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What is an explainer video and why does your business needs it?

Each second the internet is inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of videos. But many of these videos have no value. However, we cannot deny the growing demand for video.
According to a study, video will make up 80% of internet traffic by 2021. Video is a powerful tool that can help you make the most of your internet traffic. There are many explanation videos that can help achieve your goal.

Many YouTubers uploaded talking-head videos to Youtube. You might be asking, “Why explainer video out of all the others?”

Here are some facts regarding using an explainer video company

Insivia has found that an explainer film is the most effective way for you to communicate your new product concept to your customers
Around 45% use explainer video on their homepages, and they love the result.

Simpleness is the most important aspect of an Explainer video that makes it more popular. The explainer videos also increase conversion rates. 81 percent of website visitors will purchase products/services after watching them.

This guide will provide you with clear information about explainer and its importance. It also outlines the steps that you should take to get a large return on your explainer videos.

1. Introduction to Explainer Videos
1.1 What’s an Explainer video?

An explainer is an animated video that helps others understand complex problems, business concepts, and product/service concepts. It simplifies complicated theories and breaks them down to simple ideas that are easy for people to comprehend.

Imagine how boring it’d be to lecture about the black hole in a traditional manner. You can probably relate to the message I am trying to convey. Explainer videos enable organizations to send the message that viewers want to hear.

Explanatory videos are a great way to clarify unfamiliar ideas and increase retention. If you want to improve your retention rate by clarifying unknown ideas, explainer videos can help you meet the demands concisely.

2. Explainer videos have many benefits

There are many reasons why explainer videos should be published. It’s a wonderful tool that works well for both internal communication and external communication.

Let’s now, and without further explanation, look at why explainer videos are preferred by organizations.

2.1 Grabs Audience attention

Today’s attention is a great asset. It is extremely challenging to get notice from people. According to a report, the attention span of human beings is now less than that of a fish.

How do you grab the attention of your target audience when they are bombarded with advertisements? This question can be answered with an appealing video. An explainer video can be a powerful tool that grabs attention.

The entertainment videos we see are more attractive to our brains that traditional web content. It is easy to see the appeal of animated videos in your brain and want to watch them. It’s because it stimulates curiosity and provides an exciting medium for understanding new concepts.

It isn’t the case for TV ads. Your brain associates TV ads with repetitive interruptions that try to get you to buy a product.

Additionally, embedding video on your blog will not slow down page loading speeds as flashy images or other bulky items.
2.2 An Easy Way to Explain Complex Topics

As it includes technical products such as software, specialized equipment and other items, we cannot easily explain each product.

Users will buy the product only if they know how it works. It is important to give users strong reasons for spending their hard-earned cash on the product.

An overwhelming 98% of respondents learned something after watching an explainer clip. Use creative characters and images to help your customers grasp the importance of your products or services.

An animated explainer clip is a powerful medium that allows you to place your characters in a real-life situation and connects to your brand. Your viewers will enjoy seeing your characters face problems and the solutions they find.

Visuals can be processed by our brain 50,000x faster than texts. When promoting a product or service, it is better for your audience to go through the content that they can easily understand and process quickly.

2.3 Increase Website Traffic SEO

Your web traffic can be significantly increased by embedding a video. What is the most crucial factor that will determine the success of your online company? Traffic. Your site will not exist if there aren’t viewers.

Google loves videos. When you search for any term you will most likely see the list of videos at the top of the search results page. Google will give your page a lot of attention and you will experience an increase in organic visitors if you include a quality video.

If you include a video in your content, search engine users will be 50% more likely find your site. If the video is informative, users will spend longer on your page. It will provide search engines with more positive signals which will lead to a boost in your ranking and organic traffic.

Organic traffic has the advantage of being highly targeted. This means they are more likely to be engaged with your content, and will buy your products if you provide value.

Additionally, 1 in 4 online buyers said that they looked online for YouTube videos before buying.
2.4 Restores Consumer’s Mind

Publishing content is pointless if users don’t get the message you want. It is astonishing how long the explainer video retains viewers. One stat shows that explainer videos of less than one minute have a retention rate of 77%.

The chances that they will take action are increased if you share a highly valuable message in your video. An explainer video will help your viewers understand your concepts and will stick in their minds. A template for an explainer video can bring you a large Return on Investment.

A higher retention rate will encourage viewers to share the knowledge they have gained, which can result in valid word-of mouth promotion.

2.5 Appeal to Mobile Users

As internet users spend more time online, they are choosing to use their smartphone more. Smartphones can now do almost all that computers can (applicable to regular users).

The explainer video is also appreciated by mobile users. It is important to consider the size of the content when dealing with smartphone users. The explainer video fits perfectly on the smartphone screen, providing a great user experience. Mobile video demand is increasing dramatically, as we saw in the beginning of this article.

High-Quality video content can be used on mobile devices.
Conversion rates can skyrocket by 2.6

An additional benefit of publishing an explainer clip is the increased conversion rate. A landing page with an explainer video can dramatically improve engagement and sales.

A landing page that includes a video can improve the conversion rate by as much as 80%. Remember that uploading poor videos will not work. This will only damage your brand image. For great results, it is important to incorporate product explainer videos.

If you take the time to create a video, or outsource it to a reputable agency or freelancer, your conversion rate will increase.
2.7 Build and connect a Relationship

A video is more engaging than written content. This is why great videos get so many views in a matter of weeks.

In the digital marketing world, it is crucial to build a relationship. A loyal following that trusts you and your offerings is essential to generating a steady income. These loyal followers are the ones that purchase your product regularly.

An analysis shows that repeat customers are more profitable and spend more money than new customers. Recurring customers are also your brand ambassadors. You will get more customers if they continue to recommend your brand.
2.8 More likely to go viral

The content page can be used as an explainer video. Videos can be distributed to YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting websites like YouTube. This social media platform makes it easy to share the video.

A viral video has a greater chance of success. A viral video will make your reach exponentially greater, as well as the number of leads or sales.

You can use videos to improve your online presence as well as your business sales.

2.9 Ideal for Social Media, Blogs and Emails in addition to TV Ads

We’ve seen viral videos on social media platforms. Now we will discuss how embedding video in an email can increase time on site. The analysis shows that embedding videos in emails can increase open rates by as much as 13%.

A study by another company found that almost 93% of businesses have increased their sales through posting videos to social media. It can also be used to explain TV ads. It has many uses.

You are eager to enjoy the benefits of these programs, but you don’t know how create compelling explainer videos. Not to worry! The best video-making companies offer top-notch services at the most affordable price.