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The Proven Benefits of Kirtan Kriya Meditation

You recognize exactly how life appears to be acquiring more plus more intense; like it’s moving at warp speed and also going nuts? Effectively, it’s not an illusion: a human being procedures much more info in 1 day today than they did in a whole lifetime 2000 years ago! This particular increased intensity and info offers incredible opportunity, but additionally leads us to really feel confused, disillusioned, and shut off whether we’re not taking measures to produce inner power and balance.

One of the more esteemed yogis of the modern day era is Yogi Bhajan, was a master of countless kinds of yoga, but thought that Kundalini Yoga’s potential to handle the central nervous system, glandular structure, and subconscious was how much the Western world required most. When asked to select one exercise of the thousands he knew, Yogi Bhajan mentioned he will instruct the Kirtan Kriya (keer tan kree ya) deep breathing to support us create the psychological fortitude and balance for these trying times.

Kirtan Kriya Scientifically Proven Benefits

Plus, it is not simply yogis that appreciate it: this meditation is beginning to be analyzed by Western medicine as a remedy for all kinds of mental and medical health ailments. After such study carried out by The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) discovered the next advantages to constant viewing of kirtan meditation videos:

Enhanced memory
Decreased Stress
Enhanced Brain Blood Flow
Increased Healthy Brain Size
Improved Brain Chemistry
Increased Telomerase (parts of genes which prevent us young)
Reduction of Bad Genes
Improvement of Good Genes
Enhanced Sleep
Much less Depression
Clarity of Purpose
Religious Well-being

While these’re wonderful benefits and sufficient reason to begin the meditation today- it’s valuable to learn several of the more subtle but to be studied and completely understood advantages. The tradition and technology of yoga are based upon a full comprehension of the framework of the psyche, as well as the consequences of particular sounds, movements, and also postures, and also has an energetic and deeper far comprehension of individuals compared to Western science.

Much like quite a few Kundalini meditations, you will find 4 elements on the Kirtan Kriya meditation: the mantra that you simply chant, the roles you keep the fingers of yours in (mudra), the various volumes you chant in, so the visualization. We are going to share the mechanics and advantages of each below.
Kirtan Kriya Mantra

The chant for Kirtan Kriya is Saa Taa Naa Maa, that every single syllable having a certain vibration or perhaps meaning:

Saa: Beginning, , infinity cosmos
Taa: Life, existence
Naa: Change, , Transformation Death
Maa: Rebirth

Consequently, to chant Saa Taa Naa Maa is going through the cycle of creation: from the infinite comes specific existence and life, from life comes change and death, from death will come the rebirth of consciousness, from rebirth will come the pleasure of the infinite that leads to life. Even though many yogis think in reincarnation, the significance of the words isn’t literal and will connect with almost any cycle of growth which is experienced. Going for a connection as an example: from almost infinite possibilities of associates will come the beginning or dating of a possible relationship, then the relationship assumes a life of its to promote, then something changes and there’s a transformation (i.e., breaking up or even getting married) and also the death of that particular relationship (as you just knew it), which results to some rebirth and development, and subsequently the start of a brand new relationship (with somebody new, with yourself as an individual individual, or as a married couple).

Moreover, these sounds are the fundamental parts of the term Sat Nam, meaning “true identity”. The “truth” described when somebody says Sat Nam is a bit of different for everybody. For me personally, to point out Sat Nam can serve as a reminder that the real identity of mine is the fact that of the soul of mine, of the highest self of mine, of the heart center of mine without my brain mucking it up constantly with fear and also judgment and doubt of self along with other.

With many levels of significance, the effect of chanting these sounds would be to reprogram the subconscious on an extremely elemental level. Maladaptive patterns or maybe belief systems you keep (often along the collections of “I am bad “I or enough” will be healthier in case I consume this particular cake/ lose five pounds/ make x amount of money”) may be reprogrammed by the chanting of the mantra.

And- by reprograming the mind the perspective of ours and also behavior begin to change. The subconscious drives of ours around eighty % of the conduct of ours, therefore in case you are able to begin filtering the maladaptive opinions and programming that were wired into subconscious brains, then it gets much easier making the modifications and deal with a crystal clear view of the current moment, and of ourselves. Changes like eating better, being much more vulnerable in relationships or even having much more results in business start to be easier to make.
Kirtan Kriya Mudra

In this particular deep breathing, we alternative touching the thumb to pinky finger, ring, middle, and the pointer to stimulate the nerve endings of every finger, sending certain messages on the ego that elicit certain effects:

Moreover, as you vibrate every fingertip you alternative polarities (index as well as band are electrically detrimental as opposed to the others), and that balances the right and left brain, in addition to the electromagnetic field/ aura of yours. This positively alters the habits of yours and also allows cost-free you of insecurities.
Kirtan Kriya Visualization + Volumes

While chanting and also performing the mudras, the mantra is transformed in equal occasions aloud, at a whisper, and quietly in the brain. And, lastly, we’re additionally visualizing the audio coming into the brain with the roof of the head, going for a turn and leaving from the third eye. The blend of these 2 things produces a frequency and power flow with the energetic pathway which links the pineal as well as pituitary gland.

As you are able to observe, this particular meditation has a great deal of moving parts and it is so beneficial (and really quite simple when led through it). It’s known to mold consciousness, perfect the senses, and also create insight.