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What Options Are There To Make Money From Home?

The maintenance and ownership of a house isn’t cheap. With homeowners across the UK being hit hard by the rising cost of living is it the time to consider ways to earn cash through your home? We’ve got six strategies, including how much you could earn and who you should contact to rent out your driveway, to renting your house to film crew and many more.

1. Get a lodger

Do you have a spare room? It is possible to earn money by renting the room out to the lodger. Under the government’s Rent a Room scheme you can make up to £7.500 of rent tax-free per year.

For the most affordable price, the room you’re offering be ideal to have a bathroom with an ensuite. However, before you begin to count the cash that could be earned, you’ll need to think about the pros and cons of having a guest in your home , such as cooking in the kitchen.

Also, it’s important to note that you’re not qualified to participate in the scheme if your property is divided into separate apartments that are rented out. Additionally, properties that aren’t furnished aren’t qualified to be considered for the scheme.

So , how do you find the right lodger? You can search online, for example on SpareRoom. Additionally, the site allows you to look up ‘Monday-Friday lets’. If you opt for this, you’ll make less money, but you’ll still have your home all to yourself on weekends.

Another alternative to making money from home would be to host students from other countries. The amount you earn will differ based on the area you are located in and the facilities.

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2. Rent it via Airbnb during your time of vacation.

Even if you’re not in possession of any spare space to rent or prefer not to, you could still earn some money by renting your house when you’re away for a holiday.

With Airbnb it’s easy to post your home. You’ll not only be earning money when you’re away, but also it means you do not have to be able to keep your home empty for the duration of the holidays.

Are there any major events in your area? You can leave your home and lease it to people who attend festivals or who are visiting town for major sports events.

However, it is important to take note that when you rent out your house through websites such as Airbnb there are risks , such as theft, property damage or property damage. Make sure to read Airbnb’s list of concerns.

3. Lease your parking space

If you’re not interested in the idea of letting your home be occupied by people who attend sports events and festivals however, you can still get the most of the parking space you have at these events using services such as Just Park.

Do you reside close to a station or an urban area? You could lease your vehicle to commuters. If you’re not making use of the space, then it is money wasted.

4. Lease out your garage or storage space

If you’re thinking about ways to earn money from your home, one alternative is to lease the storage space you possess, like a garage loft, or spare space. The reason people are drawn to this option to store their possessions is that it can be significantly less expensive than the cost of commercial storage.

How can you do it? It’s free to list through Storemates, however it automatically subtracts 16.5 20% + 20p per transaction from your merchants. With Stashbee it’s free to register and charges you a tiny hosting cost of 5%, which is taken out of the profits for each booking.

Check the Terms and Conditions before signing. Make sure to inform your home insurance you’re going to list the storage space you’re using to ensure that you’re protected. It’s important to be sure that you’re content with the contents of what will be stored, and do not agree to keep valuables.

5. Let your house be rented out to film and shoot photo shoots

Based on the kind of property you own, it is possible to make a substantial amount through renting the property out to film and photography shoots.

The most glamorous properties are certainly popular however all kinds of unique and unique sets are necessary in film, so it’s definitely worthwhile to try it.

The majority of production companies are located around the M25 property, which means that properties located in these areas are likely sought-after.

What should you do to begin? It is best to register with companies such as Locations Direct and Shoot Factory to have your home noticed. Be prepared for having film crews take over your home for a couple of days. They might want to paint, rearrange and cause chaos. But the price will be based on the inconvenience so you’ll be grateful for it later on.

6. Start micro-campsites

If you have a yard, you could make some money by renting it as micro-camps. So if you’re considering ways to earn income at home and would like to do this, register your garden on a website like You can upload pictures of your property and also details of amenities, such as if there’s toilets for campers and ensure you’ve go through the entire FAQ.

There is no need for a massive garden , but the larger it is and the more desirable the location , the easier it might be able to rent it out.