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Why we love Goki toys

Goki toys are one of our most loved toy brands, loved by children as well as parents. With their headquarters in the northern part of Germany, Goki have the most varied range of toys of every brand we carry. From shape sorters with rolling wheels and Montessori puzzles designed for young children, to games for the whole family and jigsaws when they get older, there’s an item for everyone’s age and levels.

Goki was established in the year 1981 Germany with Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rudiger Kiesel. In the past 20 years the company has expanded and now includes its Holztiger as well as the Heimess brands, yet they are focused on quality and ethics over the rapid growth of mass production. Goki strives to design and create exciting and fun toys for kids and also uphold their core values: sustainability, social responsibility and high-quality.

Sustainability is the guiding principle of the brand . Goki is dedicated to sustainable production throughout all phases of their manufacturing process. “Whoever is able to take something from nature has to do something to help it back,” says Fritz-Rudiger Kiesel. This is the reason why Goki have given greater than 400,000 pieces of beech maple and oak trees to projects to reforest Schleswig-Holstein the most sparsely forest-rich state of Germany. Goki only uses trees that are sustainable and responsible forests and aim to produce toys that are free of plastic wherever it is possible.

Goki’s Social Commitment

Goki have shown a solid social commitment by constructing school that are located in Mali, Peru and Uganda for the purpose of providing education for children who had no opportunity to attend school.

Goki’s manufacturing facility located in China guarantees Western standards for safety and health and fair pay much higher than the minimum wage agreement. Goki adhere to ethical working practices along with transparent supply chains that ensure their toys are created specifically for children and not made by children. This is why the Goki brand is now synonymous with quality and ethical practices. products.

We love it because we are Goki toys

We were attracted to Goki toys due to their clever designs and the tactile materials as in addition to their morality and social responsibility.

Goki toys are timeless in appearance, constructed out of wood instead of plastic. They’re designed and constructed to last. They’re usually open-ended or have many uses , which means that kids aren’t bored of engaging with them. They are toys that should be used, not just to be sat on shelves. Because they’re made well, they’ll last a long time, and will be passed down (and to) for many years to come.

The top-selling items of the Goki toys collection

Push Along Penguin

Toddlers will love pushing the penguin, and watching his feet flap in and out!

Number Puzzle

Perfect for toddlers to develop their skills through games. From toddlers to pre-schoolers and beyond, this is a multi-faceted puzzle that can be played for many years.

Dump Truck

This sturdy dump truck is awe-inspiring! It comes with a tiny figurine inside, and kids will love dropping off and tipping their ‘cargo’!

Weaving Loom

This yarn is ideal for toddlers and helps develop perseverance, creativity and fine motor abilities.

Crocodile Balancing Game

A fun family game that can be played without or with the dice, and can provide hours of enjoyment for children of all ages.

Toys from Goki are consumer favorite due to the reason that they are. The appeal of Goki and the range of educational and free-ended toys, is growing. Goki have been recognized repeatedly in the toy industry as pioneers and innovators. They have won awards like Spiel Gut , Golden Rocking Horse and Good Toy awards numerous toys as well as their knight’s Castle Ball Track. They are great presents for children and parents will love their design as well as the fact that they’re built to last!

Explore the entire selection of Goki Toys to amaze and inspire your child toys lovers.