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Professional Web Design Services vs. Cheap Web Design Services

What’s the shelf life for websites?

It’s been more than 3 years since someone looked at your site, you’re stuck on an old site.

And an outdated website could cost you money.

As soon as it becomes aged and the navigation becomes slow 88% of users will take one look at your website and will never return.

Many professionals have no trouble identifying when their website needs updating or be redesigned completely.

The problems start when they think they’re able to fix it themselves…

The persuasive advertisements from the out-of-the box web builders (we’re taking a look at you, Wix) assure you that anyone can build an attractive eCommerce website.

While you could technically create a brochure-style website online in a matter of minutes, that does not mean that it will boost your business.

If your goal is bringing more visitors to your site and impressing them with your logo and protecting their personal information it is essential to have a professional website design.

The truth is that the advantages of professional web design far surpass the ease of a standard alternative. Each every time,

Not sure? Sit tight.

What exactly does “professional web design services’ actually mean?
What are the advantages from professional design and development services?

Simple. Alongside creating an attractive website for you professional web design and development services usually exceed mere aesthetics.

A professional web design company can boost SEO, decrease bounce rates, enhance the brand’s reputation, boost conversions, and keep your site safe.

Of course, professional web design services aren’t your only option. There are two other approaches:

Cheap Web Design Services
DIY Web Design

We do not suggest these methods, due to reasons we’ll talk about below.

Professional Web Design Services vs. Cheap Web Design Services

You may think that you’re signing an arrangement to have the nephew of your coworker’s colleague to build a website for you.

In fact, he’s enrolled in a web design class at his school (never mind the fact that he’s late half the time).

It’s possible that this option will satisfy your budget.

We can almost guarantee that you’ll be left with more problems than you did when you first started in this direction.

hiring someone with little experience to design your website could expose you to many vulnerabilities, from improper web security to ineffective functionality.

Do you really believe the nephew of your coworker is going to be available for you when your website inevitably breaks? Or could he be too busy nursing his headache from the evening’s festivities?

Professional Web Design Services Versus DIY Web Design

You’ve watched several YouTube videos about web design and fancy you have what it takes to “wow” with your website.

Ah, the marvels of the internet, which quickly inflates our sense of not just what we can do…

Also, what we need to do.

DIY web design ads may make web design look simple as filling some empty boxes with your content. We assure you it’s actually an immense time investment.

What you save in pounds, you quickly lose in opportunity costs. Instead of using time figuring out how to scale your business, you’ll waste trying to come up with a few words to match your logo. For a new website quote contact Fit Design today.

Plus, out-of-the-box website makers have a reputation for poor SEO, higher vulnerability to attacks, and average support should something go wrong (and, let’s face it, at some point there’s always going to be something that goes wrong).

In the end the end, you’re likely not to be happy with the outcome, your website’s not going to be safe and you’ll regret that you’d had the advantages of professional web design right from the beginning.

Then… simply hire an experienced web design company at the beginning.

Five Benefits to Professional Web Design Services for your Business

1. Increase Conversions, Traffic, Revenue

Normally , traffic isn’t a good thing. There is no one who wants to wait in an endless line at the stoplight on the way back from work.

However, in the case of your site, increasing traffic means more customers. This is a sign of:

More converts
More income

One of the greatest benefits from professional website design is the fact that we can assist you to get you the traffic you want.

Our clients average an rise in views by 40% after the first year of launching their new site.

It’s not just people who are a risk to visit your site even if you had not yet adopted Comic Sans. We have seen an average increase of 55% in visitors who are new.

Turns out an old site can learn new tricks, at the end of the day.

2. You can outdo the competition

Did you know that your parents always said something like “It’s what’s on the inside that counts?”

It’s true that they were right… Somewhat.

Sure, if you’re hoping to sustain a successful business and maintain clients, you’ve got to provide outstanding service that has an impression.

When it comes to beating your competitors, appearances are also important. It’s because if your website is an ugly website, 38% of your users will abandon your website to search for an alternative that is… more attractive.

In other words, you’ll forfeit the opportunity to show would-be customers “what’s on the inside” because they’re too busy thinking about your unattractive color scheme.

The simple and the long thing is having a stylish website won’t only keep visitors on your site. It can also be a chance to nurture leads and demonstrate exactly what you have to offer — another one of the many advantages of professional web design services.

3. Automate processes

It’s time to automate a few of the processes that have you in a rut instead of paying attention to your customers.

Yeah, automation may make you feel as if you’re taking control of your business and handing the responsibility to our naive robot lords. But it’s not isn’t so scary as you’d think and your customers will be thankful for it.

Imagine it. What if every time somebody purchased something from your eCommerce website and your inventory was immediately up-to-date? Customers would know precisely what’s available and you’d be able to know when to make a restocking request (or your website could do that for you! ).

Consider that each time a client books an appointment, that appointment is seamlessly added to your schedule via the calendar integration. This means less admin time and more time to complete your task.

A professional web design company can also automatize the systems that keep your site secure: for example, data backups. Therefore, you will never have be concerned about losing your newsletter subscribers.

4. It will save you time

We’ve mentioned this a couple of times when we’ve discussed the advantages that professional Web design can bring, so hopefully you can learn from our experience: creating a fresh website from start to finish (and keeping it up to date!) requires the time. Many hours of it.

A typical web-based company may claim that you can build a website in a couple of hours. If you’re among those people, we want to get to know you.

However, we believe it’s more likely that you’ll find yourself in a state of confusion over the smallest decision and banging your head against the table each when you encounter problems, and wondering how much time passed as you searched for the perfect picture for your homepage.

One of the benefits that professional website design services is that they can help you avoid the frustration and help speed up the design process by:

Identifying your existing website’s pain areas
Refining branding and styling
Integrating SEO best practices
Designing your entire website
Monitoring, updating, and backup your website

And while we’re doing all this, you can concentrate on the work you do.

5. Makes You Safe

It’s not a good idea to sit and think about all the bad possibilities for things to go wrong.

Your website may be hacked 44 times in a day44 times a every day, it’s probably an excellent idea to engage someone to think about that for you.

That person is a professional services web designer.

Design agencies usually provide a range of security and support options that help protect the investment made on your site (and reduce the likelihood you’ll be sued if you expose your customers’ information to criminals! ).

Four Benefits to Professional Web Design Services for your marketing

1. Increased Brand Awareness

You understand your buyer persona and know your site needs to be focused on brand recognition when it’s planning to make any sort of conversion. It’s because keeping the same look and feel as your brand’s identity can increase your revenues (up up to 23%! ).

It’s not as straightforward as it seems. Yes, you might know that your customers are searching for a law firm that’s going to fight for them tooth-and-nail. Is that a reason to slap tooth and nail icons on your website and call it a day?


If you’re looking to turn more customers, you must to ensure that every component of your site will help build your brand. That requires taking your time in creating the perfect

Color scheme
Tone of written content
Layout and other design elements

Another one of the benefits from professional Web design is the fact that we are able to know how to transform terms such as “tenacious” into an effective design that achieves your marketing goals. Additionally, we will provide you with guidelines to make it easy to maintain your brand identity, like sharing the exact hex color that you use for your H2s.

2. Anchor for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts

Word of mouth can only go so far. Once you’ve established a relationship for someone with you, then you’re likely to have to guide them to something tangible than just your voice.

Enter: your sleek new, professionally-designed website. A well-designed site is the perfect platform for both your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing blogs that are thoughtful and informative service pages show your ability and demonstrate that you’re the best business for the job. An experienced website design firm can help you to get more leads inbound through website optimization.

Additionally, the paid ads that you’re using in your outbound marketing strategy might actually start making conversions. Let’s face it the current call to action that is encouraging users to “get in touch” doesn’t convert anyone.

Professional web design firms know how to write convincing CTAs. When someone clicks on an advertisement that directs them to your homepage, they’re encouraged to continue along the funnel for marketing.

3. Create a Community

It turns out community has amazing benefits that not only benefit your customers (everyone would like to feel connected in the end!) but also your bottom line. That’s because people trust products that their friends suggest.

Professional web design services can develop pages and plug-ins that build communities on your website regardless of whether it’s the promotion of your social media sites or creating a review section on your website.

The approach used will largely be based on your specific needs but will undoubtedly help you learn more about your clients’ needs (and needs) as well as help you build brand ambassadors and make more sales.

4. Ability to track metrics and use analytics

You’ve seen some of your website analytics, but you can’t make heads or tails of them. While you may not understand they’re not to be ignored them. Being aware of where you’re not doing enough to achieve that sale or gain that new customer is vital data to grow your business.

A customer might add an item to the shopping basket, but leaves before she enters any credit card info. Or perhaps a user isn’t able to get there at all because he doesn’t venture beyond your homepage.

Data analytics allow you to see what’s happening behind the scene to help you determine what you need to do to increase sales. Another of the advantages of professional web design is that the agency can examine the following metrics to help you determine where you’re failing in converting visitors…

Rate of bounce
Page loading speed
Session duration
New visitors vs. old visitor traffic

Create a website that will attract more clients.

Four Benefits to Professional Web Design Services for your Customers

1. A User-Friendly Experience that is intuitive

Visitors head to your website to do so because they are looking to buy a product or provide a service.

If you’re looking for someone to register for a consultation or add something to their cart, your website’s user interface should be user-friendly. In the absence of this, they won’t to be able to figure out how to get in touch with you, or where to click “add to cart.”

They’ll soon quit for a website which is simpler to navigate.

Aside from that, one of the benefits from professional design companies is that we keep up-to-speed with website design to ensure satisfaction for users. That means we make information easy on the eyes (and easy to find! ).

2. Speedier loading of loads

An angry customer isn’t an excellent customer. You know the best ways to get people angry? Make them choose whether they’d rather let paint dry rather than wait around for your website to load.

We can assure you that your visitors won’t be waiting around to make that decision. Therefore, a professional web design company will speed up your website by:

Optimizing images
Enabling caching
Choosing the right web host and server
Combining and minifying files

And because Google makes use of speed when they create their algorithm to rank websites, a faster website can also improve your SEO, which means more visitors to your website which results in… much more $$$.

3. Better Customer Service

What do you think if we told you you could make your customers more satisfied… just by talking more with them?

It sounds like a fantasy, but benefit that professional website design offers is that we can make this dream a reality.

Imagine that everyone could track the status of their order via a chatbot. Perhaps you have such a a successful FAQ that your sales reps didn’t have to waste time answering stupid questions.

The ability to make information accessible is beneficial for you and your customers: clients can address issues without having to call, and you can focus on conversations that matter.

4. Mobile Responsive

With mobile phones being as ubiquitous as they are they’re no wonder more than half of all pages viewed in 2021 were obtained via cell phones.

Think about itthis way: someone’s waiting in line or bored at the dentist. What can they do? Call their cell phone. You want to make sure that your website is accessible to them.

That means that you need to hire an expert web design company to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. If it’s not, you’ll probably lose business.

There’s no way anyone will bother in trying to find information on your site if it’s an unprofessional mobile layout. Instead, they’re going to go straight to one of your competitors who do have a mobile website and engage more with their site.

You don’t want that right now, do you?


It’s a fact that a DIY or cheap approach to updating your website won’t cut it If you’re thinking of growing your business.

Why should you spend your time and your money for something which is not going to give you what you need? One of the advantages to professional website design is the fact that it makes your life easier. We can also improve your page’s ranking, increase sales, and also keep your website safe.

All the while helping you outshine your boring rivals.