The evolution of Mother’s Day cards

In the days of old did kids send their mothers cards for Mother’s Day? It’s hard for us to believe that they didn’t. Considering the guilt we feel when we don’t send one to our moms.

Since Mother’s Day cards are one of the most requested holiday-themed cards that we send out to our customers We thought we’d explore to learn more about how and when this custom began and how it came to be the most important annual event for sending cards.

First Mother’s Day cards

We’re sorry for misleading you by using that title However, the truth is that no one knows who first sent Mother’s Day messages. As Mother’s Day has been around in some form or other for centuries, it could have been a cute child from Asia or Africa writing on scraps or leather or silk.

Maybe the idea is even more ancient. Perhaps an ancient cave drawing was in fact a thank you message sent by Neanderthal youngsters to the mothers of their children. Unfortunately, they didn’t maintain great records during the Ice Age, so not even the most knowledgeable historians can pinpoint the reason.

The positive news?

We know that saw those first mass-market Mother’s Day cards were made. It was the 1920s in America just just a few years before Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the United States.

The trend quickly spread, and by the mid-point in the century people across the globe were sending mothers’ cards – though at different times.

The development of Mother’s Day cards

In the Roaring Twenties, a lot of mothers were living the high life and having fun in jazz clubs and Prohibition bars. However, the first mass-market Mother’s Day cards didn’t reflect this. They were, nevertheless, beautiful, but a little outdated for the time.

in the 20th century, it was possible to walk into your favorite local stationery shop to discover a formal, but attractive card. The cards often had an illustration of a woman posed stiffly like an image, and appearing like an official from the court of Queen Victoria.

A lot of the first Mother’s Day cards were in black and white since color ink had to be applied manually and only those who had the funds to spend money on the cards in color for their mothers. The text on the cards did not have the formality of style: “To Mother” or “A Mother’s Day Message”.

The 1930s, 1940s Mother’s Day cards began to include images of women doing typical household duties or tasks like caring for a toddler eating dinner, or enjoying an afternoon tea. Teapots, aprons, and pincushions appeared frequently.

The joyous spirit that swept the world after the end in World War II was reflected in Mother’s Day cards. They became more casual and fun, with hilarious Mother’s Day cards making an appearance in the 1960s, however, since the cards were mostly written by males in the 1950s, the “jokes” typically came made at the expense of mothers.

Fortunately when women’s rights were improved throughout the decades that followed as did Mother’s Day card greetings…

At the end of the 20th century the variety of Mother’s Day cards could be available in stores across the United States, and styles of cards ranged from humorous to serious romantic to heartfelt.

A new trend has also begun being noticed. Instead of being “sent” just from younger children to mothers they shared with, it became more popular to let all of the mothers who are in our lives know how much we value by sending them the gift of a Mother’s Day card.

This is why you can get Mother’s Day cards for daughters, Mother’s Day cards for Grandma, personalized Mother’s Day cards, Mom-to-be Mother’s Day cards, First Mother’s Day cards and almost every other option you can imagine.

Contemporary Mother’s Day greeting options include cards with written sentiments or quotes, and personalize cards made with your own images.

Mother’s Day sending traditions

In America and in the UK and a variety of other countries, Mother’s Day is the most popular gift-giving day other than Christmas.

We call millions of people and also send many thousands of Mother’s Day gifts. Did you consider about 25% of all gifts of plants and flowers purchased each year are purchased to celebrate Mother’s Day?

However, by far the most requested gift to give to mothers who are important to you is an Mother’s Day card. The US alone with a population of around 85 million moms, Americans are sending 113 millions Mother’s Day cards every year.