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Why Buy A Vehicle Awning?

If you’re like us, with an urge for space-saving and a desire for every outdoor adventure. If that’s the case, believe us that a car awning will make all the difference!

In case you’re not sure yet, an awning is shader attached to the vehicle’s rooftop rack that lets you cover a larger or smaller area near your car or van you to stay dry during the downpour and cool on sunny days.

We love awnings for our vehicles as they create a cozy, intimate space and often turn the area that is in front of our off-road vehicle into a small backyard for several days. The sun awning can be the accessory you’re not thinking about but it can help you relax more during your holiday and enables you to focus only on the important things such as nature, friends and fun.

What are the reasons to buy an awning for your vehicle?

For those who are brand new to camping vacations think that the awning is a superfluous accessory which is easy to overlook. This isn’t the case so we’ll show four reasons you need to buy an awning for your car prior to your next camping adventure:

With an awning, you will always have a place to shelter yourself from the sun and water wherever you go, you’re able to sit and relax at the side of your vehicle.

They are easy to operate and to set up and some models once closed are extremely compact and therefore not at all large.

The awning you have attached to your vehicle or van is a great way to provide shelter to more people. by adding the appropriate accessories, you can transform your vehicle into an apartment that you can unwind and have time with your friends.

Awnings are a powerful weapon against insects. If this is what’s most important to you, remember that there’s also an awning consisting only of mosquito nets.

Because outdoor life is fantastic, but without sacrificing comfort!

The buying guide to select the best awning for you

If we’ve succeeded in getting you to realize the importance and benefits of a vehicle awning during your travels, we’re now ready to help you step-by-step to ensure you get the right purchase. Before purchasing an awning, you must answer three basic questions:

What type of vehicle are you traveling in? Whether it’s a car, off-road vehicle, van or RV, the dimensions of the vehicle is important when choosing the best awning.

What will be your pace of traveling? Are you planning to travel to a different spot each day on your trip, or will you be staying in one place for a longer time? If you will be leaving daily, you’ll require an awning that has a simple opening and closing, while if you’ll be stationary for a longer period, you could think about a more sturdy structure.

What will you use it for? The perfect size will definitely change depending on its use.

The most important aspects to take into consideration when shopping for an awning for a car

Size of the awning. The width and length of your awning are the first important element. To determine what size is appropriate, you need to consider the purpose of it. Who will be under it? Your entire family? You alone? Will you utilize it for putting chairs on or maybe even a table and lawn chairs? Take some time and carefully think about what it is going to be utilized for.

The direction for the shadow. Once you’ve determined the dimensions it is important to determine where you’d like your awnings to shade. Front, side, or on both sides? The side-opening awning is most used and is designed to provide shelter on the sides that your car. Awnings that cover each side (side and back) are instead suitable for those looking for a very abundant cover, suitable for instance for families.

Awning type. The choice of the vehicle awning is also not easy. In fact, there are two types of awnings: self-supporting awnings and awnings that have to be put on the ground to ensure the structure’s support. Both have their merits and disadvantages, and deciding the appropriate type of awning for you is dependent on the kind of trip you’re planning on taking and the vehicle. Self-supporting awnings are very practical and easy to close and open They are appropriate for trips that is frequently changing locations. They come with leg extensions that can be put in when it’s windy. On the other hand support-equipped awnings, even though they take a bit extra time in opening and closing much lighter and smaller when closed, so they fit even smaller automobiles. In case of the possibility of wind, we suggest you always anchor your awning with pegs regardless of what model it is.

Type of material. It is essential to ensure that camping gear is made from high quality materials, which is why the majority of tents are constructed from cotton-polyester blend fabrics. Our recommendation is to pick an item that’s UV resistant, this helps protect your skin from sun damage. Another important aspect is that it is waterproof. The material from which the frames and parking legs are made is also very crucial and should not be undervalued. We suggest that you select the vehicle awnings with aluminum legs and frame, in order to lighten the burden that the structure carries.

Assembly. Different awnings may not be identical, which means the design and layout of the assembly will vary based on the model you prefer. The vehicle or van awning is installed on the sides or on the top of the vehicle, and in some instances, it is mounted directly to the roof rack or rail system of the van.

Car awning with or without walls: which to decide on?

Many travelers feel confused by the variety of options available to expand the space of their vehicles, especially people who aren’t familiar with camping, but are attracted to camping trips in cars. The question many people ask is: is it an awning with and without wall?

There’s no universal answer; the two products actually work well together. You can choose to buy an awning that is simple enough to shield you from the sun as well as the elements, or decide to include walls as well, to be linked to the awning for a genuine veranda. This will give you shelter in privacy, provide comfort, and increase the living space of your car. What does this mean? The walls will be able to transform your car can be transformed into a mini-simple apartment offering an extremely high degree of comfort. Additionally, it allows you to shelter more people than the awning. The walls can also comprise of perimeter mosquito nets, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors while being protected from bugs and mosquitoes.

As with any purchase, it’s always important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a product and the use you’ll be able to make of it once purchased.

From their benefits, among the benefits of a van or vehicle awnings without walls, you should consider that it’s faster to close and open, and less heavy. The assembly of the accessories and creating the wallls instead will give you a greater amount of shelter and space to work with. Both options have their advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked during the choice of purchase.

When it comes down to, it’s not a matter of choosing between one and the other but rather figuring out which contexts to use one of the structures or the other. Our advice is to get as much gear possible to ensure that you’re more free during your outdoor experiences.

For instance, if your vacation is stationary, or, in other words, involves staying in one spot for a few nights (and you have plenty of space) it is better to put up an awning with walls. On the other hand in the case of traveling holidays, the awning for your vehicle is likely to be more appropriate since it’s more comfortable to carry around and easier for opening and closing. Another element that shouldn’t be ignored is the climate at the location If the weather is expected to be extremely cold or wet, it is better to select an one with walls. However, if the climate will be hot, a basic awning is the best option.

Awning accessories

There are a variety of options for awnings for vehicles that could be used to increase the comfort of your outdoor space. more comfortable. Below are the top accessories to use in conjunction with your car roof awning:

Side walls to protect yourself. They are simple to install and instantly give some privacy and a sense of discretion. The LRR-100 sidewalls are walls that connect to an awning with a 270deg compass open, with each side having an opening that can be closed off by a mosquito net. These walls are a great accessory to the LRS-100 Awning and can be connected with PVC flooring. LRB-100 perimeter walls have privacy panels that can be attached with the LRA-700 umbrella. Their fabric is made of polyester, and there is a nylon mosquito net in the passageways. Because of the side walls you can create a real veranda on the outside of your car.

Pvc Flooring. Flooring is an essential accessory that can help to eliminate the issue of moisture from the ground or even simply to have the safety of a surface for children to play on. It is the PVC FLOOR FOR LRS-100 a 270deg opening left side car awning flooring. It’s compatible with both the LRS -100 awning and LRR-100 walls. If you want to use the LRA-700 awning, the best PVC floor is the PVC FLOOR FOR LRA-700. It is that can be adjusted to the various sizes of the awning.

Mosquito net The mosquito net is considered a must-have accessory for anyone who has been camping in summer at least once in their lifetime. This mosquito net covers all of the perimeter of the LRA 700 vehicle awning. It can come in different dimensions as well as the LRA-700 awning reference.