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What does the inside of a Poké Ball look like?

We’ve all wondered what happens to those Pocket Monsters after they’ve been taken captive. This is what’s inside the Poke Ball, along with how Pokemon are able to live inside one for many years.
Since the show’s debut in 1996, the fans have been asking the same question: What’s in the Poke Ball?

It seems like 2 1/2 years ago, this question could have been resolved more precisely. But, the exact design of the inside of an Poke Ball looks like still remains an open question. The closest we have come to the answer was an interview in 2016 where the series’ producer Junichi Masuda said the following (cryptic) statement:

It’s probably an accurate statement to state that you’re cozy inside of the game of Pokeball It’s a relaxing environment, possibly similar to a luxury suite in a luxurious hotel.

To claim that Masuda has left the inside of an Poke Ball looks like up to interpretation is an understatement. Based on the way it sounds, Masuda could be describing anything from the Genie’s lamp in Aladdin to the Polly Pocket mini-figure doll house.

Thankfully we can say that the Pokemon films, anime and video games as well as other media have offered some clues about the way that Poke Balls function and how they’re made and what the limitations of these monster capsules are.
What is the inside of a Pokeball look like?

Based on the description above one can only conclude that, instead of being an ordinary digital space, inside of the Poke Ball provides an environment filled with the essential requirements that are required by the Pokemon that was taken. It’s a tricky thing to imagine that a Poke Ball with, like couches, beds carpet, TV etc. because it’s a) it’s basically The Matrix, and b) it’s not exactly a good explanation for the reason why wild Pokemon are usually in a state of reluctance to be caught.

If we consider the meaning of Masuda’s words a bit more loosely, it could be the case to believe that within the Poke Ball contains a nature-like environment in which the Pokemon would feel most at home in. For instance it is possible that a Pancham could be surrounded by a forest filled with bamboo stalks and a Porygon could be surrounded by a digital world packed with computers and similar.

There’s a lot of possibilities considering that the majority people believe that the Pokemon series is based on magic and based on magic, it’s no surprise if the creators came out and claim the Poke Balls are made of technology that is sophisticated enough to provide an exclusive environment for each Pokemon available. I’m wondering what Arceus could appear like?
How can Pokemon stay alive inside the Poke Ball?

One of the members from The Elite Four has gifted us with an important solution to this question. When Pokemon who have been weak in battle are captured or returned in an Poke Ball, they curl in a fetal posture in order to facilitate healing of their injuries, as per Psychic-Type’s Elite Four member Lucian.

One article discusses the question of the reason Pokemon could be in the Poke Ball. According to this article the reason for this behavior is instinct. A Pokemon that is weak will curl up tightly in order to recover itself. This is why the Poke Ball was invented to make use of this protection instinct.

Lucian’s above quote from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum does shed light on how Pokemon survive in their Poke Balls, but still leaves out a fairly important element: how Pokemon eat in a Poke Ball. My speculation is that Pokemon within the Poke Ball can fall into the state of hibernation. But, the Pokemon have been (presumably) carbon-based which means they will eventually require sustenance in order to transform into energy calorific. Perhaps there’s some magic-science that is transforming the electronic pulses within the Poke Balls?
Can you capture a person using the help of a Poke Ball?

No. The anime has made it very clear: there are certain “markings” of Pokemon which indicate that they’ve been taken. It is a digital registration that is enabled through the genetic composition of Pokemon.

For the way Poke Balls operate there are clues about their history through Kurt Blacksmith kind in Azalea Town who designs Poke Balls from Apricorns. The Apricorns are tough and nut-like organic materials that is tensely transformed into an Poke Ball. The process, as shown in the animation was perfected from the beginning of time, when early civilizations made Poke Balls of stone.

The reason why the Poke Ball cannot catch a Pokemon already identified by another trainer is due to the previously noted characteristic of digital marking. Pokemon must be released to allow this digital mark to be removed.