5 Ways To Make A Workplace Healthy

A happy office is a healthy office!

Workplace health, both physically and mentally is an important topic and an area which varies from person to person. Health consciousness can be displayed in many ways, and most workplaces have taken the task on to keep employees happy, healthy and engaged.

Encourage Lunch & Break

Morning breaks and lunch breaks have been considered and scheduled into the working day. Over a certain amount of working hours, everyone is entitled to take a break of some sort.

Exhaustion and over working can lead to burn out which has a negative effect on our health. Encouraging or enforcing breaks provides the time we need for some recovery and relaxation during a busy day.

Decreasing burnout is important, but taking breaks and lunches also provides time to socialise with colleagues. Talking about general conversations or areas that you need support with.

Tailored workplan

It’s true that one size doesn’t fit all in the working world.

We all have different strengths, weaknesses, learn at different rates and skillsets.

Understanding the team is going to bode well when it comes to looking at how to provide individual happiness and value to the business.

Setting clear, achievable targets with a clear plan in place is a positive path for an office. It ensures each person has a goal tailored to their strengths.

Create a comfortable workspace

Aesthetically, the workplace needs to look and feel good. An environment can influence how we feel, right from the furniture to the colour on the walls .

Comfortable workspaces can be created with the use of spacious desks, back supporting chairs, and access to tools needed to fulfil everyday work tasks.

Design a light filled workspace, with pops of colour to bring the mix of office personalities together.

Quiet Zones

A loud bustling office isn’t the best working space for everyone. Some thrive from a fast paced, loud environment and others need a quiet, serene environment.

To get the most out of your employees and to show their preferences matter, offering different work zones will support individual needs.

We understand that in every situation, splitting the team can’t always be possible but for those times when it can happen, make it happen.

Corner off a section of the room with acoustic office screens and create a discreet pod which allows people to enjoy part or all day in a booth away from distractions.

You’ll most likely find that productivity levels are increased due to a more focused mind in a more focused workspace.

Team Building

Having a tight knit team is something all workplaces hope for, but it’s not always the case. Team building days and exercises push employees together (in a good way!) and internal communication can begin.

It’s not essential that you all become great friends but getting to know each other’s personality makes it easy to have workplace conversations and offers a helping hand if you ever need it.