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How to choose a battery for an electric bike conversion kit?

The battery is the center of the energy bike kit of yours. That why it’s probably the most costly element of the kit.

Contrarily to some lead battery pack, a lithium battery is an intricate solution which involves thinking prior to buying.

You are going to find in the next paragraphs, the fundamental info in order to choose the battery which corresponds to the requirements of yours and then to distinguish a “good” battery power from a “bad” battery pack.

Many elements matter when choosing a battery for the best ebike conversion kits. The most crucial criteria are :

system power
autonomy needed
geometry of the motorcycle frame as well as battery positioning
industry limitations

The finances :

As you realize, a lithium battery features a top cost range. The cost of any lithium battery depends upon the quality of the cells of its as well as on the BMS that compose it, but additionally on its voltage and capability.

With an equal cells quality, battery cost is going to be proportional to the capacity of its: A 15Ah battery bills about fifty % much more than a 10Ah battery.

Much more the voltage increase, much more the constitutive components of the battery grow. A battery 48V 10Ah is going to be more costly compared to a 36V 10Ah battery power.

So you’ve to define the needs of yours in strength (choice of the quality of the cells), in optimum velocity (voltage choice), and in autonomy (capacity choice).
The energy of the kit of yours :

In order to provide the chance to anybody to obtain a conversion package, we provide many batteries technologies, attributes, capacities and voltages.

Over the option of the electric battery of yours, please have a glimpse at the specialized product specifications particularly at the constant discharge intensity offered.

In case for instance, we have a container battery 36V 9Ah, the constant discharge intensity of its is 15A, meaning the battery can’t be worn on electric powered systems of over 400W.

Please follow the preconisation of ours on battery choice in the bottom part of every kit page.
The autonomy you will need :

On that issue, we let you to look at corresponding chapter by clicking on the following link: evaluation of the autonomy of your respective energy bike conversion kit.
Positioning and geometry of the battery :

We provide various geometrical formats of batteries used to each bikes and uses.

For a community bicycle, batteries with a double bicycle rack are good because the electric battery may be locked on the reduced rack, making the top rack readily available for a basket or maybe an infant seat. This particular remedy is additionally fascinating for front wheel motorizations to be able to find a much better harmony of the weights.

For bicycles with a triangular frame (Mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, road bicycles) utilized on highways and forest roads, the placement of the battery power on the motorcycle frame will import to attain a much better balance on the bike.

For mountain bikes used on particular courses (trail, bicycle parkā€¦) we suggest that you put the battery of yours in an EVOC backpack with a dorsal protection EC accredited. This particular remedy is going to allow you in order to guard the battery power of yours in the situation of a fall and also to defend it from vibrations to be able to continue a movable and light bike.
Regularly asked questions: What exactly are the variations between a 36V battery along with a 48V battery?

Much more the voltage of the battery increase of yours, more the motor of yours is going to work faster.

On a same engine, using 36V subsequently 48V generate optimum pace rise of five to ten km/h and also boost the available torque by ten to fifteen % with respect to the motor.
Is really a 48V 20Ah battery stronger compared to a 48V 10Ah battery?

In average an electric powered bike demand that a battery in a position to deal with discharge current between 20A as well as 30A.

As you are able to see in the “battery” offer of ours, several of our 10Ah package accept 20Ah max whereas some other accept 40Ah max.

This’s directly connected to the quality of the cells.

Nevertheless, when we consider 2 basic level range of packs, each one supporting 20Ah max (15Ah continuously) and also by connecting them in parallel, the brand new 48V 20Ah pack made the method will recognize a discharge severeness of 40A max (30A continuously).

It’s this method that several sellers utilize offering 48V 20Ah batteries in an extremely appealing cost and also accepting high discharge intensity also is the cells are poor cells.

This particular installation type in parallel has a toxic effect creating the fast process of aging of the cells, there’ll be an energy transfer from probably the most charged cells to much less charged, therefore it leads to a pollution of the “good” cells along with an early ageing of the battery power of yours.

Be cautious with this particular kind of things for which effectiveness in the end isn’t as great as it seems..

We suggest that you take 2 48V 10Ah batteries of a great quality rather than a 20Ah offering you the end result however with lower quality cells.

Another benefit of this solution is the fact that you are able to take just one battery for brief trips rather than constantly transporting a weightier 20Ah battery.

The capability is exclusively proportional to the weight, a 20Ah battery is going to be 2 times heavier than a 10Ah battery power.