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What Are The Essential Montessori Furniture Pieces?

If you’re interested in the implementation of Montessori at your home, you might be considering the benefits of bringing in furniture for children in your home.

What Montessori furniture Australia are you really looking for?

Through this post, you’ll discover the advantages of furniture that is child-sized and discover ideas for Montessori-aligned furniture to fit in every area of your home, so that you can arrange your home in the Montessori way.

What exactly is Montessori furniture?

The Montessori furniture pieces are small versions of furniture that are designed for adults. There is no thing that distinguishes Montessori furniture apart from furniture for adults, aside from the size.

Furniture specifically designed for Montessori homes is different from other children’s furniture you can find in department stores since it doesn’t have bright colors and cartoon characters that can cause distraction for children.

What are the advantages of having furniture designed for children?

The main goal of incorporating Montessori furniture in your house is make your child feel loved and respected.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Installing furniture that is child-sized in your home will give your child the chance to live in a household at their level of development physically mentally, emotionally, and emotionally.

Imagine walking into your home, day in and day leaving to find a dining sofa or a living room table which is child-sized. It won’t be a welcoming space and you’d have to put in a lot of effort to feel comfortable. Just imagine the stress!

Imagine having gotten used to this degree of discomfort, and then one day returning home to discover that someone has purchased furniture that is just right for you. What would you think?

You’ll probably feel welcomed as well as comfortable, valuable and valued as a part of the family.
Other advantages of furniture from Montessori

The child-sized furniture comes with many benefits and it can often allow for greater independence and involvement in household chores.

Here are a few of the advantages:

better posture
improved gross motor skills
fine motor skills
Creativity and imagination

Alongside all the benefits for kids, Montessori furniture is simply more useful for parents.

If children have the furnishings they need to be able to contribute to their family in meaningful ways, it may be a relief for caregivers and, in turn, less worry.

Essential Montessori furniture pieces – arranged by room

Below is a comprehensive list of room-by-room furniture for Montessori that can assist your child in developing independence and let them feel at home and unique in their home.


Weaning table and chair

If you’re implementing baby lead weaning, then you are going to be thrilled to learn the piece of Montessori furniture will work perfectly with the choice of food that you choose for introduction.

If you’re past the stage of transition and are now children, it’s not yet too late for you to provide a table or chairs to the child. They’ll appreciate their independence during mealtimes.

If you’re not keen on or do not have the space for a table to wean your child There are numerous Montessori highchair options available there, too.

Child-size reading chair

In the realm of books, supplying the child with comfy tiny reading chair can be a good idea if you’re looking to build a reading area in your child’s playroom.

Bedroom or Nursery

Floor bed

When you are setting up your child’s room the use of a low bed or a bed on the floor, where children are able to get in and out of is crucial.

Floor beds give children greater independence at bedtime.


Another key Montessori furniture item for bedrooms is a wardrobe that can be easily accessed.

Children are delighted to wake up and select their own clothes to wear for their day. The convenience of having a wardrobe that is child-sized provides children with the chance to participate more fully in laundry chores, such as folding and hanging their clothes.



A secure, non-slip stool is an excellent accessory to support your child’s confidence in the bathroom.

It allows them to wash their hands easily after a potty break, as well having more independence when it’s time for them to brush their teeth.


Child-size shoe bench

Going to and from the house is often stressful for children as well as caregivers, as most changes can be.

Offering your child a space for them to sit and change into and remove their shoes is a fantastic idea.

Coat rack for children

A coat rack designed for Montessori is an excellent piece of furniture to have close to the bench for your child’s shoes.

Which is the most used piece of furniture from Montessori?