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The Advantages To Producing Corporate Videos

Corporate and business videos were once considered a luxury in company marketing strategies. Now, it’s not so. Video is essential to any successful marketing plan, regardless of whether your business is small or large.
Current misconceptions about video still exist from the past. Some include:

Videos are exorbitantly expensive
Complex to produce
Difficulty to get right
Might not bring much value.

These are the misconceptions we want to correct. We want to explain why using a corporate video production company Bristol is so beneficial for businesses.

Video is the most preferred way for consumers get content

Video is a great way to communicate information in a friendly and direct manner. This method of getting information has been accepted by the majority. Video can be absorbed far faster than reading text on a page. Additionally, this information is much more durable than text. Consumers tend to be more interested in this information than page copy.

Videos rank high on YouTube

YouTube is second in search engine traffic, and it’s surprising to many. Youtube’s huge popularity is due to the increasing use of video. Google is often used for searching facts. But YouTube is used for finding how-to and educational videos, which are in great demand.

Search Engines Give Video Rewards

Videos are primarily educational as they were mentioned. Because of this, they are extremely valuable to consumers. Search engines try to provide the best results possible for users searching their queries. This is often why video is so valuable. You will see video results in search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Statistics show that websites with video embedded on them are 53 times more likely be found on Google’s first pages. This is due to video embedded on websites increasing the average time it takes to visit them.

Google views this as an investment on the visitor’s behalf. If you have something valuable to offer, then you are rewarded with high ranking.

Social Media Loves Video

Video is an excellent way to quickly convey important information, and it’s easy to digest.

It is easily shared and can be found on social networks. 64% consumers buy after watching branded social-media videos. A social video can also be shared 12 times faster than text and pictures combined.

This kind of sharing results in massive exposure to a targeted audience. Mobile video outperforms all other media. If you have ever tried to read a webpage on your smartphone or tablet, it can be quite difficult.

It’s much easier for video to be consumed than content on a smartphone. Mobile devices account for 75% of all internet activity. This is something to be aware of. For mobile devices, short, engaging videos with educational elements and entertainment value are perfect.

Videos can be recycled

One of the best things about video content, is that you don’t have to stop with the final product. You can also take the final video and cut it into smaller pieces to use as short videos for your social media channels.

You can even reedit the video content to communicate a different message than what you had originally.

Video ROI is off the Charts

Let’s get to the bottom of things. Video is an investment. However, we also know that it can be costly. We also know that more than half the business owners who use it say that it offers the best return on their investment.

Video is highly professional. It can increase the company’s credibility. It’s highly effective and easily shared to a target audience. It’s a powerful tool that can bring in the most people to a company, create trust and generate sales or leads.