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Advantages of Working With a Great Spanish Immigration Lawyer

Is any immigration lawyer a good option? Are that the initial Google result the right choice? As you will see in this article, no. There’s a lot more you need to consider. Choosing your immigration lawyer carefully is more crucial than you think, particularly if you want to avoid legal issues and denied applications. We provide you with 7 suggestions that will assist you to make the right choice. Let’s begin!

1. Free consultation, yes or no?

Without a doubt, an extremely important points to consider.

If you begin looking for the right information to relocate to a different country, things may become a bit confusing. There are too many laws, several visas… what’s the right for me?

That’s why the first consultation is extremely beneficial to understand how does the Spanish immigration law work and what options do you have to make it easier for you to move to Spain together with family. It clears your doubts.

So, many lawyers offer their initial consultations completely absolutely no cost. And that sounds really good! Eliminating all your confusions for cost of zero.

However… for real? Maybe it’s not so ideal as it seems.

In the vast majority of occasions, the free consultation system is a strategy for marketing to attract customers.

The company provides a no-cost consultation in order to reach the maximum number of people. What we tend to overlook is that it’s not set against good customer service.

If you’re in the market for a 10-minute chat with a lawyer that will only give you general answers… Do it. Choose the office that offers the free consultation.

However, if what are looking for is to understand what options you have in your situation and needs or to know the exact steps to get your residence permit; paying for a consultation shouldn’t be an issue.

Why? We believe that the price justifies the quality of the service we offer.

If we have to spend two hours to ensure that the customer fully comprehends the best way to handle their situation, we will take them.

When it comes to the issue of immigration, everyone has a distinct world.

It is necessary to review in detail the specifics of each of the relevant provisions of the law in order to provide concrete solutions.

A consultation requires preparation and time. And that is not something you can get in a the free consultation.

2. Subjects of study

A crucial step you should make prior to hiring an immigration law company is to check the area they focus on immigration or provide services in other areas of Spanish law.

Why is this important?

Since, in the majority of cases you’ll need more than just a visa.

Perhaps you are looking to set up an organization. Perhaps you’d like to understand your tax obligations as a foreigner living in Spain and define which taxes you’ll be required to pay once you settle in this country (which is available here, by the way).

There are permits such as the golden visa that require the purchase of a home. It is undeniable that if the immigration lawyer will assist to obtain residency will also assist you in deal with all aspects of the property purchase You are more secure.

Therefore, having the expertise of a company that provides the complete solution, covering every legal requirement you’ll face as a foreigner living in Spain is crucial.

After all, after dealing with hundreds of application procedures An immigration lawyer Madrid has become proficient in the procedure.

Therefore, relying on an office that only focuses on immigration does not offer many advantages when it comes to specializedization.

But an office that can assist you with all the legal issues you face is an absolute benefit.

In order to ensure that all eventualities are covered (being taxes or business related, real estate, etc. ) Find an office that goes beyond the limited scope of immigration.

3. Make sure that they are able to assist people from your same country

It’s true the residence permit requirements for non-European nationals are the same for all. In addition, it is the truth that the conditions to get each of them are set by immigration laws generally and don’t require the application of a particular applicant.

But, it’s also likely that there will be certain discrepancies regarding the requirements demanded by every Spanish consulate.

Look at the situation of the non-lucrative residency visa.

The law of the land states the requirement to be able to prove that you have EUR 26,000 (at at a minimum an account with a bank). If you try to apply for this visa at the Spanish consulate in Moscow and are unable to prove the amount then your application will be denied.

Why? In this case, they ask for an amount of over EUR 35,000.

And hence the importance (in large part) of selecting an attorney firm that has previously worked with individuals of the same nationality.

Having had experience with the consulate of your nation they’ll know what requirements apply to your specific situation as well as how you and your family must follow to obtain the visa you need efficiently.

Another one of the situations that an answer generically, even though easier to find, can cost a lot.

4. Verify the reputation of the business (read reviews)

A few years ago, the only way we had to confirm if a particular company was reliable or not was to talk to friends or colleagues about experiences with the business.

However, this presented many limitations. First of all it was very unlikely that you would meet anyone who had been in contact with this particular company. Perhaps, a particular case was not significant enough to draw any conclusions.

But today that is no longer a problem.

There are many platforms online that allow us to read the reviews of previous clients like Google reviews, Yelp or any other similar sites.

It’s the most effective way to get the opinion of others like you, who have had the experience of being treated in the office they are at.

Therefore, the amount of favorable reviews could be an indication that you have chosen the right team.

We would also suggest not using a each review for a reference. It is more beneficial to look through every one of them.

It is inevitable that all businesses will have unhappy customers.

It is for this reason that allowing yourself be influenced by just one negative review is also not an ideal choice.

5. Lawyer or administrative agent, which is more effective?

Another common question is whether it is better to hire the services of an administrator (called “gestor” to Spain) or an attorney to oversee the process of applying.

Even though an administrative agent is able to handle your visa application the same manner as a lawyer, it could not be the recommended option.


Because the former’s task ends when the application is sent at the Spanish consulate in the country of origin or appropriate immigration office.

The issue is that the application is rejected. It happens quite a few times.

It’s why hiring an immigration attorney was the best option. An immigration lawyer can initiate the appeal process or start a court procedure to get approval of your visa.

To put it simply the administrative agent can’t represent you in court. But a lawyer can.

6. Ask friends/other expats

No doubt, the people who can give you a more authentic and honest opinions about the service offered by a particular business are those near to you.

It is also possible that a friend or family member has already relocated to the country you’d like to start your new life. This gives you the chance to ask for references when selecting the right lawyer.

It’s certain to be the least biased opinion you’ll find.

Another good recommendation is to seek for sources of expat-related forums online.

Nowadays, there are hundreds expat communities on Facebook formed with the sole purpose of helping each other when moving abroad.

That is the perfect place to get suggestions or even opinions.

And not only to choose the best lawyer, but these groups can aid you in selecting the right bank, home to purchase or the best place to join for leisure activities. Apart from being the best place to make new acquaintances!

7. Utilize the price as a guideline and ask yourself: is it a good indicator?

We could be enticed by the opportunity to go with the cheapest cost.

Who wants to pay more?

However, as with other areas of life, you pay what you pay for.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of immigration lawyers who offer their services at a much less expensive cost than their competitors.

This allows them to gain more customers. However, it’s also true that the larger the number of customers they’ve got, the less attention they can pay each of them.

But there’s another aspect, perhaps more important, that price could indicate.

Similar to how a luxury car provides greater durability and quality over a cheaper one; when it comes to immigration, it’s the same.

Professionalism can be costly. In the case of moving to another country and resolving all legal concerns that it brings there is no reason to take a risk.

Perhaps it is one of the most crucial elements of your experience as an international, making sure you are ensuring the minimum quality and ensuring you’ve made the correct choice will be crucial. Therefore, a price that is high could be a sign that you are in good and safe hands.

If you have any additional questions or want to know what our lawyers can assist you please do not hesitate contact us. We’ll charge you for an initial consultation, but we will guarantee you the best service and totally personalized attention.