Which is better – an IVF Hand-Carry Service or a Commercial Courier?

When we get an inquiry about our frozen embryo/sperm/eggs shipping choices, many people are relatively nervous about the entire process and also have issues that are many, such as: Who could we believe in? How much will it cost you? Are we getting a good offer? Will my embryos be okay going through Customs? How can you carry them? What’s the experience of yours like? Do you provide some guarantees/refunds? What’s the advantage of hand carry vs. business courier service? etc.

We’d love to handle several of these thoughts in this short article.

Who will we believe in with our IVF shipment? This is an individual matter more so than another issues. There are several IVF courier services out there. Which you are appropriate for you are going to depend on the service needs of yours, interaction and budget with service providers. As for us, we constantly welcome emails, cell phone calls, Skype conferences or maybe some other way you want to communicate.

Costs: We quote on every situation individually. We don’t possess a one-price-fits-all policy. A quote is produced for every request based upon drop-off and pick-up locations and time line.

Will my embryos/sperm/eggs be secure throughout the trip? Yes. We’ve been transporting IVF bio materials for a selection of years. And so far we’ve never ever had a mishap. If everything is done appropriately and planned for, there’s almost no chance of anything going wrong, particularly with our hand carry option. We carry all of the shipments of ours with a validated worldwide IVF shipping company that can easily maintain cryogenic temperatures.

What exactly are the advantages of hand carry vs. business courier service? This’s a question we quite often get when individuals are considering the options of theirs for shipping their IVF embryos, sperm or eggs. Many centers offer both options. The bulk of clients choose our hand carry service, particularly for transporting frozen eggs and embryos. Sperm, it’s the image of being difficult and able and tough to endure being thrown around in a package into and from trucks and airplanes. Possibly. Both choices are valid and the choice of yours will depend on the comfort level of yours with commercial couriers and above all your budget. we’ve effectively shipped both via commercial and hand-carry courier. Me personally, I will send out my frozen eggs as well as frozen embryos via a hand carry option. Part of this particular explanation is the fact that frozen embryos are in fine plastic straws, extremely thin straws. Whereas semen is in vials – fuller plastic-made vials. These vials are able to tolerate much more strong treatment than straws. We’ve watched pet embryos in straws that have escaped the canister chamber in the shipper and also have fallen within the key chamber of the shipper. This may just occur if the shipment was viewed in a very difficult manner. We have it from great sources (former delivery facility employees), which shipments usually are not constantly treated with the fine care that commercial couriers state they offer. So…if the frozen embryos, semen or maybe eggs are your final available, and then I’d absolutely suggest using a hand carry service. If the semen is simply one particular compilation, plus much more to be had, consequently delivering it via a business courier option is acceptable. On another hand, several of our customers are unable to create additional sperm and what they’ve is actually they’ve as well as won’t have the ability to get much more – in that situation, we are able to confidently suggest going with a hand carry service.

We welcome questions and inquiries from IVF patients & clinics.