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No Win No Fee Solicitors – Everything You Need To Know

This guide will help you understand how to get compensation after an accident in which your injuries were sustained.
You have been injured in an accident caused by negligence of another party. You may be able to make a claim for personal injury if your accident was caused by another person’s negligence.

An injury suffered in an accident in public, at work or on the roads could be grounds for a claim. Your injury must have occurred as a result of someone’s negligence.

We get that you might feel nervous about the process. An experienced solicitor may help you to present your claim.

Many people are afraid to hire legal representation because they fear the associated costs. We recommend you always look into the possibility to hire a No Win no Fee solicitor. This guide will provide additional information.

What are no win, no fee solicitors?

No Win No Fee refers to agreements such Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs). You won’t be charged a success fee for a claim that is rejected under this agreement.

In these agreements, the solicitor does not have to charge an upfront fee for a claim. A lot of the time, there are no ongoing expenses to pay as your claim progresses.

Clients will instead be required to pay a success fee for a successful claim. The client pays a success fee, which is deducted from their compensation payout.

A No Win No Fee basis for legal representation may prove to be more affordable than traditional legal representation.

No Win No Charge solicitors such as can handle such claims. Solicitors are not allowed to take on cases without a high chance of success because of the risk.

For claims to be considered, they must meet the following criteria:

Someone must have owed care to you
They must have broken the duty they owed to you.
This means you must have suffered from psychological or physical harm.

What is The 2013 Conditional Fee Agreements Order?

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, LASPO, introduced a success charge for Conditional Fee Agreements. The purpose of the success fee is to prevent the claimant’s solicitor from receiving all the fees from the defendant for successful claims.

The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013 imposed a limit on the maximum amount of success fees that lawyers can charge.

A Conditional Fee Agreement CFA allows solicitors to legally charge only 25% success fee.
Claims No win, No Fee Solicitors

No Win No Fee lawyers can handle various claims where someone has broken their duty of caring, resulting in another person suffering harm.

Road traffic accident claim: These include claims for car, bike and pedestrian injuries. One example is when a driver of a vehicle fails to observe the speed limit. This could result in a collision with a pedestrian crossing a road at a crossing. The pedestrian could have suffered minor head injuries.
Public injury claims. For example, your local council may offer compensation for the broken arm sustained by you after you fell down a defective pothole.
Workplace accident claims: This claim is possible if the employer fails regularly to assess the risks associated with equipment supplied at work. After falling from a ladder with a defect, your leg may have been severely injured.
Medical negligence claims: This is where a skilled healthcare professional fails to give you the appropriate standard of care and you suffer an injury or other harm. Perhaps your doctor gave you the wrong medication and you have an allergic reaction. This could be because they didn’t check your medical history.
Data breach claims. An example of this is when an organisation fails to keep its security systems current, leading to a data breaches incident that can affect your personal data.

Contact our team if something is similar to yours or if there are other types of claims you might be interested in. They can review your claim and help determine if you have grounds to pursue compensation.
How does my No Win No Fee Claim work?

When you decide to hire No Win No Fee Solicitors, you will sign an agreement that outlines the terms. The agreement will specify the success fee, the coverage and how it is deducted in the event that a claim is successful.

To protect yourself in the event of a claim not being accepted, it may be advisable to obtain After The Event (ATE), or any other insurance. This insurance might not be required in certain cases. You might already have Before The Event Insurance (BTE), included in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

It is important that you are aware of the time limit on personal injury claims. Three years is the standard time frame for a personal injury claim under the Limitation Act 1980.

The time limit may start on the day of the accident. Or, it could begin from the date that you learned about the failures of someone else.

There are exceptions. Contact our team at the number above to find out more.
What percentage do No Win, No Fee Lawyers accept?

No Win No Fee Solicitors will deduct from your compensation a success fee if your claim is successful. Under a Conditional fee agreement, however, their maximum percentage of chargeable is 25%.

In some cases, the success fees for working with the solicitors in our panel could be lower.

Please contact our team of advisors using the number above to get more information.
What happens if my No-Win No-Fee Case is lost?

In cases where there is a risk of solicitors not getting paid, they are more likely to accept cases that have a high chance of success.

Not all claims are successful. If your claim is rejected, you won’t have to pay a success charge.

Contact us today to discuss the fees involved in obtaining legal representation from No Win No Fee lawyers. All questions regarding making a claim under this agreement will be answered by one of our advisors.
How Much Can I Claim?

A successful claim could include both general or special damages. General damages cover the pain and suffering that is caused by psychological and physical injuries that are the result of negligence.

You might be invited to a medical appointment. This will allow you to receive a complete report detailing the nature and extent of your condition. To help value your injuries, the report could be used in conjunction with other medical evidence.

The Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), is another document that can be used to assist with value claims. The publication contains bracket compensation estimates for injuries of various severity.

We’ve created a table with figures from JCG that will give you an idea on the amount of compensation you could get for different injuries. These figures should only be used as a guide, as the actual settlement you receive after a successful No Win No Fee personal Injury claim could vary.

Contact our team if you are unable to see your injury on this list. Based on your particular circumstances, an advisor will estimate the value to your claim.