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4 Benefits of Investing in a Website Redesign

It has been on the to do list for some time, right?

It is able to feel completely overwhelming. To the time just where it sits there, unchecked but hanging above the head of yours for months, months…maybe even years on end?

I get it, really I do.

in case you are on the fence about updating or perhaps using a web design company in Lightwater to develop the site of yours – or perhaps if you understand it is one thing you have been meaning getting to for a long time now, this particular posting is perfect for you. I am gon na cost you through my five favorite advantages of launching or perhaps updating your business’s site.

Simply because allow me to tell you, it winds up meaning a lot more than a tick on the to-do list of yours! And that is somewhat sweet alone!

  1. Attract Your Ideal clients/customers

You know, those customers or maybe clients which you dreamt of having when you initially thought up the business idea of yours? With a re-designed site, you are gon na quickly bring them in, nurture the connection of yours with them and turn them into paying clients/customers.


Effectively, with three steps that are simple integrated into the website redesign of yours.

a. An aligned SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) method to attract different website visitors – and also the best people in which.

b. Allllll the public proof to let them know precisely how flipping incredible you’re at doing everything you do.

c. Clear call to actions together with responding to all of the questions or maybe hesitations they could need to direct them through to transformation.

Redesigning the site of yours means you are able to very carefully design your website to resonate with all those dreams clients. You will allow it to be an electronic space that they simply like hanging out on. They will really believe you are speaking straight to them and can understand how credible you really are. It is going to perform all of the effort selling for you. Ideal!

  1. Improve User Experience

By redesigning with the customer of yours in mind but not succeeding the’ insert name here’ show, you are able to improve the site statistics of yours.

We are talking a fresh and modern site that feels like a genuine piece of the personality of yours.

But we are additionally discussing deeply understanding the audience of yours, their how, dislikes, and likes they want to go around a site. Once you get on there level, they are likely to bloody love ya!

As a site designer, this’s one thing I encourage you to actually explore – whether that is in a 1:1 project or perhaps leading you through with a Premium Website Template.

Prospective customers who may possibly presently be taking a glimpse at the site of yours and thinking’ nah not for me’, will be hanging around for a lot longer, eating the content of yours and also becoming an active person in the town of yours. Sweet, huh?

  1. Elevate the Brand of yours

You have spent a lot of money or maybe time on the logo of yours. And it appears to be stunning, right?

But a brand is A lot more than a logo…

On the site of yours, it is the colours which you use, the tone of yours of voice in the copy of yours, the chosen typefaces of yours and any graphic elements through the design.

A site redesign unlocks the chance to take a step back and check out the brand of yours as an entire. From below you are able to make sure you are placing cohesive foundations in position that get the market of yours from the second you’re released through to parting ways after working together.

  1. Stick out from the crowd

I was fairly recently looking for a certain kind of service online. I scrolled down and also started 3 links in fresh tabs for me to have a look through. (I do not know about you though it is often in the strength of 3 with these things!)

The very first seemed okay. You understand, nothing special though they did the task and also had a contact number on. Functionality was certainly earning over design here and I was not feeling a connection. I moved onto the next…

The next looked good, to start with. It definitely looked the part. But all of the bells & whistles in the planet could not hide links that are smashed, absolutely no customer pictures along with a major lack of call to actions. In case they could not get it right, what would their job be like?

The 3rd link was a different story. It was enjoyable and engaging, practical and interesting. It was loaded with confidence signals informing me of course these guys knew what they had been doing – and might get it done bloody well. I felt as they were speaking straight to me. Just like I’d stumbled across a corner of the web that felt beautiful and also was responding to the questions of mine before I actually considered them. Was the site made with me as the primary goal? I sent a message and also booked them in the following day.

When prospective clients search for the offering of yours on Google, they are more likely to open a few of tabs to compare a couple of businesses together. You need to be business #3, a camera that’s showing you off in the very best light and crushing the competition of yours. With a site which sticks out from the crowd, you are likely to level up the business of yours in ways that you cannot picture yet.