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The pros of introducing your child to education from an early age

An early year of education is a great way to help children build confidence and spark curiosity before they start school. Every encounter and experience is an opportunity to learn. The brain is most developed in the first three year of life. Children absorb everything around them.
Here are some benefits of early childhood education

Social Behaviour

A child should be exposed to other children in order to develop their social skills and enable them to build friendships. Early education gives children the opportunity to learn important skills that will allow them to listen and share their thoughts. Children can form friendships, make new friends, work together, and be held accountable for their actions. All this is possible in a safe and secure K12 school Hong Kong environment.
Enthusiasm in Lifelong Learning

Planning lessons should be exciting and fun. By taking advantage of a young child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new things, it can help a child become a better learner. High quality early education is often associated with higher school grades and greater confidence for children. Early years education can lead to a love of education.
Diverse Exposure

Early years education is a way to help children see that everyone is special and unique, with their own culture, religion, and ethnicity. Early development is all about accepting differences and valuing them. Early year education can be a guide for helping children to appreciate and accept diversity.
Language improvements

Early education can help children become more communicative from an early age. Your baby may not be able yet to speak but can still learn by listening. A key component of language development and literacy is to improve a child’s vocabulary. Early education can help a child develop their word awareness.

The Academy recognizes the importance and value of early education. This is why we offer many courses related to early education.