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The top 10 benefits of attending a kindergarten & preschool program

In just a few months, your child could be headed off to school for the first time in a new academic year. After a difficult year filled with change for many families we have some good news.
You can still enroll your child at one of our educational and care centres in the final months of 2022 if you are interested. Your child can still benefit from attending international kindergarten Hong Kong or preschool even if they are not yet ready to start primary school.

This crucial year offers ongoing learning opportunities for children, allowing them to understand their world and engage in meaningful learning activities with peers.

Continue reading to discover the top 10 advantages of our kindergardens and preschool programs.

Our high-quality, government approved kindergarten and preschool programs will give your child the chance to:

Develop confidence and a positive attitude towards learning by growing in confidence
To communicate your ideas, feelings and needs effectively with language
Get experience with peers in a group learning environment
Engage in group activities with your friends to make friends and collaborate
Create positive relationships between their teachers and their new friends.
You can teach your children how to take care of their belongings
Engaging in challenging activities will help you develop resilience and self-regulation.
Constructively communicate with adults who are not their family
Learn literacy skills to express ideas and feelings creatively through music, story-telling, drama, and art.
Learn scientific and numeracy skills by identifying, exploring, examining, and asking questions to solve problems.

Building relationships

Teachers and educators are the children’s learning partners. They have unique opportunities to positively impact their futures. Developed and led by bachelor degree-qualified and registered early childhood teachers, our programs support children to the develop skills and dispositions to experience success as a learner in the kindergarten/preschool year and beyond.

The Early Years Learning Framework principles, practices, outcomes, and objectives guide our purposeful, engaging programs that encourage children to learn in literacy, numeracy, and the arts.

As children learn, we provide more challenging experiences that help them to be able to continue learning. Based on children’s interests, our team works with them to encourage them to take risks with their learning, be creative and problem-solvers, and develop resilience to face new challenges. We also help them to build positive and lasting relationships.

Learning and development are essential

The final year of high school includes:

Oral language is the foundation for all literacy learning. Children are taught how to communicate with their peers. This includes learning new vocabulary, correct grammar, sentence structure, singing, playing games, reading to them, and modeling correct grammar.
The ability to manage one’s emotions and social-emotional skills.
Active learning programs help to develop physical skills.
Brain development, building the connections for all subsequent learning through active involvement, alongside their peers in a play based program.

Research has shown that children learn better when they are actively involved in an activity. Play-based programs encourage active learning and support a variety of developmental outcomes, including independence, curiosity, creativity and resilience.