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Why Use Business Cards?

Digital technology has changed the way we establish business relationships. However, in the age of LinkedIn do the business cards still relevant?

Absolutely. Below are 10 compelling reasons business cards remain important…

1. An affordable way to market your business

The business cards are able to be ordered in bulk at a very low cost. The quantity you print is up to you – change the quantity based on the quantity you’re likely to need from day to day. If you’re going to an exhibition in a month, you may add more items to your order on very short notice.

It’s also inexpensive to print multiple copies however with different names, like for your team of sales.

Print a lot of cards so that employees are prepared for networking events as well as meetings with clients.

2. Great for exhibitions and events.

Trade shows and exhibitions provide the ideal platform to advertise your business and increase your customer base. They are ideal for making new connections and generating sales.

Most people will go off to think about whether they should purchase something or go further This is why your business card can be invaluable and ensure that you have your contact info should they need to connect with you.

Additionally, if there’s an exhibition at a trade show it will take up a small space on your display and provide visitors with an idea of your brand that they can take with them.

3. Something tangible, the equivalent business of vinyl records

The public is increasingly embracing hard copies. It is something they can feel and hold. Consider the growth in book sales , and the current revival of vinyl. Business cards are a part of this revival in the analogue world.

They’re just a small part of your company’s image that customers can bring home to put on their fridge or place on their letters rack. It’s a lot harder for them to toss them away by providing solid design and the content that illustrates how your product can resolve their issues.

4. It is easy to distribute and display.

The business cards also function as a permanent display which people can pick up when they pass by.

Show them wherever you want, including:

Counter-tops for stores
Pinned on the noticeboard in the office
Display Holder

Check that your name and business is visible when displayed Consider, is it correct information displayed over the fold?

5. Great for specific sectors and occupations.

Our lives are centered around our phones and laptops. Sometimes, only a tangible business card is sufficient in certain situations, such as when you’re on the ground or in an exhibition center with a sloppy Wi-Fi.


Landscapers and builders make use of business cards to relay information when mobile signals are not working.
Electrical and plumbing professionals use these to get their names before customers who have an urgent need
Street food stalls utilize them as an inexpensive method to advertise their business on the street

6. Remembers email addresses for you

Contact numbers, email addresses and names are easily forgotten. Business cards store the information you need in one location so that you can easily recall it long after having met the person.

You may have even utilized your card to establish a contact on their email or on their phone. This is an excellent illustration of how business cards and online channels can complement each other.

7. More prominent than email

You can send an email about your company. It’s gorgeous and provides the most important details. However, it’s only doing its job when users are able to open it.

A business card serves as an ongoing reminder of your company’s name. They won’t be seen by people every day however if they’ve got them displayed on their noticeboard or desk at home, you’re on their eyes more often than an email.

8. Leaves a lasting professional impression

Nothing says professionalism more than an official business card with an exchange of hands after a meeting or networking event, or after completing a task.

The presence of a business card tells an awful lot about your company and you. When you present one to a potential client they will see that you’re a trustworthy representative of your business that will leave an impression.

9. Sized to fit in a pocket, it is convenient to carry it anywhere at any time

Keep your cards in your pockets while you’re at work, and even when you’re not You never know when an the opportunity will come your way. Compact and compact These promotional tools are barely any space but will aid you in taking advantage of unanticipated opportunities.

Take time to think about your card’s design and contents. This will help people:

An idea of your brand’s identity
Your most important messages are framed in terms of advantages
All the details they require to reach you

10. Aids in committing your brand’s image to your memory

Cards let you create a bold image for your business. They’re a chance to make use of powerful graphics and images to showcase your company.

Make your mark by creating your personal artwork. Use logos, images, and appealing colors to form the image of your business. A professionally designed business card is an opportunity to showcase what you offer and will help you make your company more memorable.