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Should I Buy a Drive Away Awning?

Drive-away awnings can increase your usable space outside of your campervan. This makes longer family stays on a campsite more enjoyable. By their very nature, they are able to be put away on the campsite even if your van is on the move. This is why they come very handy when you need to take care of those in your group traveling, large things, and awkward camping furniture. But how does a drive away awning work, exactly? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in our quick tour through of specifications and features.

What’s the point in knowing how to use and fit one to your vehicle, if you don’t know what type of awning for your driveaway that is best for you? Since we’re on topic, let’s begin with some suggestions on the most innovative and most efficient features. Our handy drive away awning buying guide will provide just that.

What is a drive away Awning?

An awning is essentially an awning that is fitted to the side of your campervan or motorhome. It’s made from the same type of weatherproof and hardwearing materials. You also set an awning that can be driven away the same way you would a tent. But it also has a door for you to move from your vehicle to the awning and vice-versa.

You can observe that awnings are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes, from canopy-style roofs to impromptu lounges such as those of Vango Airhub Hexaway in the image above. And drive-away awnings are no different. They’re designed especially for larger vans, such as the Vango Galli III Airaway awning and comes in a variety of heights, low and tall, and others are designed to be used with SUVs. However, the fundamental function is the identical.

How do drive away awnings work?

What is unique about a drive-away awning is the fact it’s a tent that is freestanding which doesn’t change the shape or stability as you go away. This is why the expression “drive away’. It’s fastened to your vehicle after you have set it up, but you are able to remove it whenever you’re required.

Why should you buy a drive away awning?

A good driveaway awning can make your living space double. Certain high-end models can do much more, blending the decor of your home with lavish features, ensuring that you never miss your home comforts. It gives you protection regardless of the weather, it offers extra space during breakfast time, and provides more storage space, and allows children to do what they do best. You can literally double your living space with drive away awnings like those offered by Outwell Scenic Road 250SA Smart Air drive away awning.

Whenever you fancy a drive or a walk, you can leave it in place. No need to pack up and head out. Don’t bother putting all your belongings away and taking your awning down when your crew wants to explore further. Simply detach it and secure it when needed and go off. If you decide to come back to the pitch, you’ll find it in the exact spot you left it.

How do you connect a drive away awning?

If you’re wondering how do drive away awnings function, it’s likely because you’re not familiar with all the ways they can be connected to a car. You can rest assured that fitting a drive-away awning to your vehicle is an all-person task. The connections on your vehicle and your awning will determine how easily it will be installed. If you’re a homeowner of a motorhome or a campervan, you shouldn’t have any difficulties connecting your awning your vehicle yourself. Here are a few ways people generally connect an awning:

to an existing wind-out awning

to the vehicle’s awning channel or rail

to the vehicle’s drain

Roof bars

with magnets

with suckers

To choose the right option for your vehicle, first take a look at the ways drive-away awnings can be installed:

Wind-out awnings are a great option. If you already have a wind-out type awning, you will require a 4mm to 6mm type driveaway awning fixing kit similar to this figure of 8 joining strip. The beading slides into part of the wind-out awning on one side and the figure of 8 to the other, so all three components are linked. Another strip of beading can slide into the open side of the figure of 8, strip. To detach, simply slide the figure of eight connecting strip out.

The rail or awning channel in the vehicle. In this situation, the driveaway awning should be attached to the vehicle’s rail or channel precisely like the above. But, the awning fixing kit must be a 6mm – 6mm one. That’s because the vehicle’s rail is 6mm wide. This Vango Driveaway 6mm to 6mm kit is a fantastic option. If you don’t already have a rail on your campervan or motorhome, it’s well worth purchasing one. After all, this is the simplest, easiest and most efficient method to fit your drive-away awning to your vehicle.

Vehicle gutter. The way you fasten your drive-away awning to the vehicle gutter will depend on its depth. A channel strip in the figure 8 is easy to clip into a slender gutter. You can then join the other end that is a figure of eight to beading on your awning. To leave, loosen the figure of 8. For gutters that are deep it is possible to try the Vango pole and clamp set, provided it’s compatible with the vehicle you are using. The pole slips into the sleeve on the back of the awning after which it secures itself to the gutter, securing the fabric. Secure the awning with clamps at the centre and sides, and get the issue sorted.

Roof bars. For awnings with built-in Velcro loops attached to the cowl’s back, fitting them onto a vehicle is as easy as tying these loops on the bar on top of your roof. To drive away and leave the awning in place, simply take off the bar that is on its roof.

Guy lines and straps. They’re not the best, but should your vehicle not come with any fittings for an awning or you found out that your awning kit isn’t suitable for your vehicle then you’ll always be able to count on straps. Awnings come with straps as well as guy lines and it is possible to purchase extra ones. Therefore, just throw them over to the other side of the vehicle, and fix them to the vehicle with special pegs and extra Vango straps.

Affixing strips magnetically. It’s a great alternative for vehicles with no awning attachments of any kind. They’re designed to be used with motorhomes that are taller and campervans that have a steel body to attract the magnets and remain there.

Suction kit. This kit makes use of vacuum to keep the awning up. The kit includes beads and a figure of 8 strip that attaches to the roof on your car. The awning can be easily moved on and off on the opposite side of the figure of 8.

Your choice of awning will ultimately depend on the kind of vehicle you have as well as your lifestyle and your budget. The options are endless however our driveaway awning buying guide will focus strictly on the awning itself. Whatever you prefer to ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your driveaway awning the fullest, look for these three important aspects of an awning that you can drive away:

Size. Before investing in an awning, be sure to check the size. A lot of people discover that their awning isn’t the proper size just at the point of need. That is, at the campsite. The height is the most important factor. To find the height, look for the awning rails that is on the outside of your motorhome or campervan. Then, measure from this rail all down to the ground. Motorhome awnings typically are the largest, followed by campervan as well as SUV-style awnings. A few awning manufacturers offer an array of awnings that are available in a range of sizes to fit every vehicle. Other manufacturers make them for specific models, like this Volkswagen Camper awning from Vango Magra. Some are even equipped with adjustable height.

Versatility. Your needs for travel may be changing over the course of time. To enjoy your holiday to the fullest with a growing group of guests, consider the possibility of having space. For many campers choosing to include an addition is important since it gives them an additional room or lounge. The good news is that many awnings include an annexe to them. Because they’re versatile and well-known the resale value could also be high.

Privacy. At times, even a small space isn’t much use without privacy. However, certain driveaway awnings come with privacy screens, while others can fit an entire separate inner bedroom. Its Vango inner bed is able to accommodate three awnings with drive-away capabilities no less; namely Vango Idris, Galli and Kela models. Vango Idris, Galli and Kela models.

With drive away awnings giving you the possibility of leaving your pitch for daily excursions without packing your bags so you can have more time for entertainment and most importantly relaxation.