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Amazing Advantages of Being a Freelancer

Flexibility. Versatility. Economic Independence.

Seems appealing, right?

Particularly in case you are shackled to a 9-to-5 job.

Let’s have a good look at freelancing to find out if it delivers on independence, flexibility, and monetary independence for authors.

But before we plunge into every one of those promised benefits, we need to check out the present status of freelancing.

Why are freelance platforms uk starting to be popular?

Based on data from AdaptRM:

Fifty three million folks are performing freelance work in the U.S. – that is thirty four % of the workforce.

1.4 million freelancers function across all sectors in the UK – a fourteen % development of the past ten years.
And in Europe, the quantity of freelancers elevated by forty three % out of just below 6.2 million to 8.9 million in 2013.

As you are able to observe, freelancing is on the rise across Europe and also the U.S. and it is anticipated to keep on soaring over the next couple of years. So, freelancing is more regarded right now than it was 3 years back.
What exactly are the most widely used freelancing roles?

Perhaps, you believe you do not possess the skills to become a freelancer. But do not worry, you will find numerous different methods of becoming a freelancer.

Even though some freelancers start using the earlier job skills of theirs, others start freelancing by going after the hobbies of theirs or even looking at something completely new.

With this particular record in mind, we need to check out the advantages of becoming a freelancer.

1 No traveling to work

Many freelance jobs let you work at home. That’s a huge plus.

For all those commuting to the office each day, a 9 5 may develop into a 7 7. Those extra four hours could become unproductive and frustrating if you are driving the car. If you are using public transport then maybe you are able to work (more) or maybe relax with some music or an ebook. In either case, it will make for an extended day.

A freelancer has the flexibility to use those additional 4 hours while they wish. Maybe it is an opportunity to pursue a brand new hobby. Brent has taken up cycling, and today he is hooked.

2 Work in the PJs of yours

Or perhaps the birthday suit of yours. Or perhaps anything you fancy.

Simply keeping the flexibility to put on one thing you are comfortable in is a bonus. You can forget about professional suit, tie, and shirt.

3 Location independence

Based on your freelance job you may have the chance to work from various locations, near as well as far.

The laptop lifestyle is extremely appealing if you prefer to travel to locations that are different around the planet. Travel blogger and author Ryan Biddulph makes a freelancing career by blogging from paradise.

Some other freelancers prefer spending several of their time working in a neighborhood coffee shop as it will take them away from common distractions, like the web.

Two-thirds of freelancers concur that freelancing supplies the chance to work from anywhere, and over one third are already equipped to go because of the flexibility freelancing provides. Freelancing in America 2015 Survey

4 Do not need to contend with colleagues

Let us face it, several of the colleagues of yours aren’t the simplest to go on with. And that is putting it mildly.

As a freelancer for you are able to decide with who you work. And in case they begin messing you around next you are able to (politely) dump them. Plus when you begin creating the network of yours you get to spend time along with other freelancers of the choice of yours.

5 Do not need to put up with ridiculous company decisions

A freelancer starting the own business of theirs assumes many roles. You are the CEO, CFO, and also COO running the entire show.

Which could be daunting for some individuals. But the beneficial is you do not need to read those absurd corporate emails which were filled with gobbledygook.

You are making the own choices of yours, and also you live by them.

6 Work/life balance

If you are employed in a company job, so the HR department mentions work/life balance you are able to be certain that they will have the pound of theirs of flesh before balancing the scales.

Just twenty nine % of North American freelancers work more than forty hours a week.

As a freelancer, you call the shots. You get to balance life and work as you want.

7 Take a rest whenever you want

Need to pop out for some food. Or select the children up from school. And make use of the gym while it is quiet. Not a problem. As a freelancer, you are able to have a rest whenever you are after. There aren’t any set rules.

8 No fixed hours

When you would like to work sixty hours one week and grab the following week off, you are able to.

If you would like to work ten hours Monday but just two hours Tuesday, that is cool.

9 Pick the projects to work on

Selecting which projects you wish to focus on is a huge plus. In case you enjoy working on the projects of yours, then you are likely to be determined. Working hard on them isn’t a chore.

10 You are able to pivot at any time

As a freelancer you’re independent. This lets you change direction in case a specific plan isn’t operating as expected.

In the company world, this’s hard. Usually there are many conferences and approvals being granted prior to a choice to switch is created. That process could be tedious, and pricey.

To have the freedom to pivot quickly is usually a game changer.
Economic Independence

11 Earnings

As a freelancer, you’re in charge of the earnings of yours. The majority of the time this will be associated with the number of tasks you choose to undertake and the agreed rates of yours.

If the fees of yours are deemed too costly, along with customers try to barter you down, next you are able to politely tell them no. Others value the work of yours and can spend the rates of yours.