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Why You Need An Explainer Video For Business

Customers who watch an explainer video are much more likely to purchase than customers who don’t. Why? Because animated explainer videos allow us to make informed decisions without having to read through many features. 87% of online marketers promote campaigns with video content.
Let’s take a look at what you should consider when creating animated videos.
Know your target audience

It is impossible to start without understanding your target audience’s buying habits and behavior. It is essential that a company or business understands its customers and the triggers that make them click the “Buy Now” button. Before you consider partnering with an animation explainer video company, make sure to understand the basics.

Knowing your target customer’s personality and other characteristics is crucial. This will allow you to set the tone for animated videos that are used for business purposes. You can use a combination of bright images and funny jokes, with some background music, or a more serious script with a professional voice-over. All it comes down to your audience’s values and preferences.

To help your customers and prospects, you must understand their problems. You can use keywords to help you determine what is most troubling them. Your customers will be more inclined to view your explainer videos if you have a solution for their everyday problems.

Keep it simple

Did you know that animated explainer videos are often the easiest to understand? Simple things are what we all enjoy. You will lose your customers if you create a boring video with lots of irrelevant information and ads.

Your video should be focused on one product. After watching your video, the viewer should be capable of describing the core of your video in one sentence. This is your starting point.
Optimize Video Time

Your animated video of 1 minute can be worth as much as 1.8 million words. A picture is worth 1000 words. Your explainer video should be between 1 and 2. You might be able to sit through longer videos, up to five minutes long, if you don’t consider this a short time. If you’re not watching a great video, it is likely that you will abandon the video mid-sentence. A promotional animated video is best used as a teaser.

Your explainer video’s purpose is to educate your viewers. Viewers should be able to tell the difference between a good or bad production. Your viewers might not be able to see the point of longer videos, so they may choose to skip them in favor of a shorter one.

An explainer video can also be used to inspire future action. They will subscribe to your blog, website and channels if they feel compelled to watch more.
Create a script that is effective

If you have an in-house team that can create an explainer video script that resonates with your audience and is well organized, then go for it. If you don’t have an in-house team, consider hiring a professional video production crew. When creating the perfect script, there are many things you should consider. A majority of explainer videos last between 30-90 seconds. This means that you will need to create a script of approximately 200 words.

You don’t have to include a lot of content in a 1- or 2-minute video. According to animation and marketing experts, 150 words per minute is an acceptable word count to start your project. These are the four sections of your script:

How it works
Get involved

This is just an example. This format can be used as a guideline or you can create your own ideas.

While it is true that consumers today are forgetful, that doesn’t make them less forgiving. A bad script or a funny tagline can do more damage than you might think. Storytelling is still the best way to create animated explainer videos.

Stories can be engaging and reveal the human side of your business to build a stronger connection with your audience.

After you’ve completed all the steps, it is time to search for the best video production company that can produce your animated explainer video.
How to find the best video production company

Most businesses do not have a separate marketing department. Even if they did, it would be necessary to hire an explainer-video company with a strong reputation and proven track record in creating professional animated explainer videos.

You should never settle for a substandard company when outsourcing video production. They will not create the right impression.

It is possible to look at several options before you choose the right one for you. Some production companies will work with you from the start to the end of your project. Others might just do the animation and not take care of the rest.

You can get a good idea of the way you want to approach your project from your in-house resources. You can create the message, script, and concept for your explainer video if you have a skilled marketing team. If you aren’t sure where to begin, professional video production companies can help you create amazing explainer videos.

Although you can work together on projects, too many cooks can ruin the broth.

Do your research on a specific video production company before you make rash decisions. The production company you choose must be able customize videos to meet the specific needs of your business. Each business idea requires a unique approach and script in order to be successful with your target audience.
An Explainer Video: The Benefits

These are the top results that you can achieve when you create animated explainer videos.
Amazing Conversion Rates

Those who see explainer videos are more likely than others to purchase your products or contact your customer service. Hence, explainer videos are essential for all marketing campaigns. Potential customers will be captivated by the number of views and shares on your video, which sparks engagement.

Promotional Products

Although long, complicated descriptions may provide valuable information to potential customers, convincing them that they should take action can be difficult. Animations are a great way to explain the benefits of your product or service without requiring the viewer make a purchase.
Trigger Interest

Social signals are becoming more popular with companies to promote their products. Videos and images are used by businesses to promote their products and services. 64% of consumers will make a purchase if they have seen a video about the product.

Customers will remember an explainer video that shows a fictional buyer going through a difficult situation and buying the solution.
Your ranking can be improved

We all know the damage that stale content can do to your company’s image. Websites used to be cluttered with tons of content and had endless sections. Established brands prefer websites that present information via graphs, images, and videos. Your website will be ranked higher if it is more user-friendly and informative.
More traffic

Every company, small or large, dreams of creating a viral video. Popular videos can make or break a business. Although there is no one-size fits all formula to making a viral explainer, videos that are creative and well-produced will be viewed by your target audience immediately. This results in increased traffic to your website as well as social media channels.

Capture Your Audience

Human brain retains less information than what it hears, but more of what it sees and hears. Animated explainer videos are a great way to grab your customers’ attention and highlight the best features of your products.

Word of mouth advertising remains one of the most effective ways to attract customers. You can get a substantial amount of traffic if your followers share your videos.

You don’t need to create pamphlets and powerpoint tutorials to explain the features of your products. To engage your audience instantly, all you need is a professional-produced video and a solid script. An animated explainer video is a great way to get your message across, whether you’re trying to launch a new product or update an existing one.
Increase Your Followers

Vimeo and YouTube have made explainer videos accessible on all platforms, not just your website. Upload your videos to these video streaming platforms. Sharing is easy and quick because these sites can be used on smartphones.
Make your personality shine

A professional explainer video can help you to establish your brand in your niche. Professional explainer videos can help you build your brand credibility and establish your reputation online.

An average consumer can identify you and initiate an inquiry about a product. Your explainer video can make it easy to establish meaningful relationships with thousands of people.

Explainer videos can increase traffic and sales and also serve as effective branding tools. Your viewers will be able to base their purchase on the explainer video, instead of reading product descriptions and reviews. Businesses all over the globe share information and promote their products using animated explainer videos.