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Phonak Paradise’s extra features

What exactly are the functions of the Phonak Paradise hearing aids?

You’ll additionally discover that the Phonak Paradise hearing aids include a MyPhonak app that you are able to download free of charge against your tablet or smartphone, additionally to the outstanding sound quality. You will find various levels of automatic features based on the technology level. The Phonak Paradise p90, for instance, is completely automated and will adjust to various environments, whether it’s quiet or noisy.

In case you would like to have control of your hearing aids, you are able to with the MyPhonak app.

Allow me to share several of the features provided by the app:

Volume and also mute function
Percentage of battery
Control of sound reduction
Frequencies adjustment (bass or middle / trebles)
Programs (you are able to make changes that affect a certain planet and protect it as an application to easily access it again)
Your audiologist can easily video talk to you remotely, by video phone call.

The app is able to enable you to monitor your hearing aids but additionally, it means that you do not need to recall the settings each time you switch on your device. When individuals want about town, and going on holiday, the volume control characteristic is extremely common, as it enables you to quickly correct the amount without causing some focus on the hearing aids.

Whether you’re paying attention to music or even going for a phone call, the hearing aids have the capacity to stream audio using the app. You can now tune in audio throughout your hearing aids, and that is what you’d ordinarily tune in through headphones. Therefore in case you are a hearing aid wearer, there is simply no need to carry your headset around along with you!

Tap Control is additionally readily available for the p70 as well as p90 versions, therefore in case you wish to pause and resume sound at anytime you are able to just Tap the hearing aid. You are able to get excellent phone calls, and also get Siri along with Google Assistant, most out of your tap Control.

Whether you are searching for your very first hearing aid, or even in case you are planning to update your present design, you are able to discover a great choice of Paradise solutions through HearingNow.