it The tool will do that and much more, so if you’re experiencing abs or airbag issues and they’re appearing on your dashboard You can determine what’s causing each issue and determine more in depth what the issue is. You can then repair it yourself or have it repaired at the garage near you. Once you know the cause it is, you can remove the issue.

If you’re looking to look up the emission report or any other engine information , you can do it using graphical information, too. It provides a clearer view of information than other systems which only show errors and their definitions.

When you purchase the Topdon Elite You also receive an micro USB cable, to allow you to plug into your laptop and update with your Topdon software. This means that if you experience any issues or need updates available, you can download them for free through Topdon’s online service.


The system reads ABS as well as SRS Airbag failures and also removes them
You can update the firmware using USB and connect to a laptop or computer
Can detect engine problems and more
Are you able to show the truck’s details, including vin number and any other information.
Very professional appearance as well as the feel of this product


The screen may be a little difficult to read in bright light particularly if it’s too bright.
It’s not the most affordable but if you want ABS as well as SRS Airbag issues as well, this will be able to perform these


A powerful tool that can complete the task, reading all error codes and eliminate them for you. If you are experiencing an error that persists, the light will appear again, but using this tool, it will reveal what’s wrong in your vehicle and whether it’s a genuine issue or not.

Review of BlueDriver’s OBD2 Bluetooth Mobile App for Smart Phones Diagnostic Tool

This review will cover each of the BlueDriver OBD2 Bluetooth Device that is connected to your truck , and the diagnostic tool software you download to connect with this tiny device.

Wait, what? You can plug this small Bluetooth device to the OBD2 connection in the truck, and check all of my trucks diagnostics with an app? Yes, indeed you can.

This is the gist of it:

CLEAR DASH LIGHTS: If your light appears on your dashboard, you can fix it using this small device and your smartphone Magic!
Easy Installation A SIMPLE INSTALLATION manufactured within the last 20 years, it is likely to be compatible, we’ve added an obd2 search in the above image to determine if your vehicle is equipped with one.
Simple APP Setup – Simply download the application on your Android phone, iPhone or tablet
It’s easy to connect – download the application connect the adapter into your OBD2 connector, then enter the code into the app, and you’ll be flying
FREE 12 Month Warranty The warranty is 1 year guarantee on this item, in the event that you use it more than once and you’ve made savings as opposed to visiting the local garage.

This is basically an incredible device and if you already have an android or smart phone and I’m sure you do, you can just purchase the adapter. It will give you a fantastic color information readout when compared with different diagnostic instruments.

It’s not able to clear all codes as Topdon Diagnostic Tool does. Topdon Diagnostic Tool does but it is sufficient and gives important information about your truck that you could also examine.

Are You a Racer? Trucks or any other vehicle?

You can view real-time information on your smartphone and save it to your phone, unlike other diagnostic tools. This means that when you’re running around or jogging, you can save this information and review it later. There are important information on the screen like the rpm of your truck, the air fuel ratio, shift light etc.


It is all you need to do is purchase the bluetooth adapter, then connect it onto the OBD2 connector
It’s much less expensive than other options.
It can be used with your tablet and smart phone with it to detect error codes and then delete them. This means that you can utilize the technology that you already have


It doesn’t have the ability to read or erase any error codes, it only detects engine problems.
It is necessary to install the app to your phone and also enable bluetooth. You will receive the app free of charge when you purchase it, however there’s also a paid version that you could purchase


It’s a easy to use device that is exactly what it claims to do. The information you need is displayed on your phone. If there are any errors, you can erase them too! It’s a fantastic little tool and is much easier to use than the other diagnostic tools for trucks since you only need to master the user interface of your phone instead of the entire menu system that is built into an additional diagnostic tool similar to the other tools we’ve looked at.

The review will look at Foxwell NT200 A DIY OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

This review will focus on the Foxwell OBD2 Diagnostic Tool and Fault Code Reader

The NT200 Do-it-yourself OBDII diagnostic tool for trucks by Foxwell. If you’re in search of the ability to read codes in your vehicle, this may be the tool you require.

Let’s find out what this small tool can do out in the public, for instance, if there is a light up on your dash of your truck and an error is revealed, this diagnostic tool, once connected, will display you the error code and the error and allow you to erase them so that when the truck is started there will be no faults.

If you’re charged by the garage in your area to examine your issues, then this tiny device can accomplish the same thing repeatedly, and eventually, after a couple of failures are discovered, it has been able to pay for itself.

It’s an extremely easy diagnostic tool that has only two buttons. We have tried the device on the Fiat Panda and we can connect to the OBD2 connection while in the driver’s seat, the cable length is perfect to connect and test within your truck so long as the OBD connection and port aren’t in an awkward position.

You can determine which faults you’ve got and, if it’s not a serious issue it can be fixed. mistakes without difficulty It’s that simple. tool is.

The diagnostic tool comes with the USB port on its lower part that you can utilize to update the device using Foxwell’s update tools on their website. Below , we’ll take a look at the features of this device with regards to its capabilities.

Foxwell NT200 is a truck diagnostic tool that can erase and read fault codes.
The codes’ definitions are displayed immediately, no need to search for libraries on the Internet or consult the User Manual.
Switch off MIL and reset the monitors.
Displays live data from vehicle sensors including freeze frame data, monitoring and emission testing. PCM readiness status. data stream.
Retrieves information about the vehicle (VIN,CID along with CVN).

If you’re looking to determine the condition of your vehicle’s engine or determine what a red indicator on your dash and you want to eliminate any issues, this program will help and more. If you’d like to confirm the truck’s details including VIN number the Foxwell NT200 can also do it.


Astonishing price for a wonderful tiny device that can provide the essentials for any tool to diagnose, and will make you money in the garage
It is easy to connect and check out what error codes are being displayed.
Verify the exact details of the truck
It is simple to use Two buttons
Live updates for life from Foxlink by using the USB port for connection to a computer


It’s difficult to imagine any negatives to this device.


A simple tool, if you have to find errors, this diagnostic tool will help you do it quickly, with without hassle and aid you in clearing them using a simple interface. Just plug it into the device and navigate through menus.

The review of Topdon AL300 Truck Diagnostic Tool & Vehicle Code Reader

A look at the OBD2 Code Reader and Eraser from Topdon. an easy diagnostic tool to identify the truck’s faults and error codes.

Are you experiencing an error lamp in orange on your vehicle which indicates an engine issue? This diagnostic tool made by Topdon is likely to determine exactly what the problem is and allow you to get rid of the error light as well. It appears like a wonderful tool that does exactly what you want, look up errors and then erase them completely without hassle or fuss.

What can you do using this tool? AL300 Diagnostic tool?

Request powertrain frame data
Troubleshooting related to emission codes
Test of monitoring onboard request
Request emission related diagnostic trouble codes detected
Request information about your vehicle
Built in code library
Multilingual code and code definition
Display with adjustable contrast
CE, FCC, RoHS certification

As you will see, you are able to find out information about your truck and see the meaning of the orange light on the dash of your truck, close to the dials. Also you can test your the emissions of your truck and monitor it on board. A decent set-up for the price.


A very user-friendly device
Connect it, and then check what the issue is and then determine the light that is displayed on your screen
It will tell you what is the fault or error in your vehicle
Remove the error code, and watch the light fade away
The instructions are fairly clear, and we’ve also included a PDF version for your convenience.
A great price for something that could cost you the same amount for one visit to a truck garage


Only reads error codes for amber/orange.


An amazing little tool at an affordable price. If you’ve got an orange light on the dashboard of your truck and it will let you know the exact cause and the local garage will be able to go ahead and correct it.

A review of Foxwell NT301 Truck Diagnostic Tool & Code Scanner

This is a brief review of the Foxwell NT301 Truck Engine Scanner as well as the code reader tool.

This product was delivered to us similar to the others. We opened it up and connected straight into the OBDII port inside our Panda. We didn’t see any warning lights in our dashboard but we decided to look into what we could do with this device to determine the cause of our problems.

Here’s what this product has to offer. We’ll detail each feature in the following review, including the way it functions.

It is a sophisticated engine fault sensor. It can not be able to detect faults in other components of your vehicle for example, if there are warning light for airbags or ABS it won’t be in a position to detect them and take them off. The information is in the description of the product and we decided to make this clear. We didn’t find any ABS or airbag warning , so we did not need to check for this.

The best use of this is determining how well your engine is operating as we’ve got a piece of crud at on the engine’s top when we have to add oil. this is because the previous owner doing small distances. We wanted to know if anything could be found out, but there was nothing been found, which is fantastic. Since then, we’ve replaced the our oil filter and filters, and haven’t done anything but long distances in our truck.

Furthermore, this model also comes with a scanner for batteries that can detect the battery’s voltage, determine battery health status, see charging status , and spot problems and damaged cells. It permits you to test the condition of batteries 12V 100-1100 CCA normal flat plates of AGM, spiral AGM, and GEL batteries. It will also give you the results of your test within 3 minutes.

Truck Compatibility with Foxwell NT301
Engine management diagnostics for ALL* petrol vehicles from 2001 and above and diesel vehicles sold in the UK.
(* – Vehicles for passengers are sold new in the EU (with less than 10 seats, and a gross vehicle weight under 2500 kg)

If you check all of the boxes above it will be able to work with you.

Overall the Foxwell NT301 is an extremely attractive diagnostic tool. Even with all its buttons, it’s easy to use, but it feels somewhat plastic and not very durable. Who can tell what might occur if you dropped it. In reality, you’ll just be using it for a short period for a while before returning it to the box and it is far more than stand up to this.

If you’re looking for an instrument to look for engine problems, verify the codes of your truck, and eliminate faults that are specifically related to the engine, this device can do exactly that.

Then, it becomes difficult to operate, as it contains more buttons than other models while the system for menus is demanding. The instructions that come on the device do not provide any additional information.


Beautiful looking device that will reveal all the engine fault codes.
Clear engine codes that cause problems using this diagnostic tool


It doesn’t display and isn’t able to cancel error codes for all kinds of things Only engine problems
There are many buttons aren’t required Some are much easier to operate and accomplish exactly the same
Poor instructions aren’t effective. Don’t teach, just let you know what you’re considering


A handy device to check for any engine problem or test you might need to conduct there are plenty of options in relation to the truck’s emissions and emission tests however, it’s not everything and is a little more expensive than other models.