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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (or HBOT is a medical treatment that supplies an oxygen-rich body at more pressure than in normal. HBOT can be a safe therapy that allows for increased oxygen levels throughout all regions in the body. Although many people think of hyperbaric chambers or underwater divers with bends, HBOT offers many different health benefits and is able to treat a variety of ailments. HBOT

What is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Hyperbaric chambers provide oxygen at high pressure and pure to patients. In general, there are two types of chambers. Mono-place chambers are transparent, plexiglass tube which allows the patient to lay at ease and listen to music while watching television. The chamber is filled with oxygen in a higher pressure than the normal pressure of air. Multi-place chambers are larger chamber that is designed to accommodate up 12 patients. Patients are seated in big recliners and breathe in oxygen via the mask or hood. They are able to rise and move about, communicate with other people, watch TV or enjoy music. The type of chamber your treatment is based on your specific condition. For instance, in the case where wound healing is required, a single chamber is advantageous because oxygen is absorbed directly from the skin and through breathing.

How does oxygen work in the Human Body?

The most important thing is that your body requires oxygen for survival. In simple terms, when you breathe and breathe in, oxygen is absorbed into your lung. The oxygen then passes through the tiny air sacs inside the lungs called alveoli. When it reaches alveoli, oxygen is transferred to capillary blood vessels in which hemoglobin contained in red blood cells circulates oxygen. The oxygen, which is contained in the hemoglobin that is in your blood, is then transported to your heart where it travels through to supply oxygen to the cells in your body. The mitochondria in the cell transform the oxygen to energy that can fuel the specific cells. In normal circumstances oxygen is transported through hemoglobin. Only very tiny quantities being carried by plasma in the blood.

What is HBOT Different from Regular Breathing?

Oxygen accounts for about 21 % of air that you breathe every day. However, the majority of the air that you take into is nitrogen. The amount of oxygen you breathe in is contingent on the atmospheric pressure in the area you’re at. For instance at sea level, atmospheric pressure is 1 ATA (or 14.7 pounds/square inches (psi). When you climb higher in elevation, pressure decreases which makes it difficult for your body draw oxygen into the body. The areas above sea level are exposed to air that has a lower concentration of oxygen. The body then struggles to get all the oxygen available out of the atmosphere.

Within an HBOT system in an HBOT system, the air is 100 percent oxygen , and the atmospheric pressure rises and allows more oxygen to be absorbed by the body every breath. The increased oxygen content moves into the hemoglobin of the blood and also into the plasma. This increases oxygen to be distributed throughout the body as well as to areas that might require more energy, like healing injuries.

What is HBOT’s role in the Body?

In light of this increased oxygen the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments can provide numerous advantages to your body.

It increases the oxygen levels of the body by 10 times what is normal

Lets oxygen flow in the brain thereby increasing the production and availability of neurotransmitters.

It increases the amount of stem cells that circulate throughout the body.

Reduces hypoxia-prone areas through stimulating the growth of capillaries

The stimulant stimulates connective tissue cells, which aid in wound healing and encourage the growth of new skin cells.

It stimulates the immune system’s response.

Provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the body

Helps with treating injuries from sports and trauma

triggers healing responses to radiation-induced damage to the bones as well as soft tissue and organs.

It inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and kills non-oxygen-tolerant anaerobic organisms

Improves the performance of certain medicines and antibiotics.

Eliminates gas bubbles that are responsible for “the the bends” out of the bloodstream

Enhances the elimination of foreign bodies from the bloodstream , such as bacteria as well as dead cells, fungi and waste by-products

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefit Me?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy addresses various medical illnesses. In the end, Federal Drug Administration, or FDA was the one to determine and approve 14 different conditions that qualify for HBOT treatment. Insurance policies provide coverage for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the majority of FDA-approved conditions. In addition to condition that is FDA approved, HBOT has shown success in treating many other ailments. In this instance, HBOT is off-label and generally not covered by medical insurance currently. However, this doesn’t mean that HBOT will not help you with your illness. Doctors prescribe a variety of drugs and treatments that are not on the label each day, with great success.