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Advantages of working with a male massage therapist

When faced with the option of male or female massage therapists with similar abilities, the majority of people prefer one who is female. Have you considered having a massage with one of the males? There are benefits you may not have thought about and should give these suggestions an consideration. There are some exceptions to the generalizations that I provide.

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t allow the gender your therapist determine the massage you receive from. Both genders attend the same schools , receive the same training and go through the same process of licensing and must follow the same rules and ethical guidelines. Their expertise, not gender, define the level of service that you receive.

Certain people favor male therapists, believing they’re stronger.

When I speak to clients about their experience with massage in other locations most of them complain that the therapist wasn’t using enough pressure. The clients left feeling that they didn’t get enough from their massage after the session was done.

If you compare two women of average height typically, the male is the stronger. There are methods for applying greater pressure in times of need that can be used by anyone as well as I’ve had amazing massages with women that do not seem to be particularly powerful. The strength allows me to use more firm pressure that is similar to a normal massage, but not as if I’m digging using an elbow.

I also have a touch and power. Although I’m able to use many pressure points does not mean I’ll use it use every inch of your body 100% the time. I will apply the amount of pressure needed to assist you. It is not necessary to feel discomfort during the massage or feel sore for a few days following.

I can give myself 90 minutes of deep tissue massage without burning out by the conclusion. Are you worried that your massage will occur immediately after I’ve had a 90-minute deeply tissue massage? Do not worry I’ll be able to provide you with what you require during your massage, too.

There are some who prefer male massage therapists as they believe they can understand the pain caused by activity.

Generally speaking, men do more physical tasks. Furniture and refrigerators are moved. Then we shovel snow. make holes, cut firewood, lift heavy things or play basketball, among other extremely strenuous things. It’s not to say that women cannot, shouldn’t, or shouldn’t be doing all of these things however, men usually are more likely to do them.

If you’re feeling sore due to something similar I have a thorough idea of how you feel. I’ve had the sore spot on my lower back and know what makes me feel good and what’s going to help.

Of course, the reverse is also the case. I’ve read and spoken with people about the pain of pregnant women or wearing heels however, as I’ve not been through it, I’m not able to comprehend. I do lots of research and share the way things feel to people however, if an experienced female therapist is the best fit to you due to the issue which they can better understand than you do, then you’re better to work with her.

The men must be extremely skilled.

There is a prejudice towards men who work as massagetherapists. Many people are unsure of the motives of male massage therapists is he either a pervert or a creep or even more? Wanting cheap thrills? They’re wondering if they could confide in a person to touch them with no other thing going on.

I have experienced this at least once. A person calls me to schedule an appointment and we receive an appointment time. Then they ask if it is any female Therapist. If I tell them no they hang up and others tell me they’ll get back to me – but they do not.

I know that some people have experienced something happening to them in their past that makes receiving massages from males challenging and ineffective. If going to a female is what they want I’m all for it.

Since I’m in a constant uphill battle from the beginning I need to be extremely proficient in everything I do. I need to offer top-quality customer service, be sure that the draping is correct and offer you an amazing massage experience. I’m always adding to my knowledge and trying out new techniques to enhance the massage experience.

I must treat my clients professionally, but with a warm and friendly manner. I have to make you at ease and relax your mind and let you wear whatever you wish during your massage. I would like you to be able to refer me to family and friends and ensure you that I’m trustworthy and that I know the way I work and it’s worth to try me out.