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6 Reasons to Try Civet Coffee

Instead of choosing the same type of coffee each occasion, why not venture beyond your comfort zone to possibly discover a new favourite? If you’ve not heard of civet coffee before it’s the perfect moment to get familiar with this distinctive coffee. Here are six reasons to taste the civet blend today.

Civet Coffee is all about the Flavor Profile

If you ask someone what they enjoy about civet, the taste is the most frequently mentioned response. People who drink coffee will point out the bold, rich and smooth taste that is well-balanced, which means you don’t have bitter aftertaste. There are many great things about coffee, but without the downsides.

It utilizes a Unique Method

If you’re looking for something different Civet coffee could be the answer. The coffee beans themselves can be in the coffee cherries that are then consumed by Asian Palm Civet cats. While the coffee cherries work their course through the cat’s digestive tract there is a process of fermentation taking place naturally. It’s fascinating to note that enzymes that are present in the cat’s intestines are able to break down proteins within the coffee cherries which causes it to taste bitter. The bitterness is eliminated. The cats then excrete the coffee cherries that are partially digested.

They are removed to be cleaned and dehulled and later are dried. After that, they are then roasted to bring flavors to the top of the list. It is possible to learn more about this popular coffee bean, including the method that goes into it by visiting Kopi Luwak Co.

There is no other coffee that has the same flavor

When it comes to the flavor, civet coffee is a distinct flavor. Many say it has notes of caramel, chocolate as well as some “earthiness” in it. Coffee beans that are typical don’t stand a chance in this category. If people refer to coffee as strong or rich, usually it means bitterness. As mentioned earlier, due to the process of fermentation the civet beans are free of bitterness. A large part of this is due because the cats of civet pick only the highest quality and most delicious coffee cherries for their meals to ensure that you get the finest of the finest.

Civet Coffee is the perfect choice to use the Pour-Over Method

If you’re someone who prefers pour-over coffee that is also popular right now You’ll be delighted to find out that civet is a great match for this brew style. This is the most recommended brewing method for civet coffee since it can extract the greatest flavor.

It’s also known by”The World’s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

A lot of people consider Civet coffee as the most expensive cup of coffee so why not indulge yourself? How awesome would it be to claim that you’ve had the most expensive cup of coffee there? It’s sure to delight your guests when you serve them an iced coffee.

Benefit from Low Acidity levels

A lot of people have a difficult drink due to acidity levels. When you drink Kopi Luwak its acidity level is extremely low, meaning it will not cause stomach pain, heartburn or mouth sores when you consume several cups a day. Coffee beans are brimming with antioxidants, which provide numerous health advantages.

If you’re looking to experience something new and out of your comfort zone when it comes to coffee is involved, Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is a must try. In the simplest terms it’s a fantastic conversation to start with.