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What is a Pod System?

What you’ll find on the marketplace today are pod systems. SMOK, VooPoo, Aspire all of them are selling pod systems as if they’re closing their doors. In reality that they’re bringing in an abundance of business. If you’ve been in the vaping community over the past couple of years, you’ve noticed many changes to the dimensions and portability of certain devices.

At first, electronic cigarettes were designed to look like Marlboro cigarettes in every aspect of aesthetics. However, as time went by and the tiny battery that was used to powered by these cigalikes was tweaked by people who were looking for the most powerful devices and we’re here.

We have seen cigalikes, classic pen designs transform into stick mods, box mods and more advanced mechanical mods. The most appealing aspect of powerful mods is their battery’s lifespan. With the use of 1800 or 21700 batteries inserted inside the mod, you can make the most of the watts and voltage that make the mod release more vapor than it ever would with the pod system.

But here’s the thing that’s the fact that not everyone vapers would like to do that.

There are many vapers out there, but they’re not all created equally. Like me you might possess a robust kit and also pod systems (like The Caliburn that is my favorite). Different times call for different experiences. A nagging craving keeps me returning to pod systems due to small nuances in flavor that I like sometimes. The nuances I don’t experience in the “stronger” kits.

It’s not a secret that it’s hard to beat the sound of an avalanche of billows using an enthralling mod and sub-ohm tanks (like the Falcon Yum!). But! This isn’t something I try to attain constantly. What I’m talking about is by releasing so much vapor that it appears like it’s about to pour down your living space. The angels and thunderclaps flail their wings while they fly through the air as well… good. Is it too far? Yes, I did go to far.

One of the issues I’ve encountered with mods as well as tank sub-ohms is that they be expensive. Be it maintenance, batteries and coils replacement such as this, this, and this, or X, Z, Y. It’s never too late that needs to be replaced or upgraded. This is the fun until you’re in the middle of a journey, heading to the park or trying to sneaky smoke (we’ll be discussing the subject in a moment! ) You’re left with an extravagant, loud device that pours out a cloud of clouds at the touch of a click of a button.

It is sometimes better to have a smaller portable device that has enough battery to last the whole day. This is the reason pod systems are an excellent option. The majority of vape experts and vape wizards I have met own sophisticated systems that are more tolerant than their own kids, however, they also have a smaller, more disposable pod that they can use more easily.

That’s the essence of everything ease of use, portability and a nuanced flavor. It’s also a cheaper price, the best way to smoke discreetly and so on.

The structure of pod systems is composed of two parts that are the battery and the pod.

The Relx Infinity pod is able to hold about 2mL, however many companies are expanding their e-liquid storage capacity to accommodate more. For instance, the well-known SMOK Nord boasts a 3mL pod.

The pods are available in two varieties: that can be filled with refills or prefilled. Refillable pods are the best option because you can refill the pods at your own pace, with only the flavors you like. The pre-filled pods are pricier however they are much more convenient working in a fast-paced setting that won’t permit you to break the pod and refill it. They’re simple to use and are easy to refill.

It’s all up to your the individual preferences. Blend and match. pick one, and do both simultaneously or do whatever you like. There aren’t any rules to the preference for pods, but only judgement from snobs. However, we do not like the ones who don’t like us. We’d like to round-house and smack them in the neck.

The pod kit kits, pod system as well as AIO Vape kit (all-in-one) belong to similar categories. The battery life spans between 180mAh and 2000mAh. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly because it varies greatly from brand to brand, however anything more than that will require an additional device that is more controlled. With regards to what pods are able to perform, anything beyond this is useless to me.

For the appearance the designs are truly different dimensions and shapes. Certain look like cigars while others resemble the shape of a pipe with an spout that sticks out. Some are designed to look like cigarettes, while others look are like pipes. The market is full of choices and that’s a great thing. There are many complaints about the over-saturation of pod systems. They’re misunderstood beings. Many people believe they’re so alike to one another that they’re useless. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing with various pod systems, you’ll know that each brand and model feels as if it’s its own.

Some have the right level of flavor while some don’t have it. Some offer insane battery life, but others go out after just 10 puffs (like the well-known INFINIX I’m not sure about the hype surrounding the possibility of a pod dying after 10 puffs, however, that’s my opinion). You know what? I have a lot of vapers who swear to the INFINIX due to its taste and mouthpiece that fits perfectly.

What do I mean? It’s all a matter the nuance.