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How a Good TV Advertising Agency can help you maximise your ROI

How TV Adverts are Used by People Agents

Many people seek the assistance of an expert TV advertising agency such as ours since they want their television advertisement to accomplish something. They might wish to increase the sales of their products, increase the brand’s visibility or create an interest.

Clients often seek assistance because, no matter what phase they’re in, they’re trying to maximize their return on investment and justify the cost of their investment.

An experienced agency will work with clients to design and oversee their campaign and also the time of airtime. The value of paying for this service is that you’ll get professional industry knowledge from experts.

It’s the confidence that ads are reaching the right audience by being shown on the correct channel at the right moment. It’s a sense of security that the most favorable deal is negotiated for you.

You can be confident that you’re getting the most effective airtime plan from an objective standpoint. It’s about following your work by analyzing and tracking it with your own unique analysis to make sure you’re on right path.

If I do not choose to use an TV Advertising Agency, what alternatives do I have?

If you decide not to engage for the assistance of an advertising company there is the option of purchasing airtime direct through the company that produces media.

As I’ve seen it, this limit the kinds of deals you can get. Directly dealing with one house means that you’re dealing with them and them alone. There’s no access to the entire the market and they’re certainly not independent.

An advertising agency for TV will research all channels to find the best price for you since they aren’t tied to specific channel. They are able to offer deals from Sky, Channel 4, ITV and others, since they’re totally independent.

A great analogy is to imagine the TV advertising agency as a broker who works on behalf of you to obtain the most effective package.

As of late, I’ve seen large media agencies join their clients, leaving clients ‘locked’ in an agreement that is no longer appropriate for them. Many also transfer values across accounts with lower spending to help bigger clients. This raises the question “Do they have your best interests at heart Are they doing this with your best interests in mind?

How to get your advertisement on TV

I’ll be real. Making your advertisement reach the point of being broadcasted is both time-consuming and complicated. With multiple elements to take into and a strict procedure to be followed this is something that should be left to the experience from an advertising agency.

I’d say that without a doubt, the most important thing that you must think about before embarking on any endeavor is “What is success? What does it mean for your company? Take time to figure it out.

The more precise you can be in defining your objectives clearly the greater chance of having an effective campaign. Consider what you would like the TV commercial to achieve.

Perhaps you’re hoping to increase sales, encourage customers to take advantage of your offer, or increase the visibility of your brand. It’s fantastic to make ads that are bursting with creativity and aesthetic appeal, however If it’s not achieving the desired result when it comes to achieving your goals, it’s failing.

Also, it’s important to note this process can be extremely rigorous and legitimately so. Consider the future; your advertisement could be seen by hundreds of people. It needs to be impervious regarding its legality and authenticity.

The claims you make about your products or services should have all information checked against. For instance, if you claim that your product is the biggest selling moisturiser product, this assertion must be proved.

The TV Advert Method – Designing an Advert Ready for TV

After you’ve decided on your goals for your campaign It’s now time to develop the right idea that matches the goal you’re trying achieve. Ideas and thoughts may originate from your own imaginative team, or we’ll help guide you to an appropriate direction. With your ideas in place you’re now ready to begin your journey.

First, the creative team drafts scripts and create any text and the language that will be used in your TV advertisement. The scripts are then reviewed and verified by Clearcast, (who act on behalf of broadcasters) This ensures that the content is honest and meets all legal standards.

If you have an legal department in-house they could have their own set of rules that must be followed in addition. At this stage, Clearcast will either provide approval for the proposed advertisement or request modifications be made to make sure it is suitable prior to its broadcast.
Pre-production for the TV Advert

Before any exciting activities can begin I’d suggest that your pre-production strategy include the following points:
Does this commercial be live-action or animated?
Does this advertisement require casting to locate models, actors and voice-over artists?
Is there any need for 3D material?
What kind of music do we intend to choose and how can we obtain it?
Are there any images we’d like to use in our advertising campaign?
Filming Locations to mention a some.

The production of TV Advert

If you choose to go with live-action advertisements the production will likely consist of filming models or actors in real-time, at a site. Lighting, sound , and camera equipment are required for the recording of the video. If you opt for animation, our expert animation team will start drawing and bring the advertisement to life.

The process could be a long process that can take weeks, days or sometimes even months. I’ve experienced in person. Sometimes, things happen to get in the way particularly during live action filming: weatherconditions, loud traffic, unpredictable actors, and technology issues. It’s not surprising after nearly 20 years of playing!

It’s likely that by now you’ve got an idea of the draft which is often referred to as the roughcut. While not necessarily the final version but it’s almost enough to give the viewer an understanding of what the final advertisement will appear and also a chance to make any last-minute adjustments.

If you decide to make adjustments at this point live action-based items could be a bit more difficult to alter than animation. Imagine you have to change of place or on a day with more light or more clear conditions.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid and it’s our responsibility as an agency for television to suggest alternate methods of working, such as employing a studio rather than the filming location.

Ok! It’s all done! Let’s say that you’ve produced an advertisement that you like. It’s time to send it back to the studio for last clearance (remember Clearcast?) After it’s approved then you’ll have an advertisement ready to be delivered to the stations on TV to broadcast. You usually have to submit at least five working days prior to the broadcast.

How can a TV Advertising Agency can help in production

I’m sure. There’s plenty to absorb into the. I’m exhausted just writing it. What I’d like you to know is that by utilizing an agency for TV advertising that is specialized as we do we provide an expert team to assist you through the whole process. They will assist you with your creative direction as well as production and clearance.

It’s important to mention that advertising agencies for TV are also well-versed in the cost of production process. They employ these services throughout their daily tasks. Are you aware of what the current rate for a voice-over artist?

Based on who you are and what you want, the price will vary between PS100 into PS50,000! Crazy. That’s why a television advertising agency can ensure that you stay in the correct place.

What is a great TV Advertising Agency can maximise your return on investment

I’ve said it before , and I’ll repeat it. To maximize your return on investment, you have to ask yourself What does success look like for us? Once you’ve answered that question it’s time working towards your goals.

For certain advertisers, they have a goal number of sales or a budget per client to be sustainable. Some clients are also keen on costs per lead numbers for their analysis.

Some advertisers are seeking to trigger an action for example, downloading an application. These are all great methods of measuring your ROI , and you’ll know for you’re doing the best thing for your company. If you’re unsure the right answer, an agency can help you figure it out.