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What are Standard Jockey Wheels?

Do you want to replace or upgrade the Knott jockey wheel on your vehicle? There are some basic questions to consider before making a choice. Do you require small box trailers or horse float? Or a Twin axle caravan? Do you simply unhook it and put it back in the same place or do you require utilize the jockey wheel to move? What height does it have to be? Do you own a high offroad camper?

Standard Jockey Wheels

The typical alko jockey wheel you will typically see on small caravans and trailers. They come with solid tyres as well as the standard clamp, which can be bolted or welded onto the A-Frame. They’re a basic jockey wheel that is suitable for unhooking and unhooking easily with not any movement.

Larger and extra tall wheel units are available using the clamps standard.

The Swivel Bracket Jockey Wheels

Up the ladder there are units that have Swivel brackets. This means that you do not need to fix the jockey wheel every time. Instead, pull the handle in order to release the locking pins and then rotate the wheel downwards. This not only saves your time during setup, but it additionally, you don’t have to look for a place to store the wheel when it is not in use. These brackets are generally fitted with larger, solid rubber wheels to allow for greater mobility.

This Extreme OffRoad Ark jockey wheel is built to be durable flexible, simple to use. The two wheels of a large size provide an extra platform to spread the drawbar’s weight. This ensures unbeatable ability to grip both soft and hard surfaces. The trailing yoke design gives you greater maneuverability. The high-performance shaft comes with an 750kg dynamic rating as well as four adjustable starting heights that can be adjusted to fit the majority of caravan or trailer. The side winding handle that can be detached is an additional feature of this simple design.

Ratchet Jockey Wheels

If you are required to move a large caravan across uneven terrain or in a tight area, you may want to think about using a ratchet wheel. They allow a single person to steer larger caravans into places that are impossible to accomplish while attached to a vehicle towing. It is the Alko Power Mover is among the first models to be equipped that had a lever and ratchet system, and is perfect to move single axle caravans that have an estimated ball weight up to 150kg. The next model on the list comes the double wheel EasyMover that is designed for twin axle caravans and a an encapsulated weight of 900kg.

Trailer Valet Movers

It is the Trailer Valet range is becoming more well-known within Australia. Australian market. Based on the ratchet jockey wheel design, they come with multi-gear system that comes with added safety features to ensure smooth and secure movements even in an angle that can be as steep as 10 degrees. There are two models available The 5X is made to be used on single axle caravans, trailers with horse floats, and with a maximum weight of 2200kg. It comes with a strong mounting bracket that attaches to the drawbar. It also has a side crank handle that can be wound and an auto-engaged safety break. It is the Trailer Valet XL is designed to accommodate larger caravans and can easily move trailers with an AMT as high as 4500lbs. It is also gear driven with the side winding handle or the drill attachment that comes with it is able to be used with an 18v cordless drill should you want. The XL is connected to the trailer using the 50mm ball coupling This means that it can be utilized on multiple trailers, without the need for mounting brackets.

Trail-A-Mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel and Jack

Its Trail-A-Mate is a top quality multi-purpose caravan accessory. In only a few seconds, the wheel can be converted into a hydraulic jack, with an lifting capacity of up to 1000kg. It comes with a shaft of 50mm and is compatible with the standard clamps that are already attached to the A-frame. It comes with 2 brackets that attach to the cross-member of the chassis on back of wheel axle in order to ensure a safe lifting position. It is as simple as swapping the wheel that is detachable with the base plate that comes with it and then attach the lifting clamp, and then place the under-locating bracket to the the rear of the wheel. It is now possible to lift a trailer or caravan by using the 2900kg ATM for quick replacing or maintaining the wheel.

Twin Jockey Wheel Suit Caravan Movers

If you have a 12V moving unit installed on your caravan, it is recommended to use the most robust two wheeler. With larger sturdy rubber wheels and a steel centres, they offer the additional strength required by this type of set-up. Twin wheel technology allows easy pivoting and better grip on uneven or sloped terrain.