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Every Lightsaber Color Meaning

“This tool is the life of you!” Obi-Wan’s famous Attack of the Clones quote is to be true when you dig deeper into the significance behind every lightsaber.

From distinctive handles to various colors of blades, every lightsaber has a unique design for the individual who holds it. Sith and Jedi like themselves join forces to make these amazing weapons.

The significance of the colors in lightsabers is important Therefore, in this article I go deeper into each color, and the meanings that they carry.

Star Wars lightsaber Creation

In the beginning, we’ll dive into the process of creating each lightsaber. For Jedi, as a youngling, they travel to the planet of ice Ilum and find the Kyber crystal that powers their blade.

The crystal they discover is not just connected to them, but also the Force. Each crystal has a distinct hue that ranges from blue to yellow.

However there are the Sith are able to use a unique method to obtain a kyber crystal to use the red swords they use. They have to be killed by an Jedi to get their crystal.

Then, they employ a method known as “bleeding to the crystal” to pour their hatred and anger into the crystal, thereby infusing it with dark. The process will cause the crystal to change from its initial colour to red.

It is believed that the Jedi as well as the Sith put the kyber crystal inside the hilt they design. The build, material, and the design of the hilt ligthsaber are dependent on those Jedi as well as the Sith who design it.

A lot of people are only aware of the significance behind a red lightsaber in comparison to green and blue, but do not know the deeper meaning that each color has. Below, I will go over the significance of each color in light sabers and their meaning.


Blue lightsabers are among the colors used in lightsabers by famous Jedi like Obi-Wan Anakin Skywalker, Rey Ki-Adi Mundi, among others.

The role of a Jedi is to defend and restore peace to the universe. Jedi who use blue sabers are usually proficient in combat with lightsabers.

This is evident on screen in The Clone Wars, as Anakin and Obi-Wan often are fighting in the middle of battle, fighting bravely to defend the weak, and fighting with their Battalions of clones.

Blue is also a symbol of traits like honesty, stability, loyalty, and justice.

Color meaning of green lightsaber

Green lightsabers represent security, growth, and harmony. They also represent other virtues that the Jedi strive to maintain – keeping other people safe, growing and working well throughout the galaxy.

In contrast to the blue lightsaber wielders the ones who wielding green lightsabers tend to be very powerful with the Force. A few of the Jedi include Yoda as well as Qui-Gon and Luke Skywalker. They favor fighting as a last resort instead of relying upon Force Force and peaceful discussions.

Jedi Consulars and wise older Jedi typically have this shade of a lightsaber. One example is Yoda, the Grand Master.


All of the powerful Sith and Inquisitors wear red lightsabers. Red symbolizes strength, anger, and hatred. These symbols are all a part of the Sith Religion, which relies on each one for their strength.

The Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Asajj Ventress, Kylo Ren, Emperor Palpatine, Asajj Darth Vader all wield a red lightsaber. In the case of Darth Vader and Count Dooku, they did not own a red lightsaber until they embraced their dark side and killed the Jedi and then burned their lightsabers.


Cal Kestis is the only known Jedi who can use an indigo light saber. in the game, The Fallen Order, his sword is a blueish purple hue. It’s one of the sabers with a variety of colors that he has.

The color of the lightsaber symbolizes wisdom, spirituality and intuition.


The first time we saw it used was by the Jedi Temple Guards, the yellow lightsaber is a different, rarely observed color. The movie The Rise of Skywalker, Rey also has the yellow lightsaber.

Yellow is a symbol of warmth, goodness and vitality. The people who wear yellow sabers have sacrificed a portion of themselves to gain their position.

In the case of Rey this was a reference to her assuming her Skywalker name. In the case of Temple Guards, they give their identity to serve in their security positions.


In the Star Wars Canon, the only Jedi that has white lightsabers can be identified as Ahsoka Tano. While she was once a holder of blue and green sabers, she later acquired white ones.

White is a symbol of purity, peace positive, neutrality and a new beginning. Ahsoka’s white sabers symbolize her journey away of the Jedi. They prove that she’s not associated with the Jedi or the Sith.


Another saber color that is found exclusively in Legends can be found in Legends. It is called bronze. Lowbacca as well as Freedon Nadd each owned the bronze saber. Bronze symbolizes maturity, the connection to nature, as well as wisdom.

Lowbacca was a very appropriate person to hold the saber in this shade. He was extremely well-versed in biology and computers.
Black (Darksaber)

Like the white lightsabers, just one black version is known found in Canon. Each other color Jedi, Inquisitors, and Sith use. The Darksaber, however, is the possession of the Mandalorians.

The idea was conceived by Tarre Vizsla, who is the only recognized Mandalorian Jedi, the Darksaber was passed down through the generations of Mandalorians. The person who held it was able to claim the throne of Mandalore.

In contrast to the standard lightsaber The Darksaber’s blade was flat in shape. The black symbolises the power of darkness, strength and mystery.

The film Legends, Galen Marek, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader also wields a black lightsaber. But, unlike the Darksaber, this is the standard shape of the other lightsabers.

Cyan Lightsaber

The Star Wars Canon, there aren’t any lightsabers in cyan. However, In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Cal Kestis owns one, in addition to his saber indigo. In addition, Meetra Surrik and Nikkos Tyris from Legends have one, too.

Similar to Darth Maul The saber of Cal is double-bladed. Its color represents peace and tranquility. Because it’s between green and blue it is also a symbol of the Jedi who is able to balance their skills in combat and the Force as well as combat.


Another color that can be found within Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Legends is magenta. The Jedi and a ex-assassin from Emperor Palpatine who wore sabers of this hue include Mara Jade and Cal Kestis.

The color is a mix of purple and pink. Magenta Sabers symbolize charm harmony, harmony, and compassion.


Cal Kestis is yet another owner of a unique saber color, orange. But, there are other Jedi in Legends use this colors of lightsabers as well. These include Yaddle and a Sith-Talak Hord, and Mandalorian Knights.

Mandalorian Knights Mandalorian Knights comprise a faction of characters from Legends which was once member of the Jedi Order. They escaped and tried to undermine their own Republic in The Mandalorian Wars.

The orange blades symbolize energy, imagination, and ambition. This could be the reason Talak didn’t have the typical red lightsaber because he was both creative and awe-inspiring in his skills using the lightsaber.


Everyone who is a Star Wars fan knows the famous owner of the purple lightsaber: Mace Windu. Samuel L. Jackson wanted to stand out in Attack of the Clones, therefore he asked George Lucas if he could use a purple lightsaber.

The High Republic Era, in Legends, Vernestra Rwoh and Ty Yorrick also owned lightsabers with purple blades. In the Old Republic, Jaina, Anakin Solo and Darth Revan also had lightsabers in purple too.

Purple symbolizes power, ambition as well as royalty and. Mace Windu is among the most knowledgeable Jedi members of the Council and is a fitting holder of the saber in this shade.

In addition purple is a combination of the colors red and blue. This is significant because Darth Revan changed between Jedi to Sith and then back in the direction of Jedi again. This is a symbol of his transition between sides.


Like white lightsabers, there are silver ones too. Silver sabers can only be found in Legends. The color symbolizes peace and pure.

In contrast to the crystals on the ice planet Ilum, silver Durindfire crystals can only be found located on Tatooine. Corran Horn is the sole known Jedi from Legends to possess one.

With the many Jedi and Sith that are featured in Star Wars Legends and Canon the unique colors of lightsabers fit every. Whatever their personality strengths and weaknesses the color of their lightsabers has significance. If the colors are recognized they are a representation of the persona of each and what they represent.

As the Sith make use of their power to do the purpose of evil, their saber’s color is a reflection of the power they wield. On the other hand they Jedi each has a range of colors that represent peace, harmony, and power they have. Whatever color they choose there is a link and meaning.