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Is Scotland a good holiday?

Scotland is blessed with a wealth of breathtaking landscapes, history, and the culture of Scotland, so it’s why people come across the globe to visit our beautiful country.

The stunning landscapes, big lakes, flowing rivers, endless woodlands, and rolling hills provide a plethora of outdoor experience for people seeking to whisk their children off on a trip with their families in Scotland. Children like Scotland particularly in those in rural areas in which they can truly be in the wild and just…play.

No matter you are looking for in your child or children, there’s something for anyone, with something for everyone’s interests. If you have kids who are content to play at the beach, then the coast is waiting for them. If you have toddlers or youngsters under the age of ten who need much more than the sand of the beach, see attractions, parks for kids, and play parks. If you have teens who require more brain stimulation there are museums, galleries , and adventure parks all over the country, in villages and towns!

If you are planning a vacation, the choices can be overwhelming So here are eight reasons why children are drawn to Scotland and why you should plan your next holiday with the family here. This guide should aid you in coming up with some amazing Scotland family vacation ideas!

The stunning beaches of Scotland

Scotland has more than 6000 miles of stunning coastline. If you had the chance to explore the entire length you’d be overwhelmed by the variety of coves, beaches and bays that you see. Although it’s impossible to travel this way with only a few hours of vacation time and kids (! ) but you can be sure that whichever coastal location you pick there is beautiful scenery to be found on the local beaches. A day at the beach can be a memorable excursion for the whole family particularly with the sunshine shining, and when the weather is pleasant.

Scotland is home to some of the cleanest waters. The kids are bound to be enthralled by splashing around with spades and buckets, exploring the many rock pools which house various marine creatures and plants. In the east, Scotland offers vast stretches of white sandy beaches. Aberdeenshire specifically is home to some of the most beautiful. In the west, and along to the Argyllshire coast, you’ll encounter darker sands as well as rocksier terrains, which offer great chances to rock pool and nature spotting. Seals are frequent sights and are often seen reclining themselves on the rocks often!

To the north towards the north, in the Highlands there are smaller , more isolated beaches, which can enjoy all to yourself, and are a wonderful place to picnic or to swim. These Scottish Islands are also known for their stunning beaches. The Isle of Harris, in particular, has water that look almost tropical.

Children are awestruck by sandcastles, dunes water sports, beach adventures So if you’ve got the chance to arrange an excursion to the beach in the UK ensure you take note of your Scottish beaches in your mind. Our holiday lodges on the coast allow you to be right next to a few of them!

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The amazing Scottish wildlife

Children love animals. They are fascinated by them, learning about their habits and learning about their habits. The countryside is the ideal spot to get a taste of Scotland’s wildlife. Highland cows sea eagles deer and pine martens seals, dolphins, capercaillies and even red squirrels are only some of the amazing species you’ll encounter while exploring Scotland. When you’re in the wilderness, or in an animal park, seeing Scottish wildlife is sure to make you smile. face.

Here are some species you could look for when taking your children to Scotland.

Red deer is one of the biggest mammals found in Scotland and more frequent in remote and rural areas. A friendly animal, they have been reported to be very docile in some remote villages. In Torridon located situated in the Scottish Highlands, you will encounter Callum an old stag that lives in a tourist car park! He loves eating carrots, so be prepared!

Red squirrel is an endangered species, this adorable creature lives in the trees and prefers to be a quiet animal. A lot of Scots place feeders in the open to give them an area to gather nuts in the winter. If you’re lucky enough you’ll be likely to see their presence in wooded areas walking, particularly during winter, when their red coats and furry coats are visible from the snow.

Sea eagles are seen throughout the summer, sea eagles often referred to as white-tailed eagles are seen in a variety of Scottish places, however you have a greater chance of being able to spot ones within the Highlands (Wester Ross) and in the Inner Hebrides. The best likelihood of seeing them in the western Isles including Mull, Skye and Harris However, make sure that the children have binoculars in case one passes over, you’ll be unable to overlook the sight. They are the biggest bird of prey found in the UK and can fly with wingspan that can reach 2.5 meters.

Capercaillie is a bird that has been largely ignored. about this remarkable bird, yet it’s actually one of the biggest members of the game birds family and is very private. It’s not often to observe one. In fact, a lot of Scots have never even seen one, yet it’s likely to happen and, when it does it’s an exciting experience for everyone. They can be found in the pinewoods in northern Scotland However, you need to be in the dark if you would like to have the chance of spotting an Capercaillie. Are you looking to spot one? Visit one of the Anagach Woods located in Grantown-on-Spey!

While many enjoy getting out into the wilds and seeking out animals, many enjoy visiting wildlife parks , where animals can be more easily observed! It is the Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig is an excellent illustration of a smaller-scale park located in Scotland that is primarily focused on family-friendly days out. The park is where the newborn Polar bear, Hamish was born, the first to be born in Scotland There is an amazing driving area that offers a wildlife tour, making you feel like you’re on safari! It’s a great opportunity to spend a few of your school vacations in Scotland.

The castles and the history that are part of Scotland

Going with your kids to the Scottish castle is a fantastic method to keep them entertained for a while (unless they’re tiny children – who don’t seem to pay attention to the place they’re. There is definitely an age range of children who is fascinated by castles! The surroundings of a castle could be an unforgettable experience for children; they can reenact battle scenes, or pretend that they are princesses tied to a turret or the kind of royal that rule all!
Here are a few of our favorite castles in Scotland for kids to visit:

Stirling Castle, Stirling
Blair Castle and Gardens, Blair Atholl
Ballindalloch Castle, Moray
Culzean Castle, Ayrshire
Dunrobin Castle, Highlands
Eilean Donan Castle, Highlands

Scottish castles that are accessible to the public can be wonderful locations to spend a long amount of time. There is often an eatery that allows you to buy your family a tasty meal or even a short sugar rush with a cake and a cup of coffee. Many castles will have a tour guide that will be able to inform you about the story of the castle as well as the people who lived there in the past, and also ghost stories that children tend to enjoy! Be on the lookout for audio tours as well; they can provide adults with the chance to relax and enjoy peace, as well as an opportunity to take a break from answering questions.

Scotland’s gorgeous National Parks

Scotland is home to two magnificent National Parks: The Cairngorms National Park located in the Highlands and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park further to the west. Both are equally beautiful as one another, yet are distinguished by their distinct features.

Cairngorms National Park

You’ll be amazed by this incredible region located situated in Scotland’s Highlands in Scotland. The park is a unique mountain range that includes 55 Munros with around 60 lakes, three rivers, many historical Scottish villages, and plenty of nature and wildlife to take in. The well-known resort for skiing in Aviemore remains an ideal destination for people as well as families who love mountain biking, snow sports or hill-walking, as well as water sports, in addition to other outdoor pursuits.

There are a myriad of companies here that have created their own ventures to guide you through all kinds of adventures , from treetop walks and quad bike rides. To the east, you’ll discover those Highland town that include Ballater as well as Braemar that is the place where Queen Elizabeth II spends her time in the summer and makes appearances at the Braemar gathering each year! Kids will be thrilled in Braemar as there are plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

The park is located to the northwest of Glasgow in west Scotland because it is the entrance into Fort William and Argyll and Bute. Its primary attraction lies in Loch Lomond, which has the biggest surface area of any loch in Scotland. It is an enormous loch that lies in the middle of the park. you can visit it through a boat trip or by kayaking it on your own or renting a speedboat or perhaps you’d like to go for a wild swimming, if the you’re not worried about cold water!

The villages that are scattered along the shores make an ideal spot to wander around and purchase some ice cream. for those who are more active there are numerous mountains to conquer. If your children love exploring on foot, then go to the Loch Lomond Fairy Trail which will lead you to fairies, trolls and many other mythical creatures!

The stunning landscape

There’s no doubt this: it is true that the Scottish countryside is a tranquil and stunning place to be and provides a variety of hiking trails that cater to all levels of ability and desires. The Inland region of Scotland offers beautiful fields, woodlands, and farmland and all is accessible to you. The villages in the area are often connected by a road network that is small that you can walk or bike through, enjoying the beauty and scenery that you encounter along the route. Aberdeenshire along with Perthshire are two huge agricultural districts where youngsters will enjoy meeting all the animals in the area, including sheep and cows as well, and in rare instances even Llamas! Spring is the ideal time to go out and explore because it’s when the newborn animals are born.

Playing in puddles, putting Pooh-sticks across the bridge, playing hide and seek, as well as taking photographs of nature are just a few things kids enjoy doing in the country. The sighting of pheasants, rabbits, badgers and woodcocks is also fun, as is connecting them to characters in their stories. Here are a few places in the countryside that are perfect to walk in Scotland:

Speyside within the Highlands is one of the most magical location to spend a day with your family. It is home to a range of Highland villages that are connected with Spey River. River Spey.
The Borders is another place that is family-friendly that has acres of land to explore as well as animals to see.
Moray in Scotland is an easy and flat terrain, also with lots of farmland. Here you will find plenty of trails for walking which are safe for children.
Central Perthshire is perfect for walking along rivers and for days at the lochs where picnics and paddling sessions can be enjoyed following water-based adventure.

The Loch Ness Monster and Scottish mythology

The Loch Ness Monster is Scotland’s most famous mystery. There’s no doubt about the fact that there’s an unwavering 50/50 split of those who are a believer in myth of the dinosaur and those who believe it’s all falsehood. We want to believe the story is true! There have been many confirmed sightings in the last 200 years and until today, people from the area posting videos that were captured on their webcams. You’ll be able to locate clips on YouTube. However, there isn’t any proof that proves this mysterious creature actually lives below the earth.

The various seasons of Scotland

The springtime season in Scotland begins towards the end of March and continues until June. It is the most enjoyable times of the year to visit because it is more dry than other seasons. This is also the time that wildlife begins to blossom. Many people enjoy spending their Easter vacation here since there is an abundance of activities that will keep everyone entertained from beach day trips and walks in the countryside to excursions on roads and outdoors. If you’d like to stay away from midges, the local pest, and gnats, then visit early in May, as they are less likely to hatch by the time you arrive.

It is the time of year when we are able to have longer days and better temperatures, and the pace of life slows because we are able to work longer hours in the day to get things into. Travelling to Scotland during the summer months provides a myriad of possibilities for outdoor activities in beautiful surroundings.

Families will appreciate the relaxed attitude that is a part of the Scottish summer. There are no curfews, no rushes to get things done – just enjoying your some time off. If you are visiting northern regions of Scotland You’ll need to keep in mind your anti-midge spray! Our summer lodges could serve as the ideal starting point to begin your Scottish explorations.

Autumn is probably the most stunning season in Scotland when the countryside gradually changes from green to orange , covering the entire landscape with shades of yellow in between. It’s magical to wander through the landscape that is filled with golden leaves and bracken that turns, particularly when you’re with your dog as it makes you want to go outside. It’s a great season to go for a river walk too, while feeding ducks will be a good activity to do. Explore our lodges in October half term , and select the ideal nesting spot for your family.

The winter season in Scotland is from December until February, and is the coldest that Scotland has to offer. If you’re looking for snow-white winter and Christmas, it’s likely that you’ll find it in the northern part of Scotland. Skiing or snowboarding, sledging and sledging are the kinds of activities that are enjoyable in winter, as being cosy meals at local pubs, and warming your toes with a flame. Visit a great holiday lodges right now.

Enjoy a family-friendly lodge in Scotland

We hope that these eight factors have enticed you to travel to spend your next family vacation in Scotland. If you’re coming for an extended weekend or for several days there’s always something to keep the whole family content and happy. Explore our entire range of lodges for families that can serve as the ideal location for your explorations or adventures.