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Give an excellent first impression with personalised workwear

Perhaps you’re thinking of personalised clothing for your business? Or maybe you already have some but are considering if it is worth the cost? We surveyed many customers to learn the reasons they purchased branded workwear but also the benefits it had brought them. We also have included data taken from customer surveys viewpoint.

1. Makes a Professional Image that is Trustworthy:

The saying goes that “Image is everything”. The appearance of a professional uniform will immediately give a professional image that attracts and retains customers. Our clients felt that with their customized clothing, customers were more confident in them than wearing plain clothes. This was particularly applicable to call-out men like electricians, plumbers, Builders etc who travel to people’s homes.

Mind Game Time: Imagine this scenario. You require some work done on your home so you reach out to two companies to give you estimates.

Company one: Their employee arrives wearing a suit that’s covered in work clutter. He walks through your house and offers you a statement on a piece of paper.

Company Two: The employee shows out in a smart Polo shirt featuring an embossed logo on the left breast, and pants with a logo. The sleeve of their polo is the logo of an industry body recognized with their registered number. They provide you with a quote on a printed letterhead with a matching business card.

Who do you feel more confident in? I’m sure who I’m confiding the job to.

2. It’s a great first Impression:

A Harvard study revealed that it takes a person 4 seconds to make an impression of someone else. Company clothing can ensure customers first impressions portray an established company. Personalised workwear appears professional and helps customers feel at ease knowing they are working with a reputable company.

3. Offers Free Advertising

Over 85percent of our customers said the free advertising aspect of corporate clothes was among their top reasons for purchasing. It’s also a regular idea that while shopping or getting lunch several have been requested to provide the business card once an interested customer saw their company logo on the back of the garment.

I’ve had this experience myself recently. We received all new staff uniforms from Print Chimp and the first day whilst on my lunch break, I went to the well-known Mobile Phone shop and happened to talk to an area manager who was interested in our logo. We ended up placing an order that afternoon which paid for our uniforms for x8 more.

4. It helps build a team spirit:

Our favourite acronym for team is “Together Everyone Achieves More”. The clothes worn by employees can increase teams’ spirit and the feeling of all of us working together. This could, in turn, increase the productivity of employees.

5. Improves Customer Service:

The uniforms of customers help them identify employees of the company who are able to be contacted for more information. This leads to more efficient service and satisfied customers.

6. Builds Brand Recognition:

If employees wear uniforms that display company logos and colours they are visible to everyone regardless of where they go. This allows people to recall your company when they require the services of your company. Regardless if your business is just you or with 50or more employees, we all have an identity if we own a business. A lot of small-sized companies don’t realize this, but it is my opinion that you should at a minimum, adhere to the basic that include keeping your branding colour uniform and coded. Your business attire, clothing, Cards, Social Medias websites, etc. should appear consistent in order to provide an impression of familiarity. Being human beings with complex personalities, we aren’t a fan of strange appearance of things.

7. Saves Employees Money:

Over half of our clients have reported that their employees were happy to receive their brand new uniforms. The uniforms not only save their money from having to buy the workwear themselves but many expressed their gratitude for the gift they received of their company.

8. It’s a way to show your company pride:

If you have a good business and you and your employees love what you do, then company attire can be a great way to show an extra sense of pride for the company. Employees would like to wear it to show their employer who they are and also let the public know the work they do.

Our experience working with our clients on a daily basis that the majority of 8 of them are the main motives and benefits to buy personalised company clothing. It doesn’t have to be costly.

We hope this article was informative and has given you a glimpse of the ways that branded clothing can benefit your company.