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The Importance of Buying High-Quality Bangers

Bangers have revolutionized the method of consumption of concentrates, that is a modern approach to the ancient world of herbal extracts. These handy gadgets are the most effective way to consume because they deliver powerful and delicious hit and provide the best controlled temperature. Also, quartz is an inert chemical in high temperatures and presents the lowest risk of off-gassing.

What is an Quartz Banger?

The term banger refers to a vessel used to vaporize concentrates using dab rings or in the bong. Although they are available in a range of styles and materials, the majority of bangers are circular and are made from quartz. Other less popular materials are Borosilicate glass Ceramic as well as Titanium. Each of them retains heat differently and needs different cleansing techniques. All of them offer different methods to remove dab.

The Anatomy and the Use of the Banger

A quartz banger consists of three main parts: a bucket, neck and joint. The bucket is where you store your concentrate, and therefore is the most important component. The neck is what connects both the bucket and the joint that is attached to the rig for your concentrate. Joints come in three common sizes that are 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. Although all bangers come with three main sections, there’s an enormous range of quality among bangers. It is possible to purchase bangers of basic quality for a couple of pounds and buy a masterpiece for thousands or hundreds of dollars.

Why should you buy a high-quality Quartz Banger?

Selecting the right banger is an important choice because the banger you choose will affect your overall dabbing experience. The banger you choose determines the temperature range you are able to use to make your dab vaporize for instance, and it can affect the flavor of the concentrate as well as the smoothness of every hit.


If you drink regularly or just occasionally, you need your equipment for smoking cannabis to last longer than just a couple of uses. Quality bangers can be a bit more expensive at the checkout however, they could reduce your expenses in the long run, by lasting longer than lower-cost equivalents.

Durability is one reason why top bangers are made of quartz. The crystalline, hard substance is among the hardest minerals in the world. Due to this, quartz bangers last longer than other kinds of bangers. Therefore, you’ll need to replace them more frequently. A quality banger must be able to stand up to daily usage for a long period of time when properly maintained.

Proper Heating

Bangers need to be durable enough to withstand heat extremes without breaking or releasing harmful gasses. A top-quality banger can bring your concentrate to the proper temperature to fully melt your dab. It keeps the heat for sufficiently long, but cools quickly to allow for ease of use. The material you use to make your banger is responsible for the rate of heat it produces as Quartz bangers warming up considerably faster than ceramic or titanium. Quartz also has a superior taste as compared to titanium and ceramic and has more resistance to heat shock contrasted with ceramics.

Good Airflow

The best bangers are those that have good airflow that allows them to provide a satisfying strike with a simple draw. The place that connects the neck to the cup could be an area where poor craftsmanship can affect the flow of air. Quality bangers should have well-polished welds in this area to prevent obstruction of air flow.

Free of harmful off-gassing

A good banger will never emit gasses that can harm the user. The titanium or ceramic materials can release dangerous gases, which is why many of the top bangers are made of quartz.

Better Flavor

The best bangers are more smooth, tasty and a tastier experience because they don’t enhance or take away any taste of your drink. Many prefer quartz bangers because of their taste.

Easy to clean

The bucket should be large enough to hold any spills and easy to clean. Flat bottom bangers are by far the most commonly used design, with the round-bottom becoming increasingly common. Charlotte Quartz, one of our bangers that are high-end has a fantastic round bottom design.


The only thing that is better than making a stunning blast of dab, is to do it with a stunning banger. The best bangers are art that are adorned with stunning sandblasting, laser engraving, clean lines and captivating curves. Certain specialized designs like Toro’s TerpSlurper make a distinctive sound or airflow effects when the instrument is pulled.