Coffee Scales: Why using one will make your coffee better

Regardless of what technique you make use of, using some scales is a vital component of the espresso making process. Coffee weighing scales are a superb method to enhance the consistency and reliability of your respective brew, whether you’ve an espresso machine, V60 dripper, Moka container or perhaps a French Press.

Ideally, after looking over this post, you are going to add a coffee scale to the barista tool collection and begin experiencing the advantages when making coffee at home.

So why do you utilize a coffee scale?

The area for error is small, and consequently the benefits of correctly measuring your variables is supreme for a superior quality brew. The grind size plus brew time are 2 of the most critical areas of obtaining the ideal extract. A great pair of scales is quite helpful here.

An Acaia scale is terrific for correctly measuring the quantity of coffee you’re planning to use within your portafilter, Moka Pot, V60, etc. When tweaking your brew healthy recipe, it’s valuable to measure some changes you are making on the coffee weight.

Coffee scales have got a timer that is great for timing your brew measurements. The period of time it takes for the water to successfully pass through your espresso grinds is a vital means of figuring out just how healthy you extract your espresso.

For instance, when making espresso, a regular brew period for a double shot is between twenty five and thirty seconds. In case your brew just isn’t within the times, you are able to decide whether your shot is over extract.
At what time purchasing scales for coffee, what you should search for?

You’ll find a couple of things to take into consideration when purchasing scales for coffee.


The grind increases first in the world. When making espresso, you will want a lesser increment of 0.1g for higher precision, because so many kitchen scales just degree in 1g increments.

This can assist you get much more accurate feedback and outputs from your brew formula.


It is vital that you ensure that the scales have a timer to evaluate your brew time.

In case the scales currently have one integrated, you are able to use its own timer, though it is going to be a lot easier. Several scales even automatically begin timing when your brew begins which is a neat feature.


The scale size is yet another consideration. Remember your brewing method and ensure you buy a scale designed to fit beneath your gear.

You are going to need a lesser scale to slip in between the portafilter and the drip tray when making espresso.

When brewing drip coffee, you are going to need to ensure that the scales has a big enough plate to place the brewing equipment on top part of.

App Connectivity

Several scales include Bluetooth connectivity so that you are able to hook up to a smartphone app. You are able to measure coffee parameters including curves and protect them.

In case you would like to have your brew to the subsequent level, you need to have this particular feature.
Will kitchen scales do exactly the same task?

In case you would like to deliver much better outcomes and also have much more control over your healthy recipe, then you definitely will utilize a coffee certain scale, not really a kitchen scale.

Many kitchen scales measure in 1g increments, but when making coffee you wish to evaluate in 0.1g for higher accuracy.

Kitchen scales is bulkier and larger, making it hard to work with with your equipment. They will not have helpful features like an integrated timer, app connectivity and a non slip base.

For higher brewing accuracy, consistent results, better quality, it is usually better to utilize a scale created particularly for coffee making.