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Why biodegradable glitter?

The latest glitter is biodegradable. The use of glitter can cause a lot of harm to the environment however, we’ve found a solution: biodegradable glitter.

It is crucial to be mindful of our environmental footprint. One method to achieve this is to be aware of the food we consume.

One of the industries that pollutes the most is Cosmetics. Many plastic bottles are thrown away every day and the components employed in the cosmetics industry can be harmful to the environmental. One clear illustration of this can be seen in the industry of glitter.

Nowadays, glitter is focusing on an eco-friendly alternative that could be utilized instead of the traditional glitters that contain contaminant plastics.

There is a trend growing that includes the use of glitters in a variety of cosmetic products like eyeshadows, shower gels, body scrubs, hair gels masks, etc. Although all of these products look gorgeous and sparkle however, the majority are made of plastic that are harmful to the environment as it’s made up of microplastics which cannot be reused.

The majority of plastic glitters are released directly into the ocean, and due to their size, they don’t filter out. The glitters of plastic not only pollute streams of water, but also marine life since the plastic particles are not decomposable or transformable. Fish eat them, and, consequently, we end up eating our own waste whenever we consume seafood.

Other glitter particles from plastic go to the earth, and are extremely destructive. The plastic glitter can be found in the soil for thousands of years, without degrading. the majority of them eventually end in water too.

There are some fortunate countries across the globe, like the UK and at some important festivals, they’ve recognized the harm regular glitter can cause to the environment, and have decided to ban glitters to prevent their negative effects.

An assortment of biodegradable, glitters was developed.

As we’ve mentioned the use of bio-glitters is increasing each season. And since we are awestruck by glitters and would like to use them again the biodegradable line of glitters was created.

Naturally, the primary benefit of the line of Cosmetic Bio-glitters over normal glitters is, as we’ve mentioned previously, their ability to degrade bio. But there are additional benefits to take into account, for instance, the fact that the Cosmetic Bio-glitters are less hard than glitters. Because they aren’t made of plastics that are hard, they are more gentle on the skin. Like normal glitters, they are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100 microns up to 2.4 millimeters. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colors (such as silver, green blue, rose, red and so on.) to create the perfect combination.

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One important thing to figure out about the cosmetic bio-glitters is that they do not begin to degrade within your cosmetic product. They must be present in the soil or in the water in certain conditions like humidity or temperature for them to begin biodegrading. However they require the assistance of microorganisms that are found in areas such as the soil and ocean to begin the process of biodegradation. This is why they are regarded as biodegradable.
How can we take care of our environment and still look amazing

In all the ways mentioned bio-glitter is a novel method of enjoying all the glitters without harming. If there’s a way to reduce the harm regular glitters cause for the planet, it’s our obligation to make use of it. It is crucial to begin learning about ourselves and be accountable for the products we consume, and taking in mind all the negative effects that our products could have on the environment.