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Shopping For Fireworks – What Selection Is There?

There are various types of fireworks and items that are suitable for your backyard lights show, like aerials and ground-based fireworks, fun fireworks, and box of fireworks. The type you choose depends on who you’d like to impress and the kind of show you want to present! Let’s take a look at some of the different types of fireworks that you can buy in 2022!

Aerial Fireworks

These types of fireworks are huge and vibrant fireworks that shoot effects from one mortar tube to the sky or are joined by several mortar tubes.

Finale Racks

Finale Racks are multi-shot aerial fireworks which can include a variety of mortar tubes contained within. Usually, there are nine shots, and each one is unique in colour and effect. They are believed to be the most spectacular part of the show because they are the largest and the loudest fireworks that complete the show with big bang. They will display a wide variety of effects and colours to leave your neighbors stunned.

500 Gram Repeaters

Sometimes referred to cakes, they are pre-loaded into tubes. They are also the largest aerial fireworks that are multi-shot to be found in UK. They can be large and noisy depending on the size of the mortars in each tunnel. 5 hundred-gramme repeaters are easy for users to use because they have a single fuse to the light that is linked to all the tubes of dynamite!

200 Gram Repeaters

The multi-shot aerial fireworks are already loaded into tubes. They are smaller than 500-gramme repeaters but are unparalleled with spectacular lights and shows.

Mortar Kits

Keep the launch tubes mounted to the foundation to help keep the tubes in place on the deck. Buyers need to load the tubes by using the shells one at a time. When they are ignited when they fly through the air, they are stunning in color and possess captivating effects.

Rockets & Missiles

Rockets and missiles are placed on a fin tube or to sticks that produce a variety of effects, such as whistles, crackles, bangs and stars. People can put rockets and missiles on the ground or on platforms, and light the fuse separately. Good fact: rockets are among the most commonly used and one of the oldest forms of fireworks.

Aerial Spinners

These spinners are lit on hard, smooth surfaces. After they’re lit they spin quickly enough to fly into the air and produce an explosion of bright flashes beneath.

Roman Candles

These are tubes usually made of cardboard, that shoots out comets stars and other effects. They are ejecting one or more exploding shells with amazing colours. They could also be large in size, allowing for greater result.

Parachute Fireworks

Parachute fireworks consist of single tubes with one or more shells that are weighted or an army-man toy that is attached to a parachute that allows them to float to the ground. Parachutes that are equipped with lights can be daytime parachutes, and other parachutes are night time. Daytime parachutes will have smoke trails. While nighttime parachutes have an effect of strobe.

What are Ground-Based Fireworks?

Ground-based fireworks are also known by the name non-aerial fireworks. These are the kinds of ground-based fireworks that you can expect to see in your local fireworks shop and in our online store.


Fountains are the most well-known non-aerial fireworks. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. These don’t shoot in the air and usually don’t make loud bangs like aerial fireworks. If the fuse is ignited then the fountains release a shower of colourful sparks and can trigger whistling or crackling noises. They can last for longer, and different components create an array of colors and effects.

Smoke balls

Smoke balls are coloured with an ignition source at the tip. Once lit and the smoke is released, it emits identical colour to the ball, it’s contained inside.


Firecrackers have to be lit separately and are tiny in size but they produce the sound of a large volume. Firecrackers are also available with blocks that are packets of firecrackers that are bonded together.

They ‘ll go off in just a few seconds when you light the package. Another method of bringing fireworks together is to use a strip. The firecrackers are connected to an electrical fuse that connects them. The fireworks go off in sequence when they’re lit (fun fact: fireworks are thought to be among the first fireworks to be manufactured.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are similar to firecrackers, but when lit, jumping jacks jump out of the ground. Each of them jumps, pops, and can emit different colours.

Ground spinners

Ground spinners are products which can be lit up and then spin around the ground to generate flashes. They also change colour and give off a decent amount of light as they swirl around.


Wheels typically come in a round shape card or a disc of plastic. On the disc is various rockets, like thrusters, which create a spin around producing flames or sparks when lit.

Novelty Fireworks


Sparklers are wires containing the pyrotechnics that can be placed in the ground, or held by hand. They come in a variety of sizes, and some are placed on top of cakes for birthdays. The Sparklers are known to be the symbol of the Fourth of July.

Party poppers

The sizes of party poppers can vary however, they are typically used to celebrate events. If you tug on the strings of a party floater, they will make a loud pop sound and release confetti in the air.


The lanterns are like the tiny hot air balloons and when they are lit, the flame makes it appear as if floating up in the heavens. The majority of the time lanterns are used at celebrations all over the world.

Once you’ve mastered the different kinds of fireworks available to you, you can rest assured that you’ll make a lasting impression on your family, your neighbours and the next neighbour across the street. If you’d like to see a more a mixture of aerial fireworks (also known as landfireworks), there are many varieties that offer the top selling items in the box.