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Why Wooden Toys are Better

In recent times there’s been a move towards classic wooden toys like the ones of previous generations. In the midst of the incredible technological advancements of the present what is the reason parents are choosing to use old-fashioned toys?

Simply because they’re more effective.

Parents often face the daunting decision of what toys to give their children.

There are many tools available, and with marketers constantly finding new ways to present these toys to us on a daily basis It can be difficult to make the right option is.

Debunking plastic toys that are marketed as educational

Reading through the mid-year catalogue of toys for sale or walking through the aisles of major department stores of the main stream Parents are bombarded with advertising that sends out powerful messages.

The words are plastered across a variety of toys. The same toys , which in reality perform almost exactly reverse. Most games are powered by batteries, and they encourage observation instead of being motivated by involvement and encouraging interaction.

Think about the real learning getting accomplished if the toy is equipped with buttons that, when pressed, will turn on or play music. What possibilities are these predetermined reactions actually offering our children?

The majority of the time, these toys are more entertaining than stimulating. These toys can limit or even hamper the development of learning and growth.

It is crucial for parents to ensure that they’re providing their child with high-quality toys that not only be enjoyable but also give positive, meaningful play experiences as well as the development of life abilities.

All plastics aren’t identical

That being said that not all plastic toys are made equal. There are some plastic toys there that are truly remarkable.

For instance For instance, For instance, Fat Brain Toy company offer an array of Montessori inspired toys that foster important, hands-on and age-appropriate learning. They market themselves as an “smarter method of playing” and I’m sure I’m in agreement. The Fat Brain Toys are designed to stimulate the development of skills that are suitable for children of the intended ages. They also ignite children’s natural curiosity. it is essential for children to play with them to utilize them.

Why do we like wooden toys?

Wooden toys are a great method for children to engage in the environment around them. It’s an exciting way, while offering them tools to aid in developing motor skills spatial awareness, problem-solving capabilities, communication skills and many more!

Wooden toys of high quality are beautiful and natural in appearance as well as environmentally friendly. They also encourage positive play experiences.

Natural toys made of wood are extremely durable and last longer than other materials. This is crucial for infant kids who are rough with their toys.

Children can enjoy hours of high-quality time with the classic wooden toy. They are great for sensory enjoymentThey feel great in your hands, make natural sound when played with and are scented with a pleasant scent.

Wooden Toys offer an enriching experience that will help children learn a variety of essential skills for any age!

The wood that is used to create wooden toys is environmentally friendly which allows your child to play with an item which not only enhances their abilities to think, but also is healthy for the surroundings. So , parents, be assured that you are providing to your children during this critical stage of development.

Learning through hands-on experience is essential for toddlers! Wooden toys offer a simple method for toddlers to discover how things work through play and experimentation.

The majority of wooden toys don’t contain batteries or other sources of power This means that the child must play with the pieces to figure out the mechanisms behind their operation. They’re dependent on the imagination and creative thinking of your child, not batteries!

The advantages of using wooden toys

Wooden toys provide a stimulating experience that will help children to develop a variety of abilities at any age!

This isn’t academic, ABCs or 123s.

There is indeed an appropriate time and location to teach these.

The abilities I’m referring to in this article are the ones your child is developing and be able to improve from early childhood all the way to adulthood. Skills that will increase resilience, cognitive capacity as well as language abilities and can make a difference to your child’s education.

These are skills that can be transferred across a variety of facets of your child’s existence, throughout their lives.

Learning skills are developed through play with Qtoys Australia wooden toys

Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Hand eye coordination
Problem solution
The midline is crossed.
Bilateral Coordination
Social skills
Cause and result
Language skills
Speech development
Cognitive development
Memory Recall
Spatial Awareness
Thinking creatively

It’s not a toy that can teach these skills. Toys are tools that help children acquire and build these skills through meaningful interactions as well as playing.

Learning through hands-on play using wooden toys is an ideal opportunity for young youngsters to understand how things work by experimenting and playing.

By playing with wooden toys, children are able to develop their gross and fine motor skills that will aid them in the classroom and in daily activities later in life.
The wooden blocks are simple to stack, and will help develop your child’s problem-solving skills! Furthermore, wooden puzzles can help children develop their cognitive skills in spatial and cognitive awareness.

Since wood blocks are able to be put on top of one another Many wooden toys help with problem-solving skills and also help develop thinking and reasoning skills that lead to higher performance later in life.

By playing with wooden toys, children can improve their gross and fine motor skills that can be beneficial in everyday activities and school later on in their lives.

This doesn’t just enhance cognitive skills, but also produces people who are well-rounded and adept at embracing their own self-discovery.

They make wonderful gifts to toddlers who will adore their bright colors and fascinating shapes!

Take a look at this list of reputable wooden toys to find the ideal wooden toy for your child.

Kinds of wooden toys

There are numerous kinds of toys made from wood that are enjoyed by kids.

Some of the most loved wooden toys are:

Play sets
Cars and trucks

Blocks are an excellent choice for toddlers just beginning to walk, are developing hand strength. Additionally, they’re durable and safe, they are precisely sized. They provide a variety of possibilities for play. From building, to posting, to tape line ups , and the sorting of shapes.

Puzzles are an excellent option for toddlers learning to connect things and work out the solutions. They help develop the fine motor abilities, logic things, and spatial awareness.

Trucks and cars are ideal for children who are obsessed with cars, and wooden trains are great for those who love trains. They are fantastic options for role playing as well as for creative play, and the study of cause and effect.

Last but not least wood animals are a great choice for toddlers who enjoy discovering different animal species and who would love to play with the possibility of a wooden set to start creating their own collection. Toy animals are great in developing phonics, understanding about biomes, and playing imaginatively.

Safety of toys

There aren’t all toys made in the same way.

Parents should choose wooden toys that met the appropriate toy safety requirements.

Toy manufacturers are awarded certificates from independent labs after they have passed specific tests to ensure security and environmental protection.

The elements that go into the testing process are

The safety of your child is important.
The authenticity of this toy
Appropriateness for development at the recommended age

The objective is to make sure that parents choose safe, wooden toys that meet all standards to keep their children healthy, safe and content!
Trusted wooden toys from trusted brands

How do you care for wooden toys?

Although wooden toys last for longer than the majority of other materials, they need to be looked after correctly to ensure that they remain healthy and safe for toddlers.

Puzzles and wood blocks should only be played with under the direct supervision of adults as well as older kids that are aware of how to safely handle them Children younger than 5 years old may be able to chew on these wooden pieces when left unsupervised.

Cars and trucks made of wood train sets as well as wooden animals and various other wooden toys should be handled with the supervision of by parents or older children who are able to safely handle them.

Furthermore, wooden toys generally require periodic wiping off with a moist, clean cloth to get rid of any dirt that has developed over time. Avoid using harsh cleaners as they could cause a reaction with any paint or finish on wooden toys.

Wooden toys expand and crack under extreme heat . They shouldn’t be immersed in water unless they are treated with a waterproof treatment to stop swelling.

In the end, wooden toys be both educational and enjoyable experiences for children of all ages.

What’s going on in our play area?

Alongside wooden toys, we also have a lot of books (some are dating from the 1950s and passed by three generations of our family We love reading) magnetic tiles, dolls crafts items, blocks of foam lego, dress-up clothing as well as dolls, board games, and dress up clothes.

One thing we but don’t have a lot of are batteries or toys made of plastic.

Why do we prefer wooden toys?

Wooden toys awaken children’s curiosity and encourage imaginative play. They can help your child build a vast list of skills while having fun!

Sometimes, Miss 4 will take a toy and then ask “How can I use it?” My response will typically consist of “What would you say we can do using it?”

I like to imagine that she’ll develop into a confident young woman, developing your own ideas, and be creative and adept at identifying issues and solve them, by using her imagination!