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Montecristo White Series Cigar Review

Today, I’ll share with you the details of my Montecristo White Series cigar review. In the beginning, I’ll give some background information about the group, Montecristo White Series cigars were developed to complement their predecessors, the Cuban Montecristos. They did an excellent job, too. While it’s not easy to make a comparison note-for-note however, the White series does have some of the same features that are present in the Havana blend. Its Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper is cured to a smooth, light blonde hue that’s like Cuban Corojo. If I were to place the dark cigar’s Cuban Montecristo label on this cigar, one would believe it originated from the same. With the Nicaraguan binder as well as a mix consisting of Dominican as well as Nicaraguan long-fillers This White has a rich smooth and sweet taste that can be found in a variety of Cuban cigars. Because this particular Montecristo White Series has its own distinct character and flavor, I’m not going to go any further into comparisons with the contraband counterpart.

Montecristo White Series Cigar Review

As I mentioned earlier the style of the cigar is accentuated by the silky light blonde wrapper leaf, which was without veins. The cigar was finished with a nicely executed triple cap. In terms of packaging, it was solid all the way from bottom to top and when cut using the XiKAR Xi, the cap was removed cleanly with a perfect circle.

The cold draw felt somewhat squishy, with the sweet, nutty taste that was accompanied by a hint of Hay. The toasting and light seemed slightly sloppy, but I needed to consider that this cigar seemed more moist than typical. The cigar, however, once it started to burn, the draw increased to the perfect amount of draw.

The burn began little unevenly, but then was able to settle within the first quarter of an inch. Ash was generally light grey (almost translucent) in color. It was sufficiently firm to hang on for a time however it fell off quickly after I checked its solidity against the ashtray’s wall. Ash flakes also tend to drop off when I moved cigarettes from the mouth towards the Ashtray. When you rolled it in the ashtray, it became easy for the cigar to make an attractive cherry-shaped shape. Ash was also more solid in the last couple of inches.

First puffs from the Montecristo White Series were earthy sweet, woody and smooth with a load of rich, rich-tasting white smoke with an extended final. As I retrohaled, I had an immediate impression of the full-flavored flavor this cigar has. Although the retrohale contained plenty in pepper flavor, I noticed absolutely no flavor of pepper when smoking the cigar normal. When the cigar started to settle I figured out that the main notes were sweet wood and earthiness along with some nutty flavors, providing this cigar with a decent amount of complexity, great balanced, with a delicious and woody smell.

General Remarks

Regarding the overall flavor and consistency, the Montecristo White Label was a great cigar. In terms of power it is a great choice. Montecristo White gradually becomes an even more robust smoke when you reach the midsection. When you are allowed to breathe between puffs, I noticed that the smoke seemed to be more consistent in its flavor and balance. The cigar needed only one relight after I went off my workstation for about two minutes, but then returned exactly where it had left off. Double bands (not visible in old photographs) makes sure you know that you’re using this particular Montecristo White Series, because the words “White Series” appear on both neck and the secondary bands. It’s possible that this was done as they believed that most smokers would get rid of their secondary bands first.


A medium-bodied cigar was plenty of sweetness and flavor which caused it Montecristo White Series very hard to quit. To prevent the cigar from becoming smoky or cracking due to over-puffing I was constantly reminding myself to allow it to rest. After it had cooled down, every puff was fantastic. The full-flavored flavor comes from the Nicaraguan tobaccos that are used in the binder and filler however, there was no noticeable note that was too strong to be detected. Additionally, this cigar is an excellent example of “a balanced” smoke.

This blend is a good choice for smokers who like moderate Dominican cigars such as Macanudo Cafe. The Montecristo is a similar flavor in the aromatic and smoothness department, however it has much more richness. You should pay close the attention to this cigar.

I hope you enjoyed this Montecristo White Series cigar review as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was difficult to find any negative thing about this cigar. I think the most convincing evidence is when I finally took it off, only one inch of smoke was left.