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Why Might You Sleep With An Ear Hole Pillow?

After a comfy mattress and pillows, they are the next essential part of getting a restful night’s sleep. There are pillows specifically designed for various health issues like stiff neck or backache, or anapnea. You may also be searching for something different: pillows with the ears cut out.

Manufacturers have developed pillows to accommodate people with issues with their ears. These issues make it difficult for them to get the best night’s sleep.

The pillows have holes inside them so that a person’s ear can fit into. These holes provide a secure cushion for the ear to rest in, that isn’t squished flat. This happens most often to those sleeping on their sides. If you sleep on an ear hole pillow, you’re sure that you won’t wake up with a throbbing ear because of being squashed in the night.

What is the reason anyone would need an ear pillow?

They are primarily used to help in the treatment of chondrodermatitis nodularis (CNH). The condition is usually caused by the pressure that is put on the ear’s surface when you sleep wearing headphones, mobile phones as well as hearing aids. It is most prevalent among older men and women.

There are a variety of other reasons you may need an earplug to your ears.

1. If your child is suffering from earache

Another thing that I recall the most fondly from my childhood is the fact that my sister was suffering from an earache. I remember her having bright red earsand screaming at her head. I’m sure that a pillow with an earhole would have calmed her down and allowed her to sleep more soundly.

2. You sleep always on your back

If you’re a firm side sleeper, you’ll feel the sting of a sore ear upon you awake. It’s occurred to me a lot of times, and it’s quite painful. I find that a cushion with an earhole reduces the pressure on my ear since it stops my ear from being squeezed when I rest.

3. You are recuperating from an the operation on your ear.

The standard pillows do not provide the necessary protection that your ears need after surgery. A pillow that has an opening for your ear to sit inside provides a safe for healing.

4. Use headphones before you go to the bed

If, like me you enjoy listening to music before you’re sleeping the headphones you choose to wear will be difficult to wear while you try to lay on your back in a comfy position. A lot of people use headphones before bed to block out sounds of traffic or a partner’s snoring.

What you require to feel comfortable is a pillow that has an opening to accommodate your ears while wearing headphones.

5. There are ear piercings

There’s a wide variety of ear piercings which could be uncomfortable to sleep with if you do not remove them before bed. You can choose from the conch to industrial piercings tight, rook and many more. Piercings that are pierced can last up to eight months to heal. That’s an extended time for you for you to not be able rest on your back.

A pillow of any kind will not work. It can put stress on the area and cause irritation it. The best solution is a pillow that has the space to accommodate the ear cut. In this way your ear as well as the perforation will remain safe during the night.