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How POPMART is Taking Domestic Appeal Global

POPMART is a leader in China’s multi-billion-dollar toy market. It controls 8.5 percent of China’s toy sales, has around 85 Intellectual properties (IPs) and also hosts conventions on toys that span from Beijing to Shanghai which regularly draw many thousands of Gen Zers.

The main product it sells? Blind boxes, which are opaquely packed collectible figurines that are typically sold at one of the POPMART’s 825 toy dispensers in shopping malls also known as Roboshops. The figurines made of vinyl may have a few inches of height and will cost you less than $10, yet they’ve created a multi-million-dollar business.

The trend has provoked the response of Chinese cultural institutions such as such as the Qinshihuang Emperor’s Mausoleum Site Museum, the Sanxingdui Museum, and the Palace Museum to creating their own.

JT interviewed POPMART’s International Marketing Manager, Jojo Lee, to learn more. You can read the first part here.

Why do you think that blind boxes are so popular with younger consumers?

Blind boxes allow people to purchase something creative and collectible for less than a dozen dollars. It allows children to express their creativity… It’s not just about the pleasure that artwork toys bring in their daily lives.

Can you share your experience of going to an POPMART retailer in China?

These brick-and-mortar stores are mostly situated in the main cities in the first and second tier and that means we are able to serve the majority of younger consumers. Our store layout and product display designs allow youngsters to experience the appeal of the latest toys available and to experience entertaining and enjoyable moments to share.

What happens outside the store?

We’re creating brand new experiences for fans by offering a variety of offline and online forms. We offer mini games, pop-up stores that are offline along with toy fairs.

What extent are the POPMART products designed to tap into Chinese traditional tastes?
Our products are a reflection of different cultures from around the globe. Chinese culture is receiving increasing the attention of fans from across the globe Our products are designed to be a part of a fusion with Chinese tradition and history which can increase its knowledge.

Beyond China What are the goals of POPMART in the realm of culture?

We’re working with many museums, artists, and brands from around the globe. Since the first time we started producing art-related toys, we’ve desired to bring this type of culture globally. We’re pleased to see an increasing amount of individuals and groups invest in artwork toys and blindboxes.