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Touch Typing – An important skill to have ask a secretary

With rapid technological advances, the world is moving forward. Computer skills are increasingly important. A particular skill has been recognized by staff and candidates as an asset: Touch Typing.

In the past, touch typing was a skill that was taught only to those who wanted a career in administration. However, it has become a vital skill for every industry.

Most people who work in an office will come in contact with a computer every day. For some, it is only a brief amount of time while for others, it can last all day. Imagine if you could cut down on the amount of time that your staff spends typing on their computer. The result is immediate: more time is available to complete other tasks throughout the day.

It is how fast things are done that determines the productivity of a business. Typing skills are essential for completing your work quickly. Typing makes it easy to work on the computer comfortably. It also helps with communicating with customers and colleagues, creating documents, finding new information, and communicating with them.
These 6 Benefits of Touch Typing

1. Speed – This is the most important benefit of learning how to touch-type. A touch typist can type speeds up to 75-80 words/minute, while a non-trained person can only type around 10. This is due to the fact that touch typists don’t have the need to look at the keyboard. You’ll be more productive and you’ll also be better at directing your focus to where it is needed.

2. Accuracy- No matter how hard or fast you type, accuracy can be a key skill. This will help you and your staff increase confidence in your document production. They will know how to spell correctly and what is grammatically correct.

3. Time – You can reduce the time taken to complete the same work by increasing your typing speed from 30 words per min to 60. An average two-finger typist will type a 170-word segment at 10 words per min. It takes them around 17 minutes. A touch typist on the other side can type the same paragraph in about 4 minutes, typing an average 60 words per min. This skill can be taught to a trained touch-typist, which has proven to save 20-35% of time on a computer.

4. Reduce Fatigue – Typing can be both physically and psychologically exhausting if it is done for extended periods. It reduces both mental and physical fatigue by learning to touch type correctly. Mentally, it allows you to not be focused on multiple things at once. It’s all about your output, not about finding the keys. This prevents you from constantly looking at the keyboard for your next keystroke.

5. Health – Touch typing is generally better for your health. The risk of repetitive stress injury (RSI) is reduced when you’re not hunched looking at the keys.

6. Productivity – Undertake touch typing training to increase your productivity, and your staff’s trust. Your time will be almost half, and mistakes will disappear. Touch typing can be proudly displayed in almost all industries.