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Why A Thule Roof Box Is The Perfect Car Accessory

When anyone buys cars, especially when you’re moving up to a larger size. It seems to be filled with space, and lots of clever cubby holes which can hold tons of extra baggage. However, storage space is like a great red wine. You will never have enough and it never runs out at the worst of moments.

This is the reason roof boxes are an excellent investment, particularly for those who like traveling across in the United Kingdom.

Why Should You Choose A Thule Roofbox?

Although it’s obvious that there are a variety of producers of roof boxes Thule’s small additions and attention to details distinguish them from their competitors. The design of roof boxes has made significant progress over the past couple of decades and with Thule being the leader in many innovative and novel concepts.

A lot of Thule’s roof boxes have an indicator of torque, precisely placed lid handles that are comfortable and comfortable with exceptional space efficiency and an automated locking system that clearly shows that the Thule box is locked securely.

Each Thule Roof Box was created to satisfy four standards. Quality, Safety, Design and Usability. Thule frequently get awards for their unique and innovative design. They are ideal for those who are into sports, especially outdoors activities.

Thule Roof Boxes are also made with aerodynamics and fuel efficiency in the back of your mind. When you purchase a roof box you’ll benefit from an immediate boost in storage capacity, which will help you cope comfortably with whatever obstacles you face during your journey.

A Variety Of Complementary Accessories

Even though your new roofbox will function perfectly starting the moment you purchase it Thule have also developed an array of complimentary accessories that will enhance the overall experience. This includes Thule One-Key System. Thule One-Key System. This is the process of replacing and installing the cylinders of your locks on all Thule products, allowing users to make use of the same key for every one of them.

A lid cover that is designed to shield your box from scratches and marks when it’s being stored in winter as well as the Thule Box Light, which will ensure you are able to clearly be able to see the contents of your box once you reach your destination in darkness.

Market-leading After-Sales Support

Thule are a business that is dedicated to ensuring their customers are taken care of and are known for their outstanding after-sales support. Every single box is protected by a two-year warranty. Similar to their other products, this is not an typical guarantee. The Thule Guarantee covers any damage or defect that may affect the Thule product. The warranty covers damage for two (two) years after purchasing by the initial buyer.

Thule also provides an extended warranty, which protects the roof box for up to 5 years in total , should this be of interest to you. To ensure your security when your box is older than two years It is fast and simple to get spare parts for replacement in the scenario that you break part of the box.

Contact Us for Assistance or For Help or

We realize that selecting the right roof box for your car can be a difficult task and that’s why we’re always ready to assist you with any questions you have in person or by phone. We’re sure that when you purchase the Thule roof box from us, you’ll be pleased with the purchase. Your only regret might be that you didn’t buy a roof box earlier. Racks for roofs as well as box expand potential of your car significantly more than you think.