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Why Use an IT Staffing Agency?

If you have ever had to deal as a hiring manger with frustration when your most recent hire is not right for the job, not to mention the cost of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding the candidate. For hiring managers, the problem with traditional recruitment processes such as reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and discussing salary negotiations is that it takes time away from their existing duties. Your recruiting and hiring is easier with staffing agencies.

Over 14 million people receive job opportunities through contingent staffing agencies each year. It is quickly becoming the most popular way for professionals to search for and find positions in their field. 90% of growing businesses don’t have time for the whole candidate process. To find the best candidates for their jobs, they turn to staffing firms. There is a common misconception that staffing firms cost more, but if you take a look at the overall cost/benefit analysis, it can be erased.

7 Essential Benefits to Using a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are able to draw on a large talent pool. The terms of your agreement will dictate whether agencies conduct background checks or verify references and education. Agents may also offer industry-specific training in certain cases. The agency’s large pool of qualified employees allows for quick response.

Faster hiring: Candidates are now in control of the process, thanks to the improved job market. This means that the hiring process is longer than usual. Employees have more options and it’s more difficult to fill open jobs. The IT skills gap challenge puts employers in a vulnerable spot.

Cost-effective: Finding the right person for your open jobs is a tedious and expensive process. If your company is similar to most, you may invest anywhere between 1 and 3.5 times the employee’s salary once a full time employee is trained and producing optimal performance.

Reduction in liability: Being an employee is more difficult than it was once. While there were only 12 labor laws in 1980 it is now that there are over 2000 laws which employers must follow. Employers who have more than one worker may be subject to additional penalties under the Affordable Care Act. The company can shift the risk to an agency.

The agency can help you reduce stress and eliminate the surprise. You will only interview the most qualified candidates for the job. Even though your company may be large, few hiring managers have enough time to look through hundreds of resumes and select a few candidates to interview. Then, they are forced to start over from the beginning because of the poor results.

Minimize risk: Staffing firms also have the responsibility of placing qualified candidates in the positions. After you’ve trained the candidate properly, you can offer them permanent employment if you are happy with their performance.

Expertise: Staffing agencies can keep abreast of the latest recruitment trends. Their expertise in many job fields allows them to make a better connection with potential candidates and employers. The insight gained through working with diverse personalities, cultures and companies is a natural result.

Employers are offered options that they may not have access to through IT staffing agencies. Employers have the option to increase or decrease the size of their workforce without having to worry about employee turnover. This allows employers to see the value of having a flexible workforce so they can focus on their core business.

These are the essentials of a good relationship when you’re looking to hire staffing agencies. Work with an agency that views you as more than a client. One that is proud of the candidates it represents. Do your homework and verify that the agencies on your list are of genuine value to your organization. Verify that the agency is covered for worker’s compensation as well as liability insurance.