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11th July 2022 How To Win At Baccarat

If you have always wanted to know what it takes to win at Baccarat and get better chances to win, this is the article you need to go through.

Not only will you be able learn the basic rules regarding one of most fascinating games you can find in online casinos But you’ll be able to understand in the best way possible to give yourself the best odds of winning your bets before the dealer even starts to play the cards.

You don’t have to know intricate strategies for winning before you come close to Baccarat’s tables. With the help of this guide and my practical tips, you will be able to begin.

If you do decide to play for real money, you should be sure to read this article through to the very end because I have something special for you . It’s going to make your next game of online Baccarat a little better.

Baccarat Rules How do You Play Baccarat?

You don’t have to be James Bond to sit at the Baccarat table before that the deck is dealt.

In actual fact, it’s so easy to learn how to play the game of บาคาร่า that I’d bet you will advance from being a novice to an expert by the end of this article.

Wanna bet?

Think about your answer since betting is pretty everything you are able to do in the game of Baccarat.

That’s right:

You are sitting down, you count how many chips you would like to invest in the game and then decide where you will place them.

The purpose of the game is to place bets on the side that will win. The three bets offered in Baccarat comprise the Banker’s Bet The Player’s Bet and the Tie bet.

In a normal game of Baccarat, the dealer uses between six and eight decks of cards. The game starts with two hands being dealt at the table.

The Banker’s Hand

The Player’s Hand

There is no limit to only playing the player’s hand and you aren’t guaranteed to win when the player is winning.

Since I know this might be a bit confusing I would suggest looking at two hands of Baccarat as:

“The Banker’s Hand” (or) the Hand of a

The Player’s Hand (or) Hand B

Once the dealer places two cards on each part of the table It’s time to calculate the points and figure out the value of each hand.

Be aware that the Tens as well as the face cards are counted in zero point. The other cards have a face value and, not to create confusion Let me clarify that the Ace is counted as one point.

If the value of your hand is a two-digit value, only the second-digit counted.

Let me show you an example*.

If we take this hand as a hypothetical one of Baccarat The win is a Banker’s hand because 7 points are equal to 0+7 while the Player’s hand is just two points (9+3 = 12 points however, since we use the second digit, it is of just two points)

*: this is a simplified example. As you’ll see, things are somewhat more complicated. It’s not that complicated.

Natural Winners of Baccarat

Oh, no, I’m not talking about you here. I’m about to let you in on a particular Baccarat law that you need to keep in mind every time you bet on the Banker or the Player.

If the sum of points of the first two cards is equal to 8 or 9, the Player who hits this mark (which is known as an “natural win) is the one who wins the hand.

How to get a winning hand Baccarat? Baccarat

When this happens the cards will not be dealt, and bets that were made at the beginning of the game could be cashed out.

When Do You Need One Additional Card?

If you don’t see anyone hit a natural win, it’s likely that you’ll have to look for another card on the table. That’s because the Player (who’s the first player to play) stands on a total of 6 or 7, but requires one additional card on a 0-5 score.

How do you feel about the Banker?

This is where things get more complex and it is recommended to read on for those trying find out how you can bet on Baccarat online.

If the Player doesn’t need to draw a Third card. Banker remains with a total number of 6 or seven and draw a second card on an overall of 0-5.


If the Player draws a 9 10, face-card or Ace as a third card, then the Banker draws based on the score of 0-3 and then stays on a 4-7 score

If the player chooses to draw an 8 as a third card then the Banker is drawn on an 0-2 score, and remains with a score of 3-7

If the Player draws a 6 or 7 as an additional card and the Banker draws an 0-6 score, and then stays with a total score of 7

If the player is drawn the 4 or 5 card as a 3rd card, the Banker draws based on the score of 0-5 and remains on a total of six or 7.

If the player is able to draw a 2 or 3 on a third card the Banker draws a score of 0-4, and is at a maximum of 5 7, 6, or 5.

After all the cards are dealt, all you need to do is to take a look at the points in order to determine who is the winner. One who is closest to nine points wins the game.

This is the Tie Bet in Baccarat

If you play the card game Baccarat, – sometimes no winner is ever won.

If the Banker and the Player Banker are on the same score, the game results in an unofficial tie. In this situation it is the case that the bets placed on the Banker as well as bets placed by the Player return (no one wins and no one losses) and only bets on the Tie are paid.

The payback of Tie bets is varying from 8:1 to 9.

The Best Bets in Baccarat

Now that you are aware of how to play Baccarat Let’s concentrate on the best ways to increase your chances to win.

No matter if you’re a player or not, your basic Baccarat strategy will remain the same.

Always bet on the Banker.

Here’s why:

Though most casinos apply commissions on these bets (~5 percent) however, it’s the best bet in the game.

The secret is within the house edge.

The edge on the house of the Banker’s bet is 1.06 percent

The edge on the house of the Player’s bet is 1.24 percent.

The house advantage of the tie bet is…it doesn’t really matter.

There are only so many chances to bet on the Tie that only a crazy, irresponsible gambler would opt for this third option.

That’s about all there is to it in fact!

You’ll need to sit at the table, put your money on the Banker and wait until you’re at the perfect moment to cash in the cash you won. And don’t forget to apply all the bankroll management strategies that every newbie should know!